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Berlin is a city that offers activities for travelers with any interests. It is overflowing with art, music and culture. It is blessed with great museums and historical monuments.

Berlin Reichtag, Germany

It showcases great architecture both contemporary and classic. However, experiencing the eclectic mix of… read full article



American Hot Dog

Even the best travelers fall from time to time into the “accidental tourist” category (reference to Anne Tyler’s 1985 novel about travelers who wish they were at home), when a chic short espresso just doesn’t compare to an alto Starbuck’s macchiato, nor a traditional Napolitano wood-fired pizza… read full article



Most visitors to Paris think the Latin quarter is only the myriad of tiny streets lined with kebab shops and Greek restaurants just to the south of Notre Dame. While this area may be fun to see (though I warn against eating here) there is… read full article



Tramp the Champs Elysées, scale the Eiffel Tower and jostle in the Louvre if you will, but do not leave Paris without visiting the picture-perfect prefecture of Belleville. As the name suggests, it is a beautiful town.

Belleville, Paris

Great view

Set high… read full article



For those travelers with rather morbid sensibilities or a strong appreciation for history, the cemeteries of Paris are like a portal into the artistic worlds of the past.

Oscar Wilde's grave

You can pay homage to your favorite painter or marvel at the monumental size of… read full article



Paris is an ideal place for a “babymoon”: that last extravagant trip many couples take before becoming parents. The unqualified beauty and romance of the city is certain to make you and your partner feel closer than ever, and will redouble your excitement about the… read full article



When it comes to accessible tourism, Paris might not be the best holiday destination in the world.

In the past few years, the French capital has made considerable efforts to provide handicapped visitors with accessible facilities, but it might be quite a challenge for wheelchair… read full article



Paris is definitely Summer’s Gay Destination par excellence.

Le Marais - Bakery Shop Window

The striking Paris Gay Pride (Marche des Fiertés) takes place yearly at the end of June. This gay parade joins even hundreds of thousands of people walking and getting fun in… read full article



One of the best things about the museums of Paris is their variety.

The Musee du Quai Branly can satiate your love of African sculpture, and more artist-specific museums like the Musee Picasso can take you into the depths of the mind of a great… read full article



Tourist in Rome

Having never been to Italy before, I wasn’t sure what to expect aside from the things my parents, who are from Sicily had told me. I had never left Canada before, was 2 weeks away from turning 26 and going… read full article



Riga Nightlife

Riga, Latvia is not lacking where the nightlife is concerned. The cities are filled with bars, casinos, clubs, dancing, and live music, and a great deal of these venues to be found in the Old Town area. Here you will find establishments… read full article



Merda Rosa Sculpture

Myriad travel resources will tell you that Turin houses one of the best cinema collections, and the world’s second finest Egyptian museum; that it’s the birthplace of solid chocolate, and home to international megacompanies Nutella, Fiat, and Martini. Her… read full article



Pot and Coffee

If you’re new to the lost art of smoking cannabis in public legally then Amsterdam will seem like somewhere you saw in your dreams. If you’re arriving in the city for the first time then the chances are you’ll end up in one of the… read full article



A mere few years ago, the area surrounding Kottbusser Tor in Berlin had the reputation of being a hotbed for heroin use and prostitution and served as one of the city’s many punk paradises.

Camera and Beer, Berlin, Germany

I stayed in a hostel by Gorlitzer… read full article



Yes, so we’ve got city tours, beach tours, river tours, cruises, gastronomical holidays (which just means “culturally-based eating” by the way), but what about occupations for one of mankind’s most forgotten parts, his humble legs? Hiking is not only healthy and great for physique, it’s rewarding, exciting… read full article