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Top five Monday

Artwork in Liverpool ranges from the weird to the wonderful – all with tales to tell.

1. Super Lamb Banana

This wacky, yellow half-lamb, yes, half-banana appeared outside the Baltic Fleet Public House in 1998. It was designed by Japanese artist Taro Chiero in an… read full article



Porto Moniz

The archipelago situated in the northeast Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Portugal is known as the Islands of Madeira (or the Madeira Islands). Offering some of the most spectacular landscapes and stunning panoramas that you will find anywhere in the country, this archipelago… read full article



For all the students studying in Florence this year you will be need of books. I have a list of the bookstores that can assist you in purchasing an art history book and/or a verb dictionary for your Italian language course. As your school might… read full article



As if touched by some fairy wand, Paris by night looks like a city that has magical pixie dust thrown all over it. Europeans in general and the French in particular, have long been considered the masters of lighting. But what happens in Paris as dusk sets… read full article



There is always something happening after dark here in The Hague, Netherlands with the nightlife one of the main attractions for the visitor.

However, one of the best experiences you can have is visiting one of the many pubs located in the city. There isn’t… read full article



1. Madeira Flower Festival and Carnival

If you’re planning a weekend break in Funchal, Portugal, read this guide to the Flower Festival and Carnival of Madeira, one of the best street parties in Europe including flower displays, carnival parades and samba concerts.




1. The Hermitage

Number one on this list will be a surprise to no one. The Hermitage is world renowned as one of the best art museums in the world and its enormous collection and sumptuous setting puts most other museums in the shade. For enthusiasts of art and… read full article



Paris is a great clubbing city but it can be a bit pretentious not to mention pricey!Here are my top 5 Paris clubs that I go to, to have fun but where I can still wear my jeans!

In Paris most places charge in but it includes… read full article



Historically, Beijing is most renowned for its role in the growth of China’s imperialism. So when people consider a trip to Beijing, they imagine a city full of palaces and temples fit for emperors and Chinese royalty. While those ancient structures are still standing… read full article



Planning a weekend trip to Florence, Tuscany? If you love Italian Art and History, check out this selection of five landmark hotels in Florence.

Historic Hotel in Florence

Each one of these elegant hotels located in the city’s historical center is the perfect place to stay… read full article



Art is always something that brings inspiration and stimulates imagination. Observing beauty makes it easier to express our own feelings. Of course, beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. That is why there are so many art galleries in Berlin that it is difficult… read full article



Planning a honeymoon or Valentines Day break in France? Here are five of the most romantic hotels in Paris available on

1. Apostrophe Hotel – Montparnasse

The… read full article



Green travel is a strong travel trend for 2009. Increasingly, hotels, airlines and tour operators are offering eco-travelers greener options in their services and products.

Chicago Airport

How can you travel greener? Here are several easy ways:

1. Choose greener modes of transportation.

Walk, cycle… read full article



1. Celebrating Christmas in Italy

A blog post for travelers curious about how Italy celebrates Christmas and planning a trip to Rome or Naples during the festive season. Check out what are the most beautiful Christmas native scenes to see… read full article



Despite the fact that Germany is not overly renowned for skiing holidays and vacations, having lost tourists to the over-developed Tyrolian resort areas in Austria, it still receives its fair share of those visitors who don’t feel like overpaying for an Austrian adventure.

Germany boasts a variety… read full article