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Driving holidays are becoming more popular for the independence they afford, but this kind of touring comes at a price.

Hiring a car for a week is not cheap, but corners can be cut, by renting a manual over an… read full article



Berlin draws many different kinds of travelers.

From celebrities anxious to see its wonderful array of art, hotels and glamorous restaurants, to adventurous young Europeans looking for naughty nightlife, this city seems to have nearly every modern luxury… read full article



One of the wonderful things about Berlin is its ever-changing nature.

The last two decades have brought astonishing cultural changes to the city’s many boroughs; each neighborhood has its own identity and an constantly morphing demographic. Most interestingly… read full article



Close to Covent Garden, London, and yet hidden away, Neal’s Yard is one of those places that if you didn’t know it was there, you might well pass by it loads of times and simply never come across it.

There… read full article



For the true bookworm, one’s reading environment can make or break a book.

Reading a Book in Turin, Italy

This article is for the university student in Turin, Italy, who wants to get out of her dorm room or other unattractive, standard study space, and/or for… read full article



Culture, history, and picture postcard landscapes abound in Scotland, and there is a broad array of companies that offer tours of this very popular tourist destination in the British Isles.

Edinburgh Castle

Making holiday or vacation arrangements that include one of the historical tours of Scotland… read full article



Perugia takes your breath away once stepping into the walls of this ancient city.

Pizza Restaurant in Perugia, Italy

I visited this city for the first time acting like a kid in a toy store. Expressing a ‘Wow’ here, a ‘Amazing’ there. My tour guide… read full article



Meet the green-fingered gardeners behind the scenes of some of Brittany’s most beautiful gardens that are highlighted for one week only in the French region from June 5th to 7th. Some of the spaces can only be seen during this three-day window. In total Brittany has 113 gardens, some of which have been… read full article



Night Panorama of Leipzig, Germany

With a population in excess of 500,000, Leipzig is Saxony, Germany’s largest city, and is currently the industrial hub of the Saxony region. However, it is also a major cultural center, affording both locals and international travelers alike many interesting sights, an… read full article



St. Peter’s magnificent 15th century castle on the hillside that overlooks a harbor is what you will find in Bodrum, Turkey.

Bodrum Castle, Turkey

It is one of the prettier historical towns that you will encounter if you travel here and want to explore the area… read full article



Moscow has always been a very popular tourist destination. Even during the times of the Iron Curtain many people were extremely interested in visiting this vibrant city, where all the power and might of the huge empire were consolidated.

GO-42, Moscow, Russia

Moscow has changed a… read full article



In the land of the Midnight Sun, 24 hours of daylight means round the clock partying.

Ruisrock 2007

Summer in Finland is short but filled with festivals from the smallest local events to the big rock festivals that attract tens of thousands of visitors. There is tango, there… read full article



Just like you would find in its cousin city of Prague, Bratislava offers many of the same amenities and tourist attractions with one major difference – the crowds.

Bratislava, Slovakia, at night

Far fewer tourists crowd the Bratislava streets than what you find in… read full article



Berlin is a city that offers activities for travelers with any interests. It is overflowing with art, music and culture. It is blessed with great museums and historical monuments.

Berlin Reichtag, Germany

It showcases great architecture both contemporary and classic. However, experiencing the eclectic mix of… read full article



American Hot Dog

Even the best travelers fall from time to time into the “accidental tourist” category (reference to Anne Tyler’s 1985 novel about travelers who wish they were at home), when a chic short espresso just doesn’t compare to an alto Starbuck’s macchiato, nor a traditional Napolitano wood-fired pizza… read full article