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Taking a canal cruise at night adds an extra layer of beauty to this phenomenal city.

Canal Cruises



As you will have seen on the pages of gossip magazines over the years, the weddings of the international jetset are often held in Italy. So if you’re thinking about planning a destination wedding in Italy, how about checking out the Zankyou Magazine guide we’ve drawn up for Venere readers, so you can find the hottest spots for your glamourous big day.

Weddings in Italy



Of all the beautiful locations in Italy, no other city sees more movement in the jazz scene than Rome. Hundreds of jazz concerts, popular jazz festivals, jam sessions, jazz series in picturesque locations, the list goes on..

Jazz in Rome



You’ve set the date and everything is ready for the big day. It’s finally time for you to enjoy the last few weeks without a wedding ring and start thinking about your amazing honeymoon, once all of this is over!

Honeymoon travel



For places where being ‘cool’ isn’t about the temperature, Europe has some of the best.




For tourists and locals alike, Lisbon is best enjoyed aboard its iconic trams.

Lisbon trams



Who visits Memphis without stopping at Graceland and walking in the footsteps of the King of Rock and Roll? Graceland was the realisation of his dream to buy his parents a beautiful home. Here are some great reasons you should see it while in Tennessee!

Visit Elvis'Graceland



Post-Vacation Blues? A mini-break in the south of France can be the right way to change your mood!

mini-break ideas



Want to try out San Francisco’s finest? Here are some excellent ideas on what to do!

11 things to do



There is little doubt that Tuscany is one of the most beautiful regions of Italy, and no trip to the region is complete without visiting the Tuscan wineries.




Fancy travelling a little differently? Then read on!

Strange forms of transport



If you are a golf enthusiast and feel like swinging a club in quiet faraway locations, Scotland is just the place for you. Here are a four such “golf hotels” for you to choose from.




There are some new hotels pooping up around the world that have a futuristic design and use a combination of contemporary architecture, fine art and technology. Here are two futuristic hotels that will blow your mind!

Design Hotels



Curious about the Grand Canyon? Read on for fun facts you didn’t learn in geography.

FUn facts about the Grand Canyon



Looking for a fun and comfortable place to enjoy your weekend and holidays? Las Vegas hooters hotel will offer this and more.

6 reasons to book a Hooters Hotel