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How to Take the Best Travel Photos

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

Carrying back sweet memories that can last a lifetime is only possible when you have a great collection of photos. Here are some interesting and thoughtful tips to make your trip memorable.

Carry a separate bag for your camera so that you do not have to rummage through cosmetic, feeding bottles and clothes to click on a moments notice.

Always carry an extra battery that is fully charged to take that perfect shot with limited time and opportunity.

With the new digital cameras, carrying rolls of films are passé, but don’t forget to carry extra memory sticks/card to offload the images from your camera every night, to click a whole lot of new ones the next day. It is frustrating to delete photos to make way for new ones.

If you are really keen on nature photography or love to be professional about it, take your tripod with you. There are few good travel tripods that do not require too much space and get you that perfect composed shot or a memorable video.

To get the best photos, it is better to click multiple photos of the same scene or place and later see which one turned out the best, instead of messing up with perfect views.

You can also take photos of the same scene from different locations and various angles for better composition, as trips come once but pictures last forever.

If you have just bought a new camera or have not taken pictures for a long time, its best to check the camera for features and practice taking pictures before embarking on the trip.

Apart from taking photos of everyone and everything, enjoy the vacation also. People tend to get very engrossed in clicking pictures that they miss out the essence of a vacation!

So, bring back beautiful cherished memories with these quick travel photography tips!

Picture of Japanese photographers originally posted by tanakawho


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