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Top five Monday

Disneyland Paris has had its share of controversy, catastrophe and crisis, but its position in the pantheon of top European and world tourist destinations has been assured for many years now. No matter whether you fall into the equally vocal ‘love it’ or ‘hate it’ camps, here are five fun facts about the eternally divisive yet popular theme park resort.

Fun Facts about Disneyland Paris

Serious planning to bring the Disney franchise to Europe followed the immediate success of the Disney theme park in Tokyo in 1983. read full article



Marrakech is in the enviable position of offering an exotic taste of distant lands to travellers while still being within range of European based budget airlines. While the profile of this North African gem has been raised in recent years and visitor numbers are rising ever higher, there is still a lot of mystique shrouding the history and culture of Marrakech.

marrakech fun factsPhoto: Getty Images

The name Marrakech is thought to derive from the ancient language of the Berber people that live in the Western Sahara region and means ‘Land of God’. read full article



Rome abounds with no-frills pizzerias that serve a variety of pizzas. A classic Roman pizza is crispy and wafer thin. Pizzerias with wood-fired oven produce excellent thin crust pizzas. Almost all pizzerias serve traditional capricciosa and margherita pizzas. A capricciosa pizza consists of a bit of everything such as eggs, prosciutto, artichoke hearts, olives, sausages, mozzarella and tomatoes, whereas the margherita features basil, mozzarella and tomatoes.

rome pizza

Pizza Al Taglio, “pizza by the cut,” is the most popular pizza. These rectangular pizzas are cut by scissors and weighed as per customers’ requirements. read full article



Traveling with children has challenges of its own: where to go, which toys… The first and foremost task is to select kid-friendly attractions. Indeed, they love fun-filled activities, yummy food, colorful places, parks, zoos and interactive activities. If your kids have different tastes, consider them while planning the itinerary. Also, review educational value of the selected attractions. We have identified five interesting attractions for a family trip to Oslo, capital of Norway.

oslo family attractions



Italy’s southern region of Campania is rich in both history and beauty. It’s also quite large at about 5,240 square miles. It runs from the province of Caserta in the north to the province of Salerno in the south. It would be impossible to tackle it all in a 1-2 week visit so here are 5 tips to keep in mind when setting forth on your first journey through Campania:

visiting campania tips

1) Beaches – Campania consists of 210 miles of coastline, which is unparalleled in its beauty, running from the teal-colored blues of the Amalfi Coast and Naples to the more rugged beauty of the Cilento Coast in Salerno. read full article



Amsterdam is a city with a long and eventful history, much of which will be known to visitors and much of which won’t.
amsterdam: fun facts
Firstly, the origin of the name Amsterdam is in a combination of the river Amstel and the recognisable English word ‘dam’. The dam was built by locals protesting about the imposition of a bridge tax during the thirteenth century. This makes Amsterdam the location of one of history’s first tax avoidance schemes. read full article



For many years Lisbon was an enigma to people all around the world. The cradle of the globe-spanning Portuguese empire became a haven of axis and allied spies during the Second World War and then represented part of an outpost of dictatorship in free Western Europe. When the revolution came it seemed to be Spain which seized the initiative and attracted the tourists. Yet while the discerning always had a special affection for Lisbon, its charms are now becoming much wider known.

lisbon: fun facts

The area today covered by the city of Lisbon was first settled by the peripatetic Phoenicians who arrived by boat on trading missions from the Eastern Mediterranean centuries before the era of Christ. They called their settlement Alis Ubbo which translates as ‘beautiful shore’, a name as fitting today as it was all that time ago. read full article



Marrakech is an exciting city full of live and movement 24 hours a day. Visitors are always amazed with the contrast of both the old and new part of the city, where you can feel you’ve travel trough time. There are many interesting things to see and do in Marrakech, but here are the 5 MUSTs!

marrakech - things to see

1.JEMAA-EL-FNA: the famous city’s center; filled with snake charmers, singers, story tellers, healers and fakirs will charm you right away. This lively square changes completely from day to night. Start your morning with a fresh orange juice from one of the stalls; it’s delicious! Come back after a busy day touring around to try a traditional couscous dinner. Go for a walk around the streets surrounding the square where you can have a traditional coffee in one of the various cafes and restaurants. read full article



The capital of Switzerland and the country’s largest city with nearly 400,000 residents is the city of Zurich. It is a major hub where the airways, railway, and transportation industries are concerned. Both the Zurich Airport and train station are the largest entities of their types in the entire country. Suffice it to say, Zurich is one of the most desirable European destinations to visit any season of the year depending on your preferences.

Family things to do in Zurich

Additionally, Zurich has a 7,000-year history dating back to the time it was originally settled by the ancient Romans. Today, it is one of the primary European holiday and tourist destinations for a number of reasons including its culinary, cultural, events and attractions, history, lodging choices, sightseeing opportunities, and winter sports vacations. But what if it isn’t a romantic vacation you are thinking of? What if you want to take the entire family? read full article



Milan is the second largest Italian city with 1,3 millions inhabitants. It is located in the north of the country and is famous as a fashion mekka of the world.

things not to miss in milan

Millions of tourists are coming to Milan every year to see its historical sights, to shop in Italian high fashion shops and to eat typical Italian pizza or pasta. When visiting Milan, there are a few things that you just cannot miss.



This article has been quite hard to write as some of the most attractive things about Prague are rather more esoteric than a simple list allows. However, here are my top five and I would be interesting to hear what other people have on their list of top five things to see in Prague.

5 things not to miss in prague

I think that Prague Castle has to be number one on this list. It is a stunning place in and of itself but it is also has a beautiful view out across the city and so is a great place for first time visitors to get a feel for Prague. read full article



Are you considering taking a vacation in Lisbon? You’ll be happy to learn that Portugal’s capital city has experienced a late renaissance and its contemporary culture is now making its mark on the European continent. Additionally, it has become an extremely popular tourist destination.

5 Things not to miss in Lisbon

When visiting Lisbon, there is more to see and do than what you can possibly squeeze onto a vacation itinerary. However, we feel that the following list are the 5 things not to miss around Lisbon when vacationing there: read full article



With its many districts that houses a wide array of excellent lodging facilities, lively night spots, elegant restaurants, and tons of sightseeing venues, the capital and largest city in Denmark draws millions of international travelers annually. Literally everything you could look for in a vacation can be found in Copenhagen whether it is art, culture, cuisine, entertainment, history, or nightlife.

Copenhagen Fun Facts

What a lot of travelers oftentimes overlook is the interesting trivia regarding the city. We’ve taken the time to list the 5 fun facts about Copenhagen that you should be aware of and have posted them as follows: read full article



Athens is one of the cities with the longest history in the world. Many important people wandered its streets through out time. It is really worth a visit, and to make it more fun here are some interesting facts about it.

Athens Acropolis



Are you considering a vacation to Lisbon? You’ll be happy to learn that Portugal’s largest and capital city has experienced a renaissance of late and its contemporary culture is now making its mark on the European continent.
Lisbon Belem Tower
When visiting Lisbon, there is more to see and do than what you can possibly squeeze onto a vacation itinerary. read full article