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Spending the holidays in New York? Well there are many ways to ring out the old and ring in the new in the city that never sleeps.

Here’s a tip – they don’t all include a ball… read full article



It is hardly original these days to quote Dr Johnson in saying that ‘if a man is bored of London he is bored of life’.

The phrase is no longer original but the sentiment is still relevant, as… read full article



On the whole, Christmas in Paris tends to be a rather low-key affair.

Christmas tree

The stores are not mobbed with shoppers frantically searching for last-minute Christmas gifts. Nor are you bombarded with Christmas carols in every store… read full article



Estonia has done a very good job of turning its back on its history as an occupied province of the Soviet empire.

It is now a fully assimilated member of the EU and as such has been welcoming a steady… read full article



Blois is a small, picturesque city that lies along the lower banks of the Loire river.

blois old town

Dating back to the 6th century, Blois was home to numerous counts and kings throughout its history, including Louis XII and Francois… read full article



Travellers on a budget, especially those from countries where museum entrance is free, receive a nasty shock when they arrive in Vienna.

Not only is the travel infrastructure slightly more expensive than elsewhere, especially anywhere to the East… read full article



As the end of the year rolls by, London transforms in to a magical wonderland just in time for the Christmas holidays.

Christmas is one of the most eagerly anticipated holidays in London. The Christmas break in London usually extends… read full article



Bangkok is full of Thai massage parlours, but many of them offer other than therapeutic massage services. So how to find a genuine traditional Thai massage in Bangkok?

Traditional Thai massage (or Nuad Phaen Boran) is a… read full article



Planning to celebrate Halloween in San Francisco?

It’s a sure thing that you will be spoilt for choice! Where better to celebrate the outlandish and macabre than in one of the fun-est locales in the world? Here are… read full article



Sure, there are plenty of shops  for shopaholics in Rotterdam, but what about the avid collectors who have a special interest in comic books, intricate figurines and perhaps 1950s memorabilia?

This article is for those you who, like… read full article



Maybe it’s fate that I was asked to write about what I’d consider the top Halloween destinations in Europe, since I have such an affinity for things like crypts and cemeteries.

Fate or not, I’m happy to tell you why I… read full article



For art lovers, Lisbon also has something to offer just about everyone. From contemporary galleries, urban street art, traditional fine art, to a new design museum, there is plenty to pack into your visit.

Among the more obvious visits are also… read full article



If you are heading to Madrid this fall, then it is likely that you will end up travelling through Madrid Barajas Airport.

This is quite an old airport, originally built in 1928, but it has… read full article



Villa D’este was once a private refuge for the Catholic clergy. Commissioned by the Cardinal Ippolito II D’este in the 17th century this UNESCO World Heritage Site is now home to ticket holders.

The Villa has an amazing décor with each room having… read full article



If you close your eyes and think of Orlando then I bet Mickey and Minnie aren’t too far away.

The whole city is in love with Disney and the world has flocked to Walt Disney World Resort ever since the… read full article