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Leeds, UK is a student town with plenty of nightlife, and one Leeds institution that has been around about as long as its two universities is the pub crawl known as the Otley Run,

so named because it follows the Otley Road which runs from Leeds city centre (starting as Woodhouse Lane), out to Far Headingley and beyond. read full article



Kingly Court is a stunning little plaza just off Carnaby Street, London.

If you think Carnaby Street has lost its appeal of late, and is a bit to cool for school despite being full of chain shops, Kingly Court… read full article



No trip to the small medieval town of Assisi is complete without seeing the many churches, large and small, located in this city of 25,000 residents.

The town is situated upon a hill in the Umbria region right in the heart… read full article



Zurich, Switzerland, is so far above sea level that the air is always clean and crisp. The wealth of the country means the amenities and very well looked after. The place literally sparkles.

The people are very friendly and polite. Quality… read full article



For any visitor attempting to get an idea of London’s thriving and revolutionary art scene, a walk along the bankside district of the Thames is an ideal place to start.

Just west of Tower Bridge, the Jubilee Walkway runs along the south… read full article



Paris is filled with gardens and parks with luscious green lawns that simply beg for you to flop down on them with a blanket, baguette, cheese and a good bottle of wine.

But more often than not… read full article



Jutting out and hanging on my a thin thread of land off the east coast of Florida, Miami Beach is famous all over the world for being full of fast cars, bikini-clad sunbathers and high rise apartments.

What you might not know… read full article



It’s hard for a Spanish city to hit the headlines when it’s competing with the likes of Madrid and Barcelona. Even Valencia and Bilbao are a tough third and forth to climb above.

But the stunning and warm city of… read full article



For the world traveler, city bus systems can be a financial lifesaver. While often less efficient than taxis, they are far more economical.

When visiting Rome, Italy, the city bus system can be your best friend-… read full article



People passing Camden Market, London, will have noticed building work going on, and on, and on, it seems, but the end result should mean more for off-the-wall shoppers.

The end of 2009 should see a multi-storey arcade of additions to… read full article



For some reason the Basque city of Bilbao, on Spain’s northern coast, has remained fairly unspoiled and largely unvisited by tourists.

The world all flock to Barcelona and Madrid but Bilbao is saved for the people… read full article



Hamburg has some really nice sightseeing and culture, but if you have seen everything what you wanted to see, you could do a one day trip to Luneburg.

How to get from Hamburg to Luneburg

Luenburg is… read full article



Looking for a day trip from Rome? Somewhere easy to get to but still secluded? Want to get there on the cheap? I’m sure a little water couldn’t hurt too.

For € 2,70 you can grab a train from Rome-Ostiense… read full article



When you think of Italy then fashion is going to be up there with food, football and weather.

The Italians are a race that look beautiful enough even without their clothes on so it’s almost unfair they… read full article



One of the most vibrant natural heritage sites in the world, Madeira is a much sought after eco-tourism destination.

Its forests and reserves are home to some of the rarest plants, flowers and animals in the world. With… read full article