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Sure, there are plenty of shops  for shopaholics in Rotterdam, but what about the avid collectors who have a special interest in comic books, intricate figurines and perhaps 1950s memorabilia?

This article is for those you who, like… read full article



Maybe it’s fate that I was asked to write about what I’d consider the top Halloween destinations in Europe, since I have such an affinity for things like crypts and cemeteries.

Fate or not, I’m happy to tell you why I… read full article



For art lovers, Lisbon also has something to offer just about everyone. From contemporary galleries, urban street art, traditional fine art, to a new design museum, there is plenty to pack into your visit.

Among the more obvious visits are also… read full article



If you are heading to Madrid this fall, then it is likely that you will end up travelling through Madrid Barajas Airport.

This is quite an old airport, originally built in 1928, but it has… read full article



Villa D’este was once a private refuge for the Catholic clergy. Commissioned by the Cardinal Ippolito II D’este in the 17th century this UNESCO World Heritage Site is now home to ticket holders.

The Villa has an amazing décor with each room having… read full article



If you close your eyes and think of Orlando then I bet Mickey and Minnie aren’t too far away.

The whole city is in love with Disney and the world has flocked to Walt Disney World Resort ever since the… read full article



Are you a movie addict? Symptoms range from remembering lines to humming theme songs and visiting film locations – places that end up in travel itineraries because fans can’t get enough of them in reel and want to see them for real.



The world heritage city of Bath in Somerset, England is well-known for its beautiful Abbey and for the natural hot springs housed in the ancient Roman Baths.

Especially now that the public baths have been re-opened to the public… read full article



Straying away from the splendid architecture, royal ballet performances, and the excitement of urban culture in St. Petersburg can be difficult, especially if you are a metropolitan city girl like me.

But there are times where the… read full article



If ever there were a Mecca for writers and lovers of literature, Paris would probably be it.

For centuries, Paris has embraced and inspired scores of famous writers, from Molière to Fitzgerald to Wilde to Djuna Barnes. When exploring the… read full article



Perhaps the west country of England is somewhere you might expect to find a quiet and quaint little tea room more than the sunny, southern city in Spain.

But don’t be expecting scones with jam and cream, earl grey and old… read full article



Leeds, UK is a student town with plenty of nightlife, and one Leeds institution that has been around about as long as its two universities is the pub crawl known as the Otley Run,

so named because it follows the Otley Road which runs from Leeds city centre (starting as Woodhouse Lane), out to Far Headingley and beyond. read full article



Kingly Court is a stunning little plaza just off Carnaby Street, London.

If you think Carnaby Street has lost its appeal of late, and is a bit to cool for school despite being full of chain shops, Kingly Court… read full article



No trip to the small medieval town of Assisi is complete without seeing the many churches, large and small, located in this city of 25,000 residents.

The town is situated upon a hill in the Umbria region right in the heart… read full article



Zurich, Switzerland, is so far above sea level that the air is always clean and crisp. The wealth of the country means the amenities and very well looked after. The place literally sparkles.

The people are very friendly and polite. Quality… read full article