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Top five Monday

When people picture Los Angeles, CA, museums may be the last thing to come to mind.

L.A. Moca Museum

Although there are beaches and premieres galore, Los Angeles still offers come beautiful cultural pursuits. Here are five of LA’s top must see museums. read full article



The exciting Chinese city of Shanghai is fast becoming an important global financial center.

Shanghai Club

However, aside from its serious business side, this exciting metropolis is widely considered to be ‘the capital of cool’ of the People’s Republic of China as it is the city from which fashion and lifestyle trends radiate throughout the country. read full article



The south-eastern Italian region of Apulia is often called the ‘heel of Italy’, in reference to the country’s boot-like shape.

Trulli Alberobello, Apulia

The busy port of Bari is the area’s capital and Italy’s second largest southern city, after Naples. read full article



Kraków is one of the largest cities in Poland with a population of over 750,000 thousand Cracovians. The city is located on the banks of the beautiful Vistula River in the south of Poland. Although the city is no longer the official capital, it’s still known as Poland’s royal capital.



Carcassonne is located in France’s Aude département and is a beautifully walled city. Its gleaming walls and pointed towers take you back to medieval times of knights in their shining armor.

Carcassone, France

Technically, the city of Carcassonne is divided into two cities with the ville basse (lower city) being the larger of the two. read full article



Paris is a kissing city. No matter where you go – the metro, the park, or even a street corner – you are bound to run into some amorous couple locked at the lip, basking in their love and the romance of the city.

Paris, Champs de Mars

If you want to know which places will almost guarantee some very sweet smooches on Valentine’s Day, read full article



Between Asia and Europe lies the Bosphorus Strait, the gateway to Istanbul, Turkey’s most populated and largest city. A wide array of dining options abound, from the international cuisine at the higher-end hotels to the native cuisine featured at the numerous Turkish cafeteria-style bistros called lokantas.

Kebabs, one of the staples in Turkish cuisine, are available throughout the city, with meat (frequently lamb) being used most commonly. read full article



Planning a trip to Arles, Provence? Here are five sights and attractions that you shouldn’t miss when visiting this beautiful Provençal city:

1. Roman Arena

After 2,000 years, bullfights and bullgames still happen at the arena during summer months… read full article



Naples is city the exudes vivacity, from its colorful and crowded streets to its lively local traditions.

No matter what time of year you plan to visit, here is a list of the top 5 things not to be… read full article



Situated on the slopes of the Mecsek Mountains in southern Transdanubia is the town of Pecs (pronounced “paych”), Hungary.

The tourism industry in Pécs has been enhanced by the charm of this town as well as its climate. The… read full article



Thinking about a trip to Paris in 2010, but can’t decide when you should go? Why not plan your trip around one of these top 5 events that will rock the city in 2010.

1. Les Soldes (“The



Looking for a great place to visit on a day trip from Berlin, Germany? Check our these 5 beautiful destinations:

1. Frankfurt-an-der-Oder

Not to be confused with the city of Franfurt in the south west of Germany, this is a… read full article



Now, I battled with writing this post because if I tell you about all the secret bars in London, well they won’t be secrets anymore.

Any that won’t do, will it? So, if you promise not to tell anyone else about them… read full article



Planning a trip to Lisbon? Here is a list of the most interesting things to see and do in the Portuguese capital:

1. Castelo de São Jorge

A visit to the castle of St George up on the hill above the… read full article



London welcomes 2010 with fireworks at the London Eye and London’s clubs are hosting some of the biggest parties in Europe.

To make celebrating easier, underground trains and buses will run throughout the night and are free to use between 23:45… read full article