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When a film director yells “Give me desolation, give me barren, and give me solitude!” location scouts head for Tabernas in Almeria in southern Spain.

Hot, dry, dusty and mountainous, the area is home to Europe’s only desert. A harsh and unforgiving landscape it’s played a… read full article



Over the years, countless writers have lived and worked in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. If you’re a fan of literature, try our walk around the streets of the city, stopping at all the important sites.

Our tour starts at St Giles’ Cathedral in the centre of town. Find… read full article



Imagine wandering through a forest filled with autumnal trees, the green grass sprinkled with russet colored leaves and dotted blue with peacocks. Now imagine lakes and ponds full of doleful ducks and graceful swans swimming between multicolored stones that glisten in the sunlight, the bridges that cross over them… read full article



If you think of vodka, then it won’t be long before you think of the Russians. They might not actually pour it on their breakfast cereal but they’d certainly consider having a shot to wash it down with. Vodka is as much a part of Russian culture as tea… read full article



Searching online for the world’s famous hot spots will lead you to the French Riveria, also popularly known as Côte d’Azur (in French).

Inhabited since antiquity, the resort runs along the Mediterranean sea, mainly in Southeastern France, starting near the commune of Menton close to the… read full article



Berlin, Germany might have a reputation for being a concrete jungle, with cranes standing like ballerinas in vast industrial wastelands, but it’s much more artistic than first meets the eye.

To many people, Berlin is one of the most eclectic and exciting places in Europe for… read full article



Romania conjures up eerie and mysterious images. The wonder of this country is its undiscovered lands dating back to the former Eastern Bloc.

As autumn getaways go, Romania with its dark history and modern day anomalies provides a wonderland like experience. September and October are noted… read full article



When people go on vacation, one popular activity is to shop! There are few cities in the world better for shopping than London. If you love shopping and travel, this is the article for you.


A shopper’s paradise anywhere in the world hands… read full article



paintball stainsPrague has recently become one of the best stag weekend locations in Europe. However, it’s not just the cheap beer and short flights that appeal to the travelling masses, as Prague also boasts a wide variety of activities to get involved in when celebrating your last… read full article



Spain has so much to offer in so many ways. You can lie on some of the best beaches in the world with some of the most perfect sunshine. You can wander around some of the coolest back streets with some of the coolest bars and you can… read full article



In 1814 Napoleon Bonaparte, perhaps the most famous leader of France, had been banished to house arrest on the island of Elba, close to his birthplace, Corsica.

By early March 1815 he had managed to escape the island and made it safely… read full article



The sweet thrills of riding a bike through a new city are immense- checking out the locals, seeing the side streets, going beyond the common tourist destinations, learning the lay of the land, the unexpected discoveries- all make biking the best way to really experience the city you’re in.



Though mega malls continue to sprout up like mushrooms in Rome scouring the street markets for deals still remains a favorite Roman past time.

Market Stall

Ah, yes. There’s nothing like spending a day shopping at the markets, scrounging for goodies that’ll cost you twice… read full article



London is, undoubtedly a contender for the best place to see art in the world. Granted, until recently, only a small proportion of the artists that make up the great collections are actually British, but this doesn’t stop the British being very proud of their cultural heritage and the… read full article



Planning a holiday in Bulgaria? Here are a few things you must know before your trip.

1. When to go?

The best time to plan your trip to Bulgaria is summer going into the autumn. This time of the year is ideal for hiking and… read full article