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Travel with kids

If you are heading to Barcelona over the Christmas break with your family and don’t really know much about the city at this time of year, then below you will find a few ideas to make the most of your festive break, as well as… read full article



The capital and largest city in Greece is the city of Athens, one of the oldest of the world’s more famous cities.

Rich in culture and steeped in history, the city is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Additionally, the city… read full article



Happy Christmas or Feliz Navidad, as they say in Spain, is truly the happiest time of the year for one and all.

In Spain Christmas is never restricted to a day. Festivities begin with the beginning of winter with Hogureras when people jump over bonfires as… read full article



No holiday or vacation to the UK can ever be called complete without a walking tour or more specifically, a family walking tour of Scotland.

If you ever wanted an ideal way to introduce your children to the outdoors (as well as Scottish culture), this is definitely worth… read full article



Located in Scandinavia and Northern Europe is the country of Denmark, a beautiful nation to behold and an excellent tourist destination as well. Long-ago home of the Vikings, much of the culture is still intact from that era. However, it has become very modernized and prosperous at the… read full article



Looking for a place to relax, stroll, and enjoy Lyon?

Welcome to the largest urban park in all of France. The Parc de la Tête d’Or is a popular destination for the Lyonnais people, but if you venture there at the right… read full article



Vienna may not seem like a ‘kid’ friendly vacation… but there are plenty of things to do and see in and around the city of Vienna with your children that everyone will enjoy!

Vienna is an amazing city full of culture, history and music. No matter what the… read full article



With so much to choose from, here is a quick guide to the best of London’s sights for older kids. These activities should keep even a jet-lagged 7 or 10 year old entertained, and still allow the parents to enjoy a bit of London.



    Vienna is renowned as the site of music, art and culture. Situated on the banks of the Danube this romantic city plays draws millions of visitors every year. Christmas is really special in Vienna.

    In the winter, the city exudes excitement with opera, dance, theater, concerts… read full article



    Believe it or not, Shanghai is not just a beautiful city to consider for an international vacation target, it is also a great family destination as well. Instead of wearing them out by dragging them all over the city, take a look below to see what Shanghai has… read full article



    Few cities in Europe emulate the historical charm of the Italian capital Rome which has a glorious history, dating back to more than two millennia in the past.

    Located close to the center of the Italian peninsula, Rome remains the largest city of… read full article



    If you are visiting York with children, then there is no shortage of things to do, as York has plenty of attractions that are exciting for the young ones.

    York Old Walls

    I can vouch for this personally, as I first visited York as a child myself, and… read full article



    Whether traveling solo or with family in Paris, everyone’s got to eat. If you’re with children, that can make it especially tricky. Luckily, here are the top three family-friendly restaurants in Paris.

    • Hard Rock Café Paris

    The Hard Rock… read full article



    Indeed, most of us cherish sweet memories of playing with colorful toys in carefree days of our childhood. Toys were the only worldly possession, so sacred and dear to us that sharing these became a source of argument or fight at many times. While playing with toys, we learnt many… read full article



    Planning to celebrate Halloween in San Francisco with the kids, and looking for family-friendly attractions? The San Francisco Ghost Hunt Tour is definitively a must-do for both adults and children over 8 years old.

    The ghost hunt is a fun walking tour that allows visitors to… read full article