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Short of Time? Try a Honeyweekend!

Friday, February 28th, 2014

Lots of work, young children and a restricted budget? Just some of factors that mean some couples just can’t take that three-week tropical honeymoon to a far-flung destination. But don’t worry – you’re not condemned to a post-wedding downer…

hoenymoon or honeyweekend?photo via Studio fotografico Francesco Manganelli

Thanks to the Internet, you can take advantage of great weekend offers to take a short honeymoon, or ‘honeyweekend’ (or several of them if you like), to make sure the romance carries on after your big day. We asked Helen Jones of Zankyou UK, who helps thousands of couples to organise their big day every year, what she thinks of this new trend.

“Many couples choose our service to organise their own honeymoon wedding list,” explains Helen, “and some of them use the honeyweekend model. So they add a romantic weekend in Paris, an skiing getaway to Austria and a weekend’s shopping in London all to the same gift list and family and friends can contribute to these different experiences, rather than concentrating it all into one long honeymoon.”

It’s definitely an intelligent way to approach your honeymoon, whatever the reason. In other words, it’s much easier to get childcare or time off work for shorter bursts of time, than planning for a huge trip that will take you away from family and your job perhaps for too long. With the honeyweekend, you won’t feel you’re missing out…in fact, Helen at Zankyou thinks that this is the ideal solution for modern couples.

So now you just need to set your plans for a year of honeyweekends, making sure the love just lasts and lasts! For inspiration, check out this example.


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