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Travel with kids

When you have kids just jumping on a plane and expecting the rest of a holiday to take care of itself is not really an option.

Here is a short guide of what to do with the little… read full article



Here’s something to keep in mind when planning a trip with family; throw in something for everyone. Oh, this is not just general goodwill coming to the fore from my side; rather, I have a weary feeling that we’ll never hear the end of it if anything on the itinerary turns into a yawn-a-minute spot… read full article



Torre del Lago Beach Located in the northern Tuscany region between the Cinquale River and the Lake of Massaciuccoli is Versilia, Italy.  The area is one of the more popular destinations along the Italian Riviera and is well known for its fine sandy beaches, as well as being served… read full article



Dubrovnik, Croatia

Are you planning a fun-filled vacation with your loved ones to Dubrovnik, Croatia? You know, a few days of soothing sun, catching a glimpse of the expansive sea views as well as soaking up the rich local culture? Well, Dubrovnik is the best place… read full article



Street Sign - Austria

When you are contemplating a vacation in Austria for the whole family, the easiest way to describe what you’ll encounter is that the country is like a big dessert. The landscape with the snow covered peaks looks like a sundae with plenty of… read full article



The capital of the Alsace region of France, Strasbourg is situated along the banks of the Rhine River along the German border. The French and Germans have swapped the city a couple of times.

Petite France - Strasburg, Alsace

From the German border and into the… read full article



Hamburg, Germany is a big city with a marine culture and a lot of sightseeing.

Sometimes it’s not pretty easy go on vacation in a big city with a family and especially with a dog. You don’t want to let your dog at home or put your pet… read full article



Germany has more theme parks than any other country in Europe with 20 hair-raising ways to spend a day, according to Theme Park Vision. France comes second with 11 parks followed by the UK, which reportedly has ten.

Silver Star Ride

Here… read full article



Located two hours south of Rome is the romantic city of Naples, southern Italy’s largest city as well.

The city is oftentimes referred to as the world’s largest open-air museum in that there is an abundance of historical structures, monuments, opera houses, and theaters. Whatever… read full article



Marseille BasilicaMarseille, France is a bustling metropolis of over a million inhabitants. Not only is it France’s second largest city now, having passed Lyon in the mid-1990’s for second place, but it is also the country’s busiest port of entry. It is considered the New



Despite the fact that Istanbul is not overly kid-friendly in terms of parks and/or playgrounds, most children love the exotic hecticness and strangeness of the city.

The city center of Istanbul is usually very crowded, with erratic traffic that cause you to exercise great caution when crossing the… read full article



Genoa, Italy, is an ideal location to spend a day as a family.

While the small shadowed streets house many quaint and reasonably priced restaurants (because of its history as a port town, many restaurants offer delicious, local seafood dishes) and shops, it is not this… read full article



There are numerous activities on offer if you head to Barcelona with your kids this winter. The city is not all about sun, sea and sand, and you will be able to find plenty of indoor attractions to keep you busy.

1. Port Aventura

Check out… read full article



Göteborg, Sweden is a lovely city to make your way to for the holidays.

Quaint and rustic, this seaport town will mesmerize you from the moment that you arrive. The nearest airport is Göteborg Torslanda Airport making it easily accessible by way of this international airport… read full article



Situated on the plains surrounding the Guadalquivir River is the capital of Andalusia and known to all as the province of Seville.

Suffice it to say, Seville is southern Spain’s artistic, cultural, and financial hub (or capital). With nearly 700,000 residents and a metropolitan… read full article