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How to travel with pets

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Pet lovers all over the world face the turmoil of leaving their pets in kennels and pet care centers when they plan to go on a trip.

But if you are one of those who plan’s to take your beloved dog or a cat on your next trip, read on.

Pets become a part of your family and of course you are on a family vacation but traveling with your pets can not only be cumbersome but also take a lot of planning as airlines and hotels have a different view about accompanying pets. Some helpful tips to make your trip with pets- safe, comfortable and a memorable experience:

  • Before taking your pet on any trip, complete check up of the pet is necessary and let the vet to issue a health certificate, which might be required by the airlines and the hotel also.
  • Check out the policies of airlines and choose the one which has better regulations for traveling with pets. Most of the airlines which allow small pets on board allow pet carriers that can be pushed under the seat.
  • However, if the animals are required to be kept in the area beneath the airplane, check for temperature control inside that area as during extreme cold or hot temperatures, might be difficult for your pets. While some airlines do not allow pets to be transported during extreme temperatures, so if you are planning a trip during off season, its best to see the policies before planning your trip.
  • If you have a small pet, get a pet carrier which can be slid under your seat. Buy one which conforms to airline regulations and its best to read the literature available on carrying pets on the specific airlines, you plan to travel with.
  • It is better that you pick a window seat so that you and your pet are not moved much during the trip.
  • Before making hotel reservations, check out the hotel policies about keeping pets in detail. It is best to read the policies and requirements carefully before booking.
  • Keep in mind that traveling with pets is more expensive as you have to pay for its separate airline ticket and hotel stay. Charges for pets are higher as there is a care and cleaning fee, which is non-refundable.
  • You might also want to check with the vet whether to use a sedative during the plane ride or not; remember to carry its food dish, water bowl, pet chow and a sticker with all details of the owner, travel destination, breed and medical condition clearly mentioned.
  • Keep the health condition certificate and pet’s plane ticket with you handy so that you do not have to look over at the last minute!

A good night’s rest and the whole family is ready to travel, without the heartache of leaving your beloved pet behind. Not this time!

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  1. Adam Welsch says:
    February 17th, 2010 at 12:18

    This is a great article and yes I only stay in La Quinta Inns because they do not charge extra for my dog. I am outraged that airlines like Airtran only allow dog in a 17 inches cage my dog is a boston terrier and is only 19 lbs considered small breed and she is to big to fit in this type of cage. If you have anything bigger than a T-Cup dog your doomed on Airtran. Southwest is more reasonable with there pet policy than Airtran. But it is sad that many hotel chains try to make a huge profit on charging up to 80 dollars non refunable sub-charge. Lan Lords make it hard for that rent to allow dogs bigger than 20 lbs. Then many vet clinics do boarding but put the dogs in little tiny cages give the dog 0 attention and they just walk it for about 20 bucks a day. When you can hire a dog sitter for 20 dollars a day to walk your dog twice a day and play with it for 5-10 minutes. This gives the dog less Aniety.

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