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Situated between the Balearic Islands and Italy in the Tyrrhenian Sea as well as to the south of the island of Corsica is the island of Sardinia. Sardinia is one of the more popular Italian island destinations along with Corsica and Sicily.The following is a list of 5 of the most breathtaking and beautiful beaches of Sardinia that you should consider when vacationing there.



Croatia is one of the Balkan countries situated in Central Europe lying to the east of the Adriatic Sea and east of Italy. The country is the home to a number of popular attractions with the following being Croatia’s most popular sightseeing destinations worth putting on a vacation agenda.



Constructed along the hills that overlook the estuary of the Douro River, is the busy commercial and industrial center of Porto. UNESCO awarded the historical city center World Heritage status in 1996. Porto has been inhabited ever since the Roman occupation of the 4th century. Today it is one of the more popular destinations for tourists who want to experience some of the best dining in Portugal. The following is a listing of the top restaurants of Porto, Portugal.



Hanoi is Vietnam’s capital and second largest city as well as being a mix of East and West that is very fascinating.Interestingly enough, it is the nightlife of Hanoi that is a major attractant for international travelers and tourists. The following is a list of Hanoi’s liveliest nightlife destinations.



Boston has a cult following among many who believe that the attractions of New England and its main city far outweigh those of major rivals on the US East coast. It is certainly true that Boston has a character that is unique in a country where major cities are becoming ever more alike. This is probably why Boston is gradually becoming more popular as news of its charms spread, especially among European travellers looking for new places to explore on the eastern seaboard.



The city-state or principality of Monaco is situated in between the Alps and the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. It is bordered by the Italian Riviera on the east and the French Riviera to the west making it one of the most popular vacation destinations in the entire world. It is also referred to as the playground of the extremely wealthy. Suffice it to say, it is the nightlife of Monaco that is the main attractant for numerous international visitors. We have listed the top 5 bars and clubs of Monaco to consider visiting.



Budapest is a fantastic city for visitors to explore, not least because it really gives them two cities in one, Buda and Pest. The regal past of the Austro-Hungarian Empire is obvious throughout the city but it is mixed with the grimy industrialism of communism and the scars of its epic failure. Budapest is well connected to all the major cities of Europe as well as many further afield and has excellent infrastructure to support the growing number of visitors that arrive each year.



Lake Geneva is one of the most beautiful places in Europe, nestled below the stunning Alps and often reflecting them in its icy blue waters. Around the lake are several interesting, beautiful and intriguing little-known places visitors should definitely make time for in their itinerary.



America has a fine tradition of travel literature that is often put down to the simple size and geography of the place. Since the distances to be travelled are large and people spend a lot of time travelling it becomes an important part of their lives. The advent of the car in the twentieth century continued the trend and we are now left with a glittering array of literary options to indulge it.



Think Netherlands, and vivid images come to one’s mind – of water, wind, boats, cheese, windmills, tulips, bicycles – the Netherlands is all of this and much, much more. Who has not heard of its famous cities – of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Haarlem, Delft and Den Haag? If the Netherlands is your stop for a holiday this year, consider the following list that I’ve thrown together.



Kuwait is a land with a deep-rooted history, a unique part of the world where ancient culture stands alongside modern day developments. Prosperous, colourful and cosmopolitan, there is something in Kuwait for every kind of traveler. Whether you plan to explore this extraordinary country by land, by boat, or simply on foot, you will be struck by the beauty of this country and its people.



Serious gourmets can argue for hours whether the quality and variety of food available is better in Los Angeles or New York. Leaving this subjective issue aside I shall tackle another, the best restaurants in LA. This is, of course, a matter of opinion and one which changes very quickly. But here are my top five restaurants in LA:

Restaurants in LA

A.O.C. is a wine bar and restaurant located on West 3rd Street. It is a great place to get together with friends. read full article



Dublin is known as the “Town of the Hurdled Ford” and is Ireland’s capital and largest city. The nightlife of the city and numerous tourist attractions equate to the city’s allure and vibrancy. It is also the most popular point of entry for international travelers visiting Ireland. Dublin is the country’s economic hub and the downtown area can get congested on the streets and very crowded on the walkways. The following list is our top 5 tips when visiting Dublin.

Dublin Ireland Night



Istanbul, Turkey, famously sits astride both Europe and Asia but it often feels like it has much more affinity with the East, especially for casual visitors more used to predictable tourist experiences further west. These are some tips for visitors to minimise the culture shock and ensure that you get the best out of this ancient, varied and wonderful city.

Istanbul Turkey Mosque

Photo by Greenwich Photography



It’s simply the most beautiful city of the world, what else can we say about Paris?! When planning a visit to France’s capital, you may want to consider some of these tips to help you enjoy your trip.

Paris France Sunset