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Top five Monday

This article has been quite hard to write as some of the most attractive things about Prague are rather more esoteric than a simple list allows. However, here are my top five and I would be interesting to hear what other people have on their list of top five things to see in Prague.

Prague Charles Bridge



Amsterdam is one of the jewels of Europe and, although it may have lost some of its lustre over the years, it is still bright enough to draw visitors from all over the world. The variety of sights and activities is staggering and this is what accounts for the diverse cross section of visitors that stream into the city each year.



Visitors to Amsterdam will never find themselves short of something to do in the evening. The city is famed as a hotspot for night time entertainment, from coffee shops, to cocktail bars, to wild nights in the infamous red light district.

dancing in amsterdam

And with a long line of trance and techno producers hailing from the city, there is never far to go if you feel like strapping on your dancing shoes. read full article



In Berlin there are daily hundreds of things to do, see, experience, eat, and drink. However, if by some unfortunate set of circumstances you were only able to do five of them while visiting the city, these would be my recommendations.



The city of Hannover is located in southern Germany and is the capital city of the region known as Lower Saxony. For the first-time visitor you should be aware that Hannover is no longer one of Europe’s typical cities. Destroyed in large part by the ravages of World War II, there are only a few of the more significant historical landmarks left. For all practical purposes, it is still a desirable destination for international travelers. read full article



Australia is best known for its great beaches, home to the clearest waters and most beautiful panoramas in the world. Here is a list of the Top 5 beaches in Australia for us:



Being the capital and largest city in Norway, Oslo is the primary tourist destination of local Norwegians and international travelers alike.  But for many visitors, Oslo means a great place to encounter numerous budget shopping venues.  One of the first things you want to be aware of is the standard shopping… read full article



If there’s anything more an iconic symbol for London than Big Ben or the London Eye, then it must be the traditional English pub and London is full of them, dating from pre-Victorian times to just about five minutes ago.

London Historical Pub

However, with a city rich in history and as changeable as fashion on Oxford Street, let’s stick with five of the most historic pubs in London: read full article



Spending time in Ibiza certainly gets the blood pumping. For dance music lovers, this is not bad thing. Wherever you go in Ibiza you can hear electronic music being played, 24 hours a day. From blissed out Balearic beats, to pumping house in the bars and big room trance in the nightclubs, you’re never far away from a toe-tapping moment.



Museum visits should not be redundant visions of the same collections. Especially on a holiday, it’s good to keep things light and mix things up.

Museum Music Brussels

The great thing about Brussels is that read full article



If you’ve ever wanted to go to Berlin, and wandered what the best times to visit this beautiful city, we’ve compiled a list (worst-to-best) that can help you decide.



The capital and largest Norwegian city is Oslo as well as being the 3rd largest of all the cities in Scandinavia.

oslo food and restaurants



Copenhagen may lack the instantly recognisable iconic sights that define so many global cities, but this is not necessarily a bad thing.

Visitors to many countries nowadays spend their time traipsing from one photo opportunity to another and leave little time to get to know the feel of the city around them. This is not the case in Copenhagen. read full article



In terms of largest freshwater and natural (not manmade) lakes of a continent, and in terms of volume, all other European lakes pale in comparison to Lake Geneva in Switzerland.

Lake Geneva in Switzerland

Additionally, there are not many winter ski read full article



The most populous city in Spain is Barcelona.

Camp Nou Football Stadium

No holiday or vacation to the country is complete without seeing this city. Whether it is the cuisine, the museums, read full article