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Top five Monday

Plush department stores in Paris draw large crowds of tourists like its famous landmarks- Notre Dame and Eiffel Tower. Many of these stores boast impressive architectural elements in Art Nouveau style. These modern consumerist temples offer a complete shopping experience. Do not worry about money, just window-shop, enjoy a snack if you like, spot the celebrities, take pictures, and watch the world go by.

Paris Attractions



Slovakia is often called the “Heart of Europe” because of its central European position. Recently many tourists visit its capital to discover its history, culture, and nature. When visiting the city just in a few days the tourists have to decide what sights to visit. This guide will help all tourists make their decision easier.




The capital and largest city in the Czech Republic is Prague, one of the most popular tourist destinations. Once a city that was devastated by Germany during the Second World War, the facelifts and renovations that have continued since the end of the conflict have helped Prague evolve back into the culturally and historically beautiful city that it was prior to World War II.

Prague food

Interestingly enough, along with its spectacular architecture, cultural diversity, and past history, many international travelers visit the city to experience some of the best Czech cuisine in the country. There are three things that you want to keep in mind whenever you are dining out in Prague: read full article



Switzerland’s capital Bern is a small city but it has surprisingly many museums and art galleries. Here are the most popular museums in Bern.

Bern culture

The Einstein House

Albert Einstein lived in Bern between 1903 and 1905, and here he also developed his famous theory of relativity. read full article



You will find that every king prefers his own realm and every princess her own version of a fairytale castle. Yet, in a country where knights and ladies of the realm are a rich part of the nation’s tapestry, it’s often difficult to select favorites. However, here’s a list of the Top 5 Fairytale Castles of England.

Leeds Castle



Munich has developed a reputation as being a city dominated by a single attraction, the Oktoberfest beer festival. This is unfair as the city has a lot to offer, especially to those who wouldn’t dream of attending a beer festival. The city has cultural and historical attractions aplenty, as well as being a useful gateway city and transport hub for the Bavarian Alps. Here are five fun facts about this beguiling and often misunderstood city.




The most populous city in Turkey is Istanbul and is also considered the cultural and financial center of the country. As of this past year (2010), Istanbul is one of the three Capitals of Culture in Europe and has grown in popularity as an international tourist destination.

Istanbul Best Dishes Photo by Dave Tromp



While it may not be possible to take children on any and every adventure they dream of, one of the joys of literature is that they can discover the world around them from the comfort of home. This is a great way to inspire youngsters about travel before a trip or simply increase their awareness of other lands and cultures. Here is my pick of travel books for kids, with notes on the appropriate age group for each.

kids travel book

The Tintin series of books is possibly the best series for kids yet written. read full article



So you’re planning a trip to Rome and you’ve done a bit of research beforehand. You’ve worked out how to get from from the airport to your hotel. Naturally, you’ve made your hotel room reservations on (wink, wink) and you’ve made a list of recommended restaurants you want to check out during your trip. You’ve even mapped out your itinerary of the ‘Must’ sights to see. But how well do you really think you know Rome? We’ve put together some fun facts about Rome that maybe you didn’t know yet.

Colosseum, Rome



Milan is certainly a city that should not be overlooked when planning your itinerary for the Bel Paese. With good fashion, good food and a great nightlife, what more could you possibly want from a city? We’ve put a list together of some fun facts about Milan which will undoubtedly make your planning to the fashion capital a bit easier.




The region of Campania has it all: stunning scenery, glorious gastronomy, captivating culture & jaw-dropping geology! What more could a tourist ask for? Not much, which is why tourists swarm to the Campania’s main attractions every year. With so much on offer and such diversity, it would be easy to spend weeks, if not months, exploring the different faces of Campania. Nevertheless, here’s my take on what’s not to be missed, in a list of the top five things to do in Campania:

Campania beach



The Balearic Islands are a Spanish archipelago in the Mediterranean sea that includes Majorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera.

A beach in Formentera

Majorca is the biggest island combining a little of everything. It doesn’t matter if you like mountain sceneries and hiking or enjoying sun on the beach – you can find it here. Ibiza is a well-known clubbing island, Menorca is a heaven of tranquility with isolated beaches and Formentera is a small chill-out island. read full article



Swiss cuisine is mainly known for its cheese dishes: fondue and raclette. Here are the top 5 Swiss dishes to try in Zurich, and some tips for vegetarians.

local dishes

1. Zurich Geschnetzeltes

If you can manage to pronounce this one, try Zurich Geschnetzeltes, made with small pieces of veal cooked in a creamy mushroom and white wine sauce. Zurich Geschnetzeltes is usually eaten with noodles. read full article



Disneyland Paris has had its share of controversy, catastrophe and crisis, but its position in the pantheon of top European and world tourist destinations has been assured for many years now. No matter whether you fall into the equally vocal ‘love it’ or ‘hate it’ camps, here are five fun facts about the eternally divisive yet popular theme park resort.

Fun Facts about Disneyland Paris

Serious planning to bring the Disney franchise to Europe followed the immediate success of the Disney theme park in Tokyo in 1983. read full article



Marrakech is in the enviable position of offering an exotic taste of distant lands to travellers while still being within range of European based budget airlines. While the profile of this North African gem has been raised in recent years and visitor numbers are rising ever higher, there is still a lot of mystique shrouding the history and culture of Marrakech.

marrakech fun factsPhoto: Getty Images

The name Marrakech is thought to derive from the ancient language of the Berber people that live in the Western Sahara region and means ‘Land of God’. read full article