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Top five Monday

The Loire Valley provides the visitor with a haven of scenic attractions, historical castles, and unprecedented scenery unlike anywhere else in France and quite possibly all of Western Europe.

It is referred to as the “Garden of France” and for good reason. This is… read full article



Oftentimes overlooked as a travel destination for the likes of Barcelona or Madrid, Toledo is a gem – more like a diamond in the rough.

The city dates back to the Middle Ages and is majestically perched above the Tagus River. Additionally, Toledo was designated one of UNESCO’s… read full article



Check out this selection of Montreal hotels allowing guests easy access to the Biosphere. Offering free admission to young visitors under 17, the Biosphere is a popular family-friendly attraction in Montreal and a must-do for travelers interested in environmental issues.

1. Hotel Pierre du Calvet

Housed in… read full article



As far as the nightlife goes, Madrid has an abundance of it. Be aware of the fact that the night club scene in Madrid doesn’t get going until around midnight and doesn’t stop until 6 or 7 in the morning. In fact, most locals don’t… read full article



2008 has nearly come to an end and it’s time to review our past year. The following list shows Venere’s five most popular hotels by reservation numbers. These top hotels are located in Rome, Paris and Milan and have been chosen by our customers for their good value, comfort and excellent location. Take a look… read full article



1. Artis Zoo

Artis is the perfect solution for the age old traveler’s dilemma – is there a place to explore for hours on end, each twist and turn ending in an adventure? Curious travelers seeking an answer to this dilemma might also add, “And I… read full article



If you’re traveling for a long time and you’re like me, you always end up schlepping around more books than you should but not enough for the entire trip.

While you could certainly leave a few books at the hotel for other travelers to peruse… read full article



Dublin is a bustling city in a country known for its green hills and folkloric charm. It’s a young city, where an estimated 50% of its population is under 25. With a vibrant music scene and a strong literary tradition, there are a number of possibilities in a city of… read full article



1.  Vienna Christmas Market

Traveling to Austria during the festive season and want to know how to celebrate Christmas in Vienna? Check out this article on Christmas markets in Vienna to know where to buy Christmas decorations, traditional Austrian treats and gifts

2. Top Things to do



1. New Years Eve, Reykjavik, Iceland

Miles away up there in the middle of the Atlantic, New Years Eve sees fireworks so incredible you’d think you could see them from mainland Europe. What is unique about this firework display is that it’s not actually an officially organized event in… read full article



New Years Eve coming closer and closer and maybe that is just the right time to make some fascinating and dreamy journey.

For those who do not believe in Santa any more and still want to experience something magical we offer a trip to the best castles in… read full article



Antoni Gaudí and Barcelona are inextricably linked, and with his striking Art Nouveau buildings popping up in the city wherever you look, it is impossible to avoid coming across his work during your stay.

However, if you only have time to check out the main… read full article



Scandinavia is a collective name for Norway, Sweden and Denmark – the countries located in the Scandinavian Peninsula. Some reports also include Finland and Iceland in the list.

Originally a Viking region, Scandinavia slowly converted to Christianity around 1000 AD. With Christianity came the celebration of Christmas… read full article



After a recent visit to Rome here is a must see list of “Places of Worship.” Each has a special flare sure to make your time extra special.

1. Basilica di S. Giovanni in Laterano

S. Giovanni is located inside the city’s… read full article



1. Huge Camera

What are you going to be photographing anyway, 360 degree panoramas of the Pyrenees at dusk? 90% of tourists probably aren’t going to be snapping anything more grandiose than their overpriced snack at a café or a sparrow perching on a gargoyle. Also it’ll… read full article