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Top five Monday

London welcomes 2010 with fireworks at the London Eye and London’s clubs are hosting some of the biggest parties in Europe.

To make celebrating easier, underground trains and buses will run throughout the night and are free to use between 23:45… read full article



The New Year is coming up so fast you’ll not even have time to practice gurgling out the chorus of Auld Lang Syne before the clock strikes 12.

London Eye

Many people affected by the economic crisis will be willing to… read full article



1. Festival d’Avignon and Avignon-Off

avignon festival posters

If you enjoy theater, performance art, dance or simply entertainment, and if you can plan well in advance for accommodations then definitely get to Avignon for the festivals held in July. The action takes… read full article



Visiting London this winter? Some of the top things to do in London in winter include Christmas fairs and ice-skating in Hyde Park.

1. Visit the Winter Wonderland in London’s Hyde Park

The annual Winter Wonderland… read full article



Vienna is one of the key hubs on the tourist map of Europe.

Every year inter-railers, backpackers and travellers of all kinds pass through this wonderful city and spend their days seeing the sights, visiting the museums and taking in… read full article



Lugano is a small town of 50,000 inhabitants in the southern part of Switzerland. As it borders Italy it is predominantly Italian speaking.

Its summers benefit from this geography making them long and warm. As a result it is… read full article



Paris and jazz have a history almost as long as jazz itself.

Although jazz was born in the United States (arguably in New Orleans in the late 19th century), the form quickly spread to Europe, as many African-American “jazzmen”… read full article



London. Victorian London.  Jack the Ripper.  Sweeney Todd.  See where we’re going?

London shortly before the turn of the 20th Century must have been a frightening place to be, and even to this day there are some fairly eerie attractions… read full article



Beer festivals, Dubai nightclubs, Hanoi’s tourist attractions, the Loire Castles and the 2010 Winter Olympics were September’s hot topics on the Venere Travel Blog.

  1. Top 10 Holiday Destinations for Beer Lovers: 10 travel ideas for beer


Lucerne is one of the most scenic cities in all of Switzerland, located centrally on the shores of Lake Lucerne.

The River Reuss divides this gorgeous city that is also nestled between the picturesque Mount Pilatus and Mount Rigi in… read full article



Oslo, Norway is located at the head of the Oslo Fjord.  And in a country famous for its fjords, the name is slightly confusing as technically speaking, the Oslo Fjord is actually a bay.

But that is where the… read full article



Vancouver is an amazing place all year round, Winter Olympics or not.

Even those who hate sport so much that even talk of the Winter Olympics sends a dull glaze over their eyes will find plenty to enjoy about… read full article



1. The Acropolis

When most people think of Athens an image of the Acropolis will form in their mind. Perhaps the most iconic of all the structures of the ancient world the Acropolis allows visitors to imagine and almost feel themselves… read full article



Rome’s bus network, strange Thai food, traditional Austrian restaurants, Vienna’s public transportation and Zurich’s tourist attractions were August’s hottest topics:

  1. Things to Know about the Rome Bus System: A series of tips on how


Düsseldorf is a busy metropolitan city and the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The city is located on one of the longest rivers in Europe, the River Rhine and is a mix of old and new with baroque buildings blending in seamlessly… read full article