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Travel with kids

When you think of Barcelona, the spectacular Gaudi architecture, breathtaking cathedrals and busy pavement cafes of Las Ramblas are often the first things that spring to mind.

Barcelona zoo

These attractions draw thousands of tourists to Catalonia’s cosmopolitan city every year – but anyone that has every travelled with a couple of energetic kids in tow, knows that all the culture in the word sometimes just doesn’t cut it. Here are three of the best family friendly activities to keep everyone happy. read full article



Christmas is a special time of the year to enjoy and celebrate. So if you are looking for a different touch to the festivities this year come and experience the magic of the yuletide in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities - Prague! There’s fun and activities for all age groups. It’s the perfect family holiday destination.

Christmas Markets in Prague



For all intensive purposes, the city of Paris has always been one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Mickey, Pluto and Donald

It is renowned for being one of the most culturally and historically rich cities in Western Europe as well as being known for its cuisine and wines. read full article



Some like Paris in the springtime, but Paris in the winter isn’t bad either.

True, the city can be rather gray and cold during the winter months, but Parisian city officials do a good job of keeping spirits high by… read full article



Dreaming of spending Christmas in France, but can’t decide where to go? Consider the type of Christmas you want to experience.

While the various regions of France have several Christmas traditions in common, many regions have… read full article



Located in the heart of France’s Alsace region on the Franco-German border, Strasbourg exemplifies the best of both French and German culture with its fine wine, gastronomical delicacies, and relaxed conviviality.

Christmas Market Strasbourg

However, Strasbourg’s most endearing feature… read full article



There are literally hundreds of cities in the US alone that have become popular favorites where the family vacation is concerned. One of the first cities that come to mind is Orlando, Florida.

Disney World Orlando

Orlando has become one of… read full article



No trip to Spain should ever overlook spending time in Bilbao, especially if you are taking a family vacation to this culturally prolific country.

It is situated in Basque Country and is Vizcaya’s capital city in a picturesque landscape on the banks… read full article



Vancouver, situated in British Columbia, Canada, is consistently ranked as one of the world’s most liveable cities – the city is well policed, has good infrastructure,

and is wealthy and cultured, and is considered to be an extremely family friendly place… read full article



Thailand is one of the gems of Asia and a family vacation there must involve visiting the city of Bangkok.

The city is Thailand’s largest city and has an abundance of family oriented attractions which will… read full article



Dubai is a destination which can honestly please just about everyone. The city is extraordinarily safe for children and kidnappings are almost completely unheard of.

It’s most advisable to travel in between the months of October to… read full article



It’s hard enough trying to find places that the entire family will want to visit. Add in your little toddler and you will definitely have your hands full, with your little ones yawning away at all the fancy grown-up places.

You know the… read full article



When you have kids just jumping on a plane and expecting the rest of a holiday to take care of itself is not really an option.

Here is a short guide of what to do with the little… read full article



Here’s something to keep in mind when planning a trip with family; throw in something for everyone. Oh, this is not just general goodwill coming to the fore from my side; rather, I have a weary feeling that we’ll never hear the end of it if anything on the itinerary turns into a yawn-a-minute spot… read full article



Torre del Lago Beach Located in the northern Tuscany region between the Cinquale River and the Lake of Massaciuccoli is Versilia, Italy.  The area is one of the more popular destinations along the Italian Riviera and is well known for its fine sandy beaches, as well as being served… read full article