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Top five Monday

Exploring Paris with school-age kids is one thing, exploring the city with a toddler is…something else. Even the most precocious two-year old probably won’t be bowled over by the elegance of the Eiffel Tower or neo-Byzantine steeples of Sacre Coeur. And have you heard about the legendary acoustics… read full article



Planning a naughty getaway with your lover and looking for a hotel in Paris offering sexy interiors, cozy guest rooms, intimate lounge bar, relaxing sauna, hot Jacuzzi and romantic views?

Elysées Regencia Hotel Paris

Book a room or a suite in one of these… read full article



If you love Paris and are planning a trip to the French capital, check out our five most popular Paris-related travel stories so far:

Tourist in Paris

1. Shopping at Paris Barbes Market

If you are traveling on a budget or are not that into luxury shopping… read full article



Oia Windmilles, Santorini, Greece

1. What is the Most Beautiful Greek Island

Planning a summer holiday in Greece? Looking for the country’s sexiest beaches and most charming villages? Read this travel blog post and discover four of the most beautiful Greek islands: the… read full article



The city of Bilbao which located in the Basque Region of Northern Spain and is the capital of the Biscay Province has traditionally been known as a center of industry and commerce. For years this coastal city which has one of Spain’s most polluted rivers, the River Nervión… read full article



Napoleon once said, “Able was I ere I saw Elba”, and is a historical quote that reads the same backwards as it does when you read it normally. Elba is an island that is part of the Tuscany archipelago situated off the western shores of Italy



Village of Gaudix, Granada

During the sun-baked summer months, the beaches of Andalusia are a magnet for sun worshipers and water sports enthusiasts. Spain’s most southerly region is a popular tourist draw for its stunning coastline, and also its wild mountainous regions, and the beauty… read full article



Cinema in Berlin

It seems like Berlin’s independent movie theaters’ collection reflects the way the city is: densely and multiculturally populated metropolis, where rich kids live on the same street as spiked hair punks and Turkish kebabs neighbor old GDR buildings.

So, here are five interesting movie theaters… read full article



Fountain in Aix-en-ProvenceThe region of Provence located in the south east corner of France has often been described as ‘Heaven on Earth’. Provence is renowned for its breathtaking landscape which is characterized by the gorgeous Mediterranean coastline, lush olive tree groves, fragrant lavender fields, verdant… read full article



Wicked - London’s Apollo Victoria Theatre

A trip to London is not complete without a visit to the West End, where an abundance of fantastic shows await you every night of the year. But with so much choice, it can often be hard to choose which… read full article



On a recent family excursion to Antwerp, Belgium, we were swept off our feet by this charming city. Aah, to stroll along a city so ancient but so alive with history and culture. Well, to distort Carroll ruthlessly, it is time to talk of many things… read full article



Sometimes you just need to have your favorite bar, or a couple of them. Your favorite bar is a place you like to come by and come back, a place where great drinks are served and nice atmosphere is offered, a place you can take your friends to when… read full article



Hey ladies! You’re in Florence, you need something cute to wear and the clothes you packed along just aren’t cutting it.


Working as an au pair on a fixed income, I shopped around but always ended up at the same 5 places when I wanted… read full article



Artwork in Liverpool ranges from the weird to the wonderful – all with tales to tell.

1. Super Lamb Banana

This wacky, yellow half-lamb, yes, half-banana appeared outside the Baltic Fleet Public House in 1998. It was designed by Japanese artist Taro Chiero in an… read full article



Porto Moniz

The archipelago situated in the northeast Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Portugal is known as the Islands of Madeira (or the Madeira Islands). Offering some of the most spectacular landscapes and stunning panoramas that you will find anywhere in the country, this archipelago… read full article