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Top five Monday

Check out our “Top 5″ opera theaters in Europe:

1. Teatro di San Carlo

Taking a trip to Italy for their majestic opera house in Naples is not to be missed. As the oldest in Italy and one of the largest in Europe, San… read full article



There is no better way to see Prague than on your own two feet. Small enough to walk around in a day, and with plenty of areas to discover, you won’t need to take a single bus or train unless you want to.

There are a… read full article



What the top five things to do in Tokyo are depends on when you plan to visit in Tokyo and what kind of a tourist you are.

Perhaps the greatest example of a modern city, Tokyo offers something special for every tourist. The backpacker, the honeymooner, the… read full article



Want to book a smart boutique hotel for a chic city break in the European capital of style and elegance? Take a look at 5 of the best design hotels in Paris available on

All ideally located in the city center, these… read full article



There is nothing quite like sitting back in a café in Madrid, slowly sipping a café con leche, and watching the world go by.

But with so many cafés on offer, it can be impossible to choose where to spend your lazy afternoons. This list provides a short… read full article



Prague is such a beautiful city that you may wonder why you would want to travel outside of the city limits at all.

But there’s a huge amount of things to to see and do just outside Prague, so check out the list below for the… read full article



Check out last month’s most popular articles on the Venere Travel Blog:

1. Budget Airlines in Europe

Published September 11th – Traveling overseas and wondering what is the best budget airline company in Europe? Looking for useful information on airlines serving Eastern Europe and cheap flights… read full article



Although there is more than enough to keep any visitors happy within London, sometimes a trip outside the city can be a pleasant relief. This list should cater to most tastes with destinations that can be visited in a single day from London.




Bern is the Swiss capital. The bear graces its city flags and make a befitting symbol for this historic, German speaking canton. As is the case for most of Switzerland, Bern can be quite expensive to visit.

Never fear: there are ways for the… read full article



Second hand shopping is the way for the locals, and visitors of Amsterdam to shop. First of all, there are so many places to go for used clothing. And of-course, the Dutch, known for their parsimonious nature, love to get a second life out of things. Also, in a city whose style thrives… read full article



When I first visited Edinburgh, Scotland, I would have appreciated a culinary guide to tell me what was actually in haggis, or that Scottish shortbread is addictive, or to put a little salt in my Scottish porridge.


So here’s some help with… read full article



If you’re looking to visit Germany, one city you should look to visit is Munich. Munich offers up a rich and varied culture.

1. Munich Oktoberfest

If you’re going to Munich in September, you might be interested in Oktoberfest. The… read full article



Montpellier, South of France  is the ideal party destination: big enough so there is always somewhere to go, and small enough to hit all the best clubs and bars in one long weekend. Perfect if you’ve exhausted Paris and can’t afford Cannes!

Everything… read full article



Portugal has as a rich literary tradition born of its culture of maritime exploration and political struggles.

Portuguese literature is also heavily influenced by the cultures of Brazil, Africa and various other regions where… read full article



August’s most popular articles about travel on the Venere Travel Blog:

1. Top accessible holiday destination: Valencia, Spain

Published August 6th – Valencia is one of the best accessible destinations in Spain and offers wheelchair friendly hotels, high quality public services and disability equipments ensuring both seniors… read full article