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Sunny Travel Destinations: The Bahamas

Friday, December 31st, 2010

There are two undeniable things about the Bahamas. The first is that the island chain represents possibly the global pinnacle of luxurious holiday making in beautiful surroundings. The second is that this comes at a price, often a fantastically high price that makes the islands the preserve of the rich and glamorous.

Bahamas sunny beachPhoto by Vaganbond Shutterbug

Due to the islands’ location there is little seasonal variation in climate although there is a distinct high season from December to April. During this time prices are higher and it can be quite difficult to make hotel or restaurant bookings. Conversely, during the low season some smaller hotels may close while prices can be considerably lower.
For those of us who do not own our own mansion on the islands and cannot persuade a celebrity to let us borrow theirs for a few weeks, the main accommodation options are resort hotels. These are becoming ever more popular although they are at the very top end of the market and bear little relation to establishments with similar descriptions in European beach destinations. Visitors planning to explore the islands on a budget are advised to note that there is very little cheap accommodation available. Backpacker hostels are few and far between and, therefore, the few that exist are almost always busy.
The primary activity for most visitors is sitting on the beach relaxing and gleefully thinking of all their friends back home in the rain and wind. Some people may think that this is the only thing one needs to do to have a perfect holiday but there are other options available. The crystal clear warm waters off the beaches are ideal for learning to sail and many schools provide lessons in small sailing boats. Kayak tours are also offered, allowing visitors to paddle to various marine habitat locations and admire the flora and fauna.
The islands were for many years the haunt of pirates returning from raids and sheltering from the Royal Navy. There are various interesting locations visitors can explore linked to the piracy tradition as well as more themed restaurants than is really necessary. Many visitors become enthused by the pirate stories and take advantage of the diving schools scattered around the islands to go hunting for pirate booty. If they don’t find treasure they are sure to see fantastic underwater seascapes and beautiful and bounteous sea life.
It is becoming more and more popular to visit the Bahamas not on a high class package holiday but rather as part of a cruise. Most cruise lines have routes that call in at various locations in the archipelago while some of the larger ones have even bought whole islands for the exclusive use of their passengers.

Bahamas Hotels & Resorts

Atlantis Coral Towers HotelAtlantis Coral Towers Hotel

Located on Paradise Island, Atlantis Coral Towers Hotel is a great retreat for those traveling with their families. Fun is guaranteed in the resorts aquariums, swimming pools and water park!

Reef Village Our Lucaya Beach ResortReef Village Our Lucaya Beach & Golf Resort

Located in Freeport, in the Grand Bahama Beach, Grand Bahama Island, Reef Village Our Lucaya Beach & Golf Resort is across from Port Lucaya Marketplace and the Lucayan Park Golf and Country Club.

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  1. Alejandro_J says:
    January 1st, 2011 at 21:11

    Great article, made me want to go the Bahamas as soon as possible!

  2. Eric joseph says:
    April 4th, 2011 at 21:23

    Our Lucaya was a great place to stay. We had a blast. Specially if you like golf, they have 2 great golf courses

    Service was very good too.

    We’ll be back soon for more sun and fun.

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