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Pink Tulips - Amsterdam, Netherlands

You might think that all of the world’s tulips come from Holland and that every field is covered from head to toe in them. To some extent you’d be right but don’t be fooled into thinking the little flower has been born… read full article



Sunset over Hamburg Harbour

The Gay and Lesbian culture in Germany is almost legendary and should be discovered first hand in order to gain a true appreciation of its intensity. Thriving gay and lesbian culture can be found in all of Germany’s larger cities with… read full article



Known as the “City of Light” and the fifth largest city in the Netherlands, Eindhoven is a modern day city that has been constructed around a famous light bulb manufacturing plant.

Philips Stadium - PSV Eindhoven

Despite buzzing with business activities during the week, this city… read full article



The modern day culture of Romania is an interesting blend of the age-old conservative rural customs and traditional values injected now with the newer liberal ideas and thinking, inclusive of the ever expanding gay and lesbian population. However, it wasn’t until recently that this was the case. As Romania drew nearer to… read full article



Basilica del Pilar - Zaragoza, Spain

From being the legendary birthplace of Christianity in Spain to being the largest city in the North of Spain to be controlled by the Arabs, an independent Muslim Taifa kingdom and the capital of the Aragonese Kingdom, Zarazoga has… read full article



Winter may not be behind us just yet, but with springtime just around the corner why not look at Zagreb in Croatia as your next spring beak holiday destination. The weather to say the least will be simply divine.

Movie Hotel - Zabreb, Croatia



There are numerous cities that lay claim to the best drink and nightlife in Poland, but when it comes to the best pubs in the country, you’ll quickly discover that you never need to leave Warsaw in order to have a great time. Despite the fact that… read full article



Ah, Italy! The most romantic destination of the world. If you happen to visit with your partner, you’d better plan a stay in a Florence romantic hotel as well, if you don’t want her to hold it against you for the rest of your life.. And don’t… read full article



Single? Married but not ready to engage in popping out sprogs?

Bonifacio Beach - Corsica

Went to Greece last year but got absolutely fed up with the sheer number of raucous offspring hopping all over the place, urinating in the swimming pool and making a tower… read full article



Sports cars enjoy a tremendous appeal. The name of Ferrari has been synonymous with the term ‘sports car’ ever since Enzo Ferrari established his firm Scuderia Ferrari in 1929 in the small town of Maranello which is located in the region of Emilia-Romagna in northern Italy.

Enzo… read full article



This tradition of eating every last bit of meat in the house before the arrival of Lent has long changed from an evening of gastronomical celebration to a much longer gala that allows for any flight of imagination to be translated into a most colorful reality. Almost every town… read full article



Carnival comes from the Latin carnem levare which literally translates into taking away the meat. This is what the carnival was originally meant to be – a splendid pre-lent feast, a last night of indulgence before the period of penance begins. Today’s carnival is, however, a much grander event spanning several days… read full article



If you are planning a Euro Trip, or even just a multi-city adventure, these are your most efficient options for getting there at the last minute…

When planning out your trip to Europe, carefully consider your options. Your travel arrangements will most certainly be effected by one of the… read full article



1. The City itself

Yes, it lacks Manhattan-style skyscrapers (with the exception of a few weedy blocks at Canary Wharf), has a ridiculously over-crowded infrastructure, and features the international embarrassment called Heathrow Airport, but it’s a still a wonderful city with millions of things… read full article



From the snow-capped majesty of Sierra Nevada’s mountains to the cool pristine waters of the Mediterranean, via the desert sands of Tabernas, Andalusia offers the traveller an extraordinary diversity of spectacular landscapes. And if you’re pressed for time here’s how you can experience all the best that nature… read full article