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Travel with kids

Although San Diego, California can seem like there isn’t much for kids to do, America’s Finest City has something for everyone, adults and children alike.

Bubble-gum wall at Corvette Diner

It’s simple enough to take them to the various theme parks in the area… read full article



Imaginosity museum - Dublin

The Irish love children, so don’t feel you need to leave your own at home the next time you visit Dublin.

In fact, there are many city attractions that run special kids programs that you might want to look… read full article



Planning a summer family vacation in the South of Spain and looking for a hotel with swimming pool, children’s club, sport facilities and entertainment activities? Check out these four Spain hotels offering kid-friendly accommodation in Andalusia:



An old museum restored in a modern way

The National Museum of Singapore was formerly affectionately called one of the old ladies of Singapore. She is old, exactly 120 years old to date. However, in 2003, she took a 3 year break from work to go on a… read full article



Paris has got to be one of the greatest destinations in the world. With its reputation as a city of lights and romance, it has so many tourist attractions that no one can ever miss them at all. With its rich history and awe-inspiring beauty, indeed, there’s… read full article



About an hour north of Tampa, Florida, in the quiet rural community of Weeki Wachee, lies one of the city’s hidden treasures. Located beside the Weeki Wachee Springs Park runs the simple, peaceful Weeki Wachee river. Kayak and canoe rentals are available to explore this natural spring… read full article



kid flightingWith ever changing airline regulations and increased security measures, flying can be tough at the best of times. Flying with a preschooler can carry with it some extra challenges, but with a little thought ahead of time, you and your small child can look at flying as just another adventure… read full article



Traveling to London on a family holiday? Here is a list of 5 must-see attractions to keep your boys occupied.

Buckingham guardsAn international metropolis hustling and bustling with high-powered business types, serious-minded government officials, fashion-conscious shoppers and the masses of humanity drawn to such a frenetic… read full article



Vienna forestEveryone knows that Vienna, Austria, is beautiful, clean, organized, and that things work here. Trams run on time, flights are rarely late, and public transport around the architecturally awesome city of Vienna, is simple, inexpensive and practical. The Vienna that… read full article



1. Easter Egg hunting on Pampus Island

Easter egg hunting in Almere

Take your kids on an easter egg finding expedition on the magical Pampus Island, a tiny fortification island off Almere in the Zuiderzee. A boat with the easter bunny on board will take you… read full article



road trip with kidsAccording to AAA (American Automobile Association), more than a million and a half car accidents each year can be attributed to driver distraction. Around 24% of these crashes are a direct result of drivers being distracted by children in the backseat.

As anyone who has… read full article



Stockholm in winterSpring and summer is a truly magical time for a vacation in Stockholm, Sweden. Flowers and leaves and grass seemingly burst out of nowhere. It’s warm too, gentle and sweet most of the time. Hell, I even like those mild summer showers… read full article



Looking for a great family vacation destination in the US? Thanks to its variety of museums and fun activities for young visitors, Philadelphia is definitely an excellent choice.

Here is a list of 9 Philadelphia’s children-friendly attractions that are sure to be a hit with… read full article



When you come out on a family holiday, everyone’s interest needs to be cared for.

Rail Transport MuseumNew Delhi is a historically beautiful but busy city, being the capital of the country. In case, you are on the look for a day… read full article



Young trying to push a carA vacation with your kids can be many things, but uninteresting is certainly not one of them!

Depending on how prepared you are, your holiday could turn into a challenge that leaves you in tears, or the fun filled one that sweet memories are… read full article