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Travel Picks Friday

We have all been following very carefully the Oil Spill situation in the Gulf of Mexico, and apparently just today BP has claimed a successful placement of the “Cork” that stops the leakage. However, consequences on nature are huge: here is a must read article on the matter. read full article



Paul, the octopus that has been predicting results for Germany’s football team (and never made a mistake) has been kindly asked by Spain’s prime minister, Zapatero, to predict the winner from Sunday’s World Cup Final – Holland vs. Spain. Apparently Paul has chosen the Iberian side, much to Dutch despair. read full article



Starting today the quarter-finals for South-Africa 2010 World Cup, all soccer enthusiasts are getting prepared to see which team will be the winner this year.

Soccer World Cup and Ball

But have you decided to travel to New York these days without being aware that the final will take place on July 11th? read full article



Flying with your pet

As every pet owner knows full well, flying with a pet is expensive and problematic. This article provides some useful suggestions on how to make travelling with a pet easier, and also provides tips on how to save on travel costs.



If like many other football fans in the world, you haven’t been able to get tickets to see the World Cup in South Africa, don’t despair. Msnbc has compiled a guide to 9 cities that will organize “World Cup parties” to stream the games for thousands citizens or tourists that cannot miss these events.



If you are going to travel to London sometime between now and the next two months and start to see coloured elephants in the street, shopping malls, or at the park, rest assured you are not going crazy. In fact, there will be over 250 coloured elephant installations in order to raise awareness about the endagered species of the Asian elephant. Each elephant has been designed by a different artist, and on June 29th they will be sold off at an auction at Sothesby’s.



Dubai's Jumeirah hotel room



If you are in New York and are planning to have a party night, you might start with some drinks.

Raspberry Cocktail

Here are some tips on where to find unsual cocktails in New York City: read full article



What to see in Dublin in a day

Dublin Spire in Ireland

If you think that your next city break will be in Dublin, here are some tips read full article



If you are planning a cultural Spring trip, nothing better than Paris. Discover the most extensive collection of Monet’s work.

Totti mural in Monti, Rome

This week’s Rome has gone through a soccer fever as last Sunday’s game positioned AS Roma read full article



Bruges is an enchanting medieval city in Belgium, also known as the Venice of the North.

Belgian Chocolate in Brugge

And the fact is that Bruges read full article



The well-known Café de la Paix at Hotel Intercontinental Paris Le Grand has a new dessert creation: a design cake called Pop Fizz.

Street Fashion in Barcelona

However, the Paris luxury hotel Le Meurice had already presented some time ago a new dessert by the designer Thierry Muggler, the Viktor & Rolf “Flowerbomb” cake. This seems to be the beginning of an “haute-couture designer cakes war”! read full article



Are you fed up with visiting places and feel just like a tourist? Are you in London and willing to enjoy a trully Bristish experience?

London roast

One of the things to do in London to feel like a Londoner is to simply enjoy the Sunday meal in a pub, preferably in an old-school drinking hole, one of the remaining old man’s pubs. read full article



Discover the Monterrey Bay Aquarium with your kids. Travel to California to get fun and discover the sea universe with your children.

Monterrey Aquarium with Kids

Or you’d rather enjoy a Segway tour in Madrid and travel green? read full article



March 1st-7th is British Pie Week: at BritishPieWeek you’ll find hints, tips, recipes (from savoury to sweet) and other great ideas whether you want to celebrate this tradition in an english pub in London or comfortably at home.