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Tulip season in the Netherlands

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

Come April and the tulip fields of the Netherlands are a riot of colour.  A visit to the tulip fields during this time of year is an experience never to be forgotten.  The fields just outside Amsterdam turn from sandy brown into a sea of pink, red, orange and yellow and the sight is breathtaking.

So if you are in the Netherlands during April or May, I’d recommend visiting both Keukenhof, which is a spring garden and also the farmers fields.  Here are some things to know about tulip season and how to get to the tulip fields. Let’s head out.

Where are the tulip fields?

The most well known tulip-growing area in the Netherlands is unarguably Sassenheim, just north of Leiden, in the province of Zuid-Holland (South Holland).  Within this area is the tiny village of Lisse, which is home to the Keukenhof gardens.  Just outside the entrance to Keukenhof you will find a bicycle renting shop which allows you to rent a bike and a map for about € 10.  Armed with transportation and directions, you can then bike your way through the farmers’ fields.

The Best Time to see the fields

When is the best time to get to see the tulips, is a question often asked by tourists.  If you don’t want to miss the tulips in bloom, the best time of year would be mid-April to early May.  Earlier than the tulips though, come the narcissi and hyacinths with their heady fragrance, another sight to behold.  Daffodils are also planted around this season and the fields are a burst of yellow for a while before tulip bulbs are planted.

What to bring with you

If you are planning on bicycling your way through the tulip fields, bringing along snacks and some water is always a good idea, as there aren’t many places to eat along the route and cafes along the tulip fields are a rarity.  Another wise thing to do is to carry a jacket as it tends to get windy during this time.

Other Activities

A unique way to see Keukenhof is by taking a kayak trip through the region.  If a guided tour is what you like, then take the Lindbergh tour of the tulip fields.  They have 4.5 and 9 hour tours to suit your preference and the tours include meals and transportation by air conditioned bus from Amsterdam.

Tulip season is a wonderful experience that needs to be seen to be believed.  So if you are in the Netherlands during the spring consider yourself lucky and don’t miss out on the tulip fields!

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