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Top five Monday

If you’re looking to visit Germany, one city you should look to visit is Munich. Munich offers up a rich and varied culture.

1. Munich Oktoberfest

If you’re going to Munich in September, you might be interested in Oktoberfest. The… read full article



Montpellier, South of France  is the ideal party destination: big enough so there is always somewhere to go, and small enough to hit all the best clubs and bars in one long weekend. Perfect if you’ve exhausted Paris and can’t afford Cannes!

Everything… read full article



Portugal has as a rich literary tradition born of its culture of maritime exploration and political struggles.

Portuguese literature is also heavily influenced by the cultures of Brazil, Africa and various other regions where… read full article



August’s most popular articles about travel on the Venere Travel Blog:

1. Top accessible holiday destination: Valencia, Spain

Published August 6th – Valencia is one of the best accessible destinations in Spain and offers wheelchair friendly hotels, high quality public services and disability equipments ensuring both seniors… read full article



Geneva, Switzerland has always been a city of grand ideals. Its motto is “Post tenebras lux,” which translates as, “After the darkness, light”.

Playing host to the Protestant Reformation, from which the quote originated, to the numerous International organizations that claim the city as its… read full article



Bruges, Belgium is a must see. With medieval rooftops that step up to the sky, a history that spans back to the Vikings, and canals that credit the city as one of Europe’s “Venice of the North,” the enjoyment expands to every sense.

Flemish masterpieces of art… read full article



When you are choosing the top five pubs of Cambridge, UK, your major problem is what to leave out, as this fair student city is full of excellent hostelries, each with their own unique atmosphere.

So for those of you in a hurry, I have sifted… read full article



There’s no need to shy away from the truth: Lyon, France is not Paris.

But all things considered, it is far better. Paris, you see, is a city you visit: museums, famous places, legendary streets, etc… Lyon, on the other hand, is a… read full article



Planning a family vacation in Copenhagen, Denmark and want to take the kids to the world famous Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park?

Check out these 5 Copenhagen hotels close to Tivoli Gardens. Also conveniently located within walking distance of København H train station, these city hotels… read full article



The British are obsessed with the weather. It’s an unfair accusation to say that it always rains in the north of England. It just rains some of the time.

Manchester, UK is a city with much to offer the world – music, nightlife and a huge… read full article



This month’s most popular travel articles on the Venere Travel Blog are:

1. Bali Luxury Hotels

Published July 5th – Dreaming of a spiritual retreat or an exotic honeymoon in Asia? Venere presents three of the most romantic hotels in Bali, Indonesia. These three exclusive resorts offer luxury… read full article



Istanbul is a captivating Turkish city which has a rich historical past during which it was the epicenter of three great empires, namely the Roman, the Christian Byzantine and Islamic Ottoman. The influences of this rich cultural heritage continue to have a bearing on Istanbul until today.



Dreaming of strolling down the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the wonderful Ocean Front Walk in Venice Beach?

Looking for a budget hotel in Los Angeles offering easy access to Long Beach or the world famous Santa Monica Bay coast?

Check out this selection… read full article



Madrid, Spain is known for its all-night parties and sweltering summer heat, but if you need a break from sangria and siestas, why not check out these five historical gems that the city has to offer?

Palacio de Linares

1. Arab Wall

This ancient wall… read full article



Planning a weekend break in Paris and wondering what is the best way to get around the city?

Here are some transport tips that will help you choose how to go from the airport to your hotel, from the Eiffel Tower to the Latin Quarter… read full article