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Unnecessary Air Routes, Hot Air Ballooning & Eco-Tourism

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Adventure Travel: Global Nomad takes you to a hot air balloon trip in Cappadocia, a beautiful area of Turkey characterized by fairy chimneys and troglodyte dwellings.

Carnival Holiday: Want to enjoy the Carnival Season in Sicily? suggests some February festivals including the Carnival of Acireale, Saint Agatha’s feast day in Catania and the Almond Blossom Fair in Agrigento.

Air Travel: Treehugger lists the ‘most popular airline routes that shouldn’t be’.  Amongst this list of 20 unnecessary flight routes issued by Globalization and World Cities Research Network are MarseilleParis, RomeMilan and AmsterdamLondon, all served by high-speed rail.

Green Travel: On Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site, read an interesting article entitled “Is Eco-Tourism Really Eco-Friendly?

Solo Travel: gives great tips on how to face your fears when traveling solo.

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