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How to Reduce Stress when Traveling with Children

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

Do you always find yourself stressed when you travel with kids? Here are some expert-given tips on how you can keep the stress to a minimum level and still have fun playing chaperon while traveling.

1. Dress the kids in bright colors and loud-patterned clothes.

Doing this ensures you can spot them easily in crowded places like parks and zoos. You can also make them wear colorful hats or caps that can protect them from extreme sunlight.

2. Split them up.

If you’re traveling with your husband or any other adult, assign beforehand the kids that one should look after. Splitting the kids up (such as when in a plane) also keeps the noise level down.

3. Stock up on food and water.

Make sure you have a lot of easy-to-carry-and-eat foods packed so that no one gets hungry in the middle of a flight or bus ride and throws tantrums. Stock up on water to keep everyone hydrated.

4. Bring a stroller.

A stroller can work two ways. First, you can use it to carry a tired or sleepy child. Second, you can use it to carry all your heavy bags and shopped items!

5. Pack a lot of wipes and tissues.

No telling what the kids will get themselves into while eating or playing. Having ready wipes or paper towels allow you to easily wipe any mess and keep the kids and their stuff as neat as possible.

6. Bring their favorite toys.

If you want to keep the kids as preoccupied as can be, make sure they have their favorite distractions with them. I found this effective when I recently went on a long travel with a six year old niece who tends to get temperamental. I let her bring two of her favorite dolls as well as the dolls’ stuff and she was pretty much behaved the whole of the trip.

Photo of tourists under the Eiffel Tower by jay-chilli

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