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It is still winter in Berlin and there is less daylight to keep a traveler warm and active, so I can recommend an interesting twilight anecdote.

Wrap your scarf tight, pull on some warm, water proof shoes, grab a map and take a walk… read full article



If you happen to visit Malta for a winter weekend getaway, you will be fascinated by the island’s striking wild seascapes and mild weather.

Renowned Maltese hospitality will make your stay even warmer, though the island is at its best during the summer months. Known as the pearl of… read full article



Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal and according to the travel experts of the Gay and Lesbian Community, “it’s come a long way, baby.”

As Europe’s long-time travel destination underdog it has had to reinvent itself from disasters of the past. Whether it is… read full article



San Isidro Festival Madrid is famed the world over for its colourful and exciting festivals. Madrileños love to party, and throughout the year you will find a whole range of festivals packed full of colour and excitement. Here is a selection of the best, so stock up on sangria… read full article



There’s no need to have a Brigit Jones moment on February 14th in London. Say “no” to songs like All By Myself and a bottle of wine with the couch and “yes” to events that will make it easier to meet Mr or Mrs Right.



Whisk Valentines outside London on February 14th. Cupid’s arrow flies on a Saturday this year and these romantic city breaks are less than an hour’s train ride away from England’s capital.

Valentine on a Vespa

Valentines can go on a tour of the countryside around… read full article



Paris is undeniably the romantic capital of France, if not Europe and the rest of the world. However, Lyon is full of enough cozy nooks to satisfy even the most ardent romantic.

If you’re in search of ways to impress your loved one… read full article



I planned to write an article on places to hear ‘traditional’ live Scottish music in Edinburgh, but what is ‘traditional’? Scottish music grows in all directions from pipes and drums to contemporary rock bands like Franz Ferdinand.

So, here is a guide to places where you can… read full article



Located in the Arlberg Pass area of the Tyrolean Alps is St. Anton am Arlberg, home to an area that is known worldwide for its renowned skiing and winter sports.

Where the nightlife is concerned, there are pubs and discos to avail you of unending entertainment… read full article



It is said that Warsaw, Poland, is not a very touristy city and you might even hear that it is not very beautiful, but who would believe that?

You just need to discover the city in your own way. Here we are to give you some… read full article



Kölle Alaaf is the cheer with which the Carnival at Cologne is declared open on the nineteenth of February and this almost Mediterranean city of Germany transforms into a riot of stupendous proportions.

The most famous parade is the Rose Day Parade, called the Rosenmonntag when… read full article



Swiss Quality Hotel - St. MoritzIt’s hard to imagine taking a vacation in Switzerland for more than romantic reasons despite the fact that it is one of Europe’s primary holiday and vacation destinations. The ideal vacation for lovers or honeymooners awaits you in this country that is… read full article



Dating back to prehistoric times, the village of Graz is the capital of the Styrian region and the River Mur (also Murradweg) is its meandering backdrop that flows through the wide plain where the village is situated.

Graz is a perfect blend of historical architecture and… read full article



Gay nightclubNice, French Riviera, has developed a reputation as one of Europe’s preferred gay destinations. The gay and lesbian community can find a wealth of accommodations, bars, and other nightspots here and the area is well-known for its tolerance of the gay and lesbian lifestyle. If you… read full article



Sarajevo, Bosnia is almost smug about the fact that it’s so cool but not many people know it is. The size of the city is on its side when it comes to wanting a night out, crawling from bar to bar.

There’s always a ‘next Prague’… read full article