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Do you want to surprise your other half with a romantic gift now Valentine’s Day is in the corner? Haven’t yet decided what your Valentine’s gift will be?

A heart in Valentine's Day

We have picked up some hotels in Valentine’s day destinations for you: read full article



The French countryside is some of the most beautiful and varied in the whole world. You can go from lush flat green to hilly inclines to dry and hot to wild coastal and there’s really no better way to absorb the whole experience than in a car.


It’s a fairly common holiday now to drive through France with the family or friends, stopping off in the small villages or roadside motels and treating the whole travel as the holiday. It’s not Route 66 but it’s becoming just as iconic. read full article



Are you in need of a break from your daily routine but don’t find a holiday that suits the pocket?

Don’t worry, you can surely find your ideal destination and save some money! Here goes a series of tips! read full article



There’s something rather strange in the air when you first get to Salzburg.

The peaceful, glowing Austrian City heftily endowed with old-world charm that we all found so charming in The Sound of Music – Salzburg is literally swarming with tourists -… read full article



Visitors to St Petersburg often find that they get a strong taste of visceral Russia before they have even arrived at their hotel because of the excitement and adventure inherent in airport transfers from Pulkovo, the city’s airport.



One of the most popular day trips from Marseille, Provence, is an excursion to the splendid calanques of Cassis.

Rent a car at Marseille’s St. Charles train station and get to one of the calanques or, all five if you can. The other option is to take a train to Cassis then a taxi to any of the calanques. It really depends on the time of day and your schedule. There is a Tourist Information booth at the train station. Grab a map and ask about the best way to get to the calanques at the time of your departure. read full article



In many ways Siena, Tuscany is the most perfect Italian city.

Siena looks exactly how you imagine a beautiful ancient Italian city to look, and has been expertly preserved over the years. It has sumptuous weather for most… read full article



Most travel alone for business. Few are fortunate to win in a contest but unfortunate to get a roundtrip ticket only for themselves.

If you find yourself in any of these situations, don’t fret just yet. Look into the nuances of seemingly boring… read full article



With a few street-smart tactics and affordable accommodations you can save money in Amsterdam.

Budget Accommodation in Amsterdam

When on a budget it’s always a good idea to stay in a hostel. Check out the Stayokay Amsterdam Zeeburg Hostel in the eastern part… read full article



1. List of who to buy trinkets for

Essential if you’re being carried away by the manipulative trader who’s extremely friendly and makes you feel guilty that he’s laid out all his wares for you and if you don’t buy one he’ll get all… read full article



Experiencing San Francisco on your own has many positives:

you can go at your own pace, not be pressured into doing something you’re not interested in, and take as many photos you want of that church steeple with… read full article



Like a magnificent painting, the silhouette of Venice between the orange skyline and bluish Adriatic Sea at sunset is revered as one of the most romantic views in the world.

This is the perfect place to go for hopeless romantics, couples, and… read full article



Gone are the days of coal mines and shipping yards. Newcastle, UK is now the party capital of the north east of England.

Hundreds of thousands of people of all ages flock to the Tyne every year to have… read full article



There is a growing consensus among connoisseurs of the hip and happening that Dr Johnson may have been speaking about London but today, if you are tired of Berlin you are tired of life.

Therefore, in the interests… read full article



Thinking about ringing in the New Year in San Francisco style? Well there are tons of options to suit every taste and budget.

Free and Family Friendly

For the city’s official New Year’s Eve fireworks show, head down… read full article