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Top five Monday

Sometimes, as a budget traveller you can get sick of always squishing yourself into crowded, noisy, places with “culturally distinct” ideas about hygiene just to save a few bucks on food. So, for the beleaguered budgeter, here are 5 places to go in Madrid, Spain that… read full article



Looking for a spa hotel, a boutique hotel or a romantic hotel in Tallinn city center? check out these 5 Tallinn landmark hotels situated in the splendid historical Old Town:

1. Merchant’s House Hotel – Tallinn Old Town

Housed in two historic buildings dating… read full article



Ireland may not be known for its food, but maybe Dublin should be!

The city has become practically overrun with restaurants, so rather than waste time trying to separate the delicious from the duds, use this handy guide to the Top 5 restaurants for… read full article



Prague, Czech Republic is a city still getting comfortable with it’s role as one of Europe’s premier travel destinations.

Spared destruction in World War II, Prague’s historic center remains a must-visit hot spot for any traveler cavorting through Central Europe. Less than 20 years… read full article



Who has never dreamed of visiting famous filming locations and being a movie star for one day?

Today movies have a powerful influence on travel decisions and film tourism, also called “set-jetting”, is becoming an increasingly popular holiday option. Are you interested not only in visiting film locations… read full article



Check these five travel articles to make sure you haven’t missed any. They are the most popular posts on the Venere Travel Blog last month.

1. Charming Monastery Hotels

Splendid Provence hotels offering comfortable accommodation in historical landmark buildings. Housed in a a former church, abbey or monastery… read full article



Places to avoid if you are claustrophobic, afraid of heights, or have a combination of both conditions. Likewise, places not to miss if you enjoy tight spaces and pointing saying “everyone looks like ants from up here!”

1. Delft Cathedral, Netherlands

Save up your… read full article



I try to stock up on optimism before I head to the airport. Everything is going to be seamless I tell myself. And these last few short-haul trips I’ve taken in Europe have gone pretty well I must say. Not too crowded, few lines, no delays



Planning a vacation in South Florida? Check out our top 5 Miami Beach hotels according to YOU:

1. Hotel Impala

Impala Hotel

Hotel review rating: 8.4
Top rated both on and Tripadvisor, the European-style boutique hotel Impala is located in the art deco area of… read full article



After the great success of my previous article about useless travel items here is the follow-up!

Check this new selection of funny and cool travel gadgets for your next trip that can be purchased online. Some might enhance your travel experience whilst others will languish in your bag, unused. However, there could be some… read full article



The Venere Travel Blog has been live for 2 months now! Check out this selection of most popular Venere Travel Blog articles so far:

1. Gourmet Hotels with Michelin Stars on

A real treat to gourmet enthusiasts and traveling foodies looking for European hotels with star restaurants… read full article



Scandinavian cuisine isn’t the most renowned in the world, nor the best. But when you spend several months in Denmark you get used to it and, even if you are missing a good pasta all’arrabbiata, you tend to believe that discount supermarket chicken and tuna salads are… read full article



Burgundy, France, is historically highly regarded for its wines, excellent Pinot Noir red wines and Chardonnay white wines. The region, called Bourgogne in French, offers great food and wine and has a rich heritage for you to discover: Gallic remains, Romanesque towers and countless breathtaking châteaux, or manor houses.
Enjoy your stay in… read full article



New Yorkers like most Americans enjoy their cup of coffee or cup of ‘Joe’ as they call it. Branches of American coffee chains Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts are ubiquitous at almost every street corner. However when visiting New York you might want to eschew these run of… read full article



1. St James Cathedral in Sibenik

St James Cathedral Sibenik

Sibenik, or rather Šibenik, is the beautiful old town looking out over the Adriatic Sea, at the mouth of the river Krka in the south west of Croatia. The town’s most famous asset is… read full article