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Improving services for customers going forward is one of the main goals of the European brand part of the big Expedia Inc. family.

This is why it’s important for companies like to find new ways to improve user’s experience and in a world where mobile becomes more and more important this is the… read full article



From all the team, the warmest wishes for a happy Christmas! We hope it’s a good one (and that you received many great presents!)

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Comments:3 has partnered with 6 luxury hotels to give away a free 2 night stay each month in some of the most beautiful places in the world: Rome, Malta, Madrid, Munich, Berlin and Marrakech.



We have been working for you since 1995 and have been in fierce competition with ourselves ever since.

Our mission has been to expand the number of destinations and to offer you a vaster choice of hotels for your getaways. Thanks to our collaboration with Expedia, we have added over 8,000 new hotels to the site.

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Hotel Deals on has added a great new service in the form of limited-time offer hotel deals. For the first time, an entire section of the site is dedicated to promotions and special offers in top destinations such… read full article



Which is your fashion type?
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As you may be aware, the aftermath of the Icelandic volcano has caused major problems for the travel industry, with many airports closed across… read full article



Happy Sunday



Enjoy your Easter holidays!
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Our best wishes for a special Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine's 2010

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Now we’re so close to Valentine’s Day 2010, we’ve picked up some ideas on our Travel Blog.

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And as Valentine’s Day is the day for couples par excellence, we think that the best gift read full article



Happy Birthday Venere Travel Blog!

Happy Birthday to Venere Travel Blog

It’s two years now that The Venere Travel Blog is online. It’s been fun and we hope that you have had such an amusing time as we have had. read full article



Fun facts, hot summer holidays, sexy hotels, night clubs and gay spots have been some of this year’s most popular topics on the Venere Travel Blog.

1. Top 6 Cooling Summer Drink of Europe by Paul Crompton : 6  refreshing… read full article