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People passing Camden Market, London, will have noticed building work going on, and on, and on, it seems, but the end result should mean more for off-the-wall shoppers.

The end of 2009 should see a multi-storey arcade of additions to… read full article



For some reason the Basque city of Bilbao, on Spain’s northern coast, has remained fairly unspoiled and largely unvisited by tourists.

The world all flock to Barcelona and Madrid but Bilbao is saved for the people… read full article



Hamburg has some really nice sightseeing and culture, but if you have seen everything what you wanted to see, you could do a one day trip to Luneburg.

How to get from Hamburg to Luneburg

Luenburg is… read full article



Looking for a day trip from Rome? Somewhere easy to get to but still secluded? Want to get there on the cheap? I’m sure a little water couldn’t hurt too.

For € 2,70 you can grab a train from Rome-Ostiense… read full article



When you think of Italy then fashion is going to be up there with food, football and weather.

The Italians are a race that look beautiful enough even without their clothes on so it’s almost unfair they… read full article



One of the most vibrant natural heritage sites in the world, Madeira is a much sought after eco-tourism destination.

Its forests and reserves are home to some of the rarest plants, flowers and animals in the world. With… read full article



Because St Petersburg is located so far north it is strongly affected by the seasonal shift in the earth’s axis.

In winter this means the days are short and the nights interminably long. However, in summer it means that… read full article



London has become so ubiquitous among tourists that it’s becoming somewhat Cliché.

The interesting things that there are to do, such as visiting Big Ben or doing a boat tour of the Thames, while undoubtedly being world class… read full article



Are you a rock n’ roller looking for a good time in Rome?

Or simply someone sick of the usual yuppie hangouts and the eurotrash clubbing experience? In that case here is a list of alternative… read full article



1. Choose a destination that has good obstetric care and a hospital near by.

If you’re thinking about going on a cruise for instance you must think about days when the boat is away at sea or not calling into a main… read full article



Burlesque has been en vogue as long as the legs on Marilyn Manson’s former squeeze, Dita Von Teese, but male burlesque nights???

London is the first city in Europe to offer the likes of Dickon Savage, Tony… read full article



Of the many things we know about Italy we also know that it is certainly not a wintry place. That goes for the warm people and friendly culture but also for the weather itself: the country isn’t… read full article



The sun can be relentless in the summer months here in Rome.

With everyone looking for a place to lay their beach towel it can become quite difficult to find the perfect spot. In my search for a… read full article



Seeing the Tour de France live – even for just a few stages – isn’t like any other vacation. There’s a lot of traveling involved, a lot of waiting around, and a lot of unpredictability!

My mom and I… read full article



The city of Dresden was once associated with all things cultural and has been referred to as ‘the Florence of the North ’.

As patronising at that moniker may be it gives you some idea of the artistic… read full article