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Traveller Stories

Venice is a place everyone should visit once in their life. This was my experience, how will yours be?

Venice biennale



A fellow traveller friend that I had met in Thailand told me that could stay for free at a squatted factory building he knows in the city of Berlin. I’d never been to Berlin so I took him up on the offer, and headed straight there shortly after my trip.




America’s main Street has a fascinating history, its roots are in the American wagon trails. Enjoy the adventure of cruising this much travelled way. Visit small American towns and big cities, revel in ever-changing scenery. Have an adventure, enjoy every mile.

Traveler's story



Finding places to eat and things to do that were off the beaten tourist track made Paris come alive for me. There are so many Parisian secrets that are rarely in the guidebooks, but which locals love.. Want to know some of them?

cheap hotels in Paris France