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One-Night-Stand Video, Dark Places, Creepy Sewers

Friday, September 18th, 2009

Danish Tourist Board Hoax

What do you think about the Denmark tourism video campaign showing a Danish girl seeking the father of her child, a baby conceived on a drunken one-night-stand? Do you find this hoax video funny of tasteless? Does it make you want to visit Copenhagen?

Dark England

Looking for a spooky holiday destination to go on Halloween? On check out the scariest places to visit in London, East Midlands,  Warwickshire and the Southwest of England.

Creepy Paris Underground

Planning a holiday in France and looking for ‘creepy’ places to visit in Paris?  Nomadic Matt recommends the Paris Sewers Tour. Another way to explore the city’s underground would be a visit to the Catacombs of Paris, but the attraction  has been closed this week after human bones  and skulls scattered along the walking paths.

Italian Cappuccino

Planning a  trip to Lake Maggiore, Italy? If you are an Italian coffee lover, visit the Stresa Sights blog and find out what a ‘serious cappuccino’ is and where to drink this yummy beverage in the lovely town of  Stresa.

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