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Prague is not only the Czech Republic’s capital and largest city, it is regarded as one of Europe’s most beautiful travel destinations.

Prague day trip: Karlovy Vary

Located in central Bohemia and situated on the Vltava River, read full article



One of the best parts about visiting Rome in the spring and summer time,

Rome 1st May Concert

aside from the nice weather, is that there are always a ton of free things to do in and around the Eternal City. read full article



If science fiction isn’t really you’re thing, and you’re looking for a another film festival fix,

London Cinema, Bus and Telephone Box

then you’re in luck. The East End Film Festival takes place read full article



The largest city and capital of the “Emerald Isle” is the city of Dublin, Ireland.

Dublin Malahide Castle

There is no lack for culture and history in Dublin, read full article



Oslo is the capital and largest city of Norway, and was originally founded by King Harald III in 1048.

Oslo Hard Rock Cafe

Today, the city is the cultural, economic, governmental, and scientific center of Norway. read full article



London’s Sci-Fi Festival kicks off next week (April 28th – 3rd May), and there’s a lot to see!

Sci-Fi London Festival

So try and keep up, we’re going to whizz through everything so you know where and when all the best bits are. read full article



Copenhagen has really come into its own in recent years as a destination for city breaks and as a base for further exploration of Denmark and Scandinavia.

Copenhagen nightlife, lights

However, one of the bad things about Copenhagen is the high prices and read full article



Dublin is proud of the fact that it gets less rain than other major cities, London is the example most often cited.

Guinness beer in Dublin

However, it does rain more often in Dublin and so knowing several things to do in the city read full article



Thousands of people will be travelling from all over the globe to South Africa this summer to watch the football World Cup 2010.

Cape Town Waterfront

The football may be the main attraction, but there will be times when visitors are looking for other read full article



The Chinese capital city of Beijing has the appearance of an officious center of government, but this populous city which is home to many of China’s most famous landmarks like the Forbidden City,

Live Music at Mao, Beijing

Tiananmen Square, the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Summer Palace and the Thirteen tombs of the Ming Dynasty, read full article



Hampstead Heath is a huge area of parkland near North London’s affluent Hampstead and one of London’s biggest, best and most loved parks.

Hampstead Heath deer, London

A fantastic place to spend an afternoon in London, Hampstead Heath is most famous for its open-air swimming ponds. It is also an excellent park for running read full article



If you follow global art trends at all, then you must be aware of the tremendous following that Chinese contemporary art has been enjoying during recent times.

Art Gallery in Beijing

Works by contemporary Chinese artists like Zeng Fanzhi, Yue Minjun, Liao Chi Chi’un have fetched record prices at auctions conducted by Christie’s and Sotheby’s. read full article



During the gray days of March there is nothing that brings more joy than the thought of Spring.

De Young Museum, San Francisco

This year, from April 20 – 24, San Francisco’s De Young Museum will be welcoming read full article



Trekking in Italy allows you to enjoy both splendid natural sceneries and cultural sights. From the wild rocky Sicilian shoreline to the breathtaking Turin Alps to the romantic Tuscan hills,

Hiking Trail Italy

the “Italian boot” offers a large variety of trekking trails, hiking paths and itineraries read full article



We were invited by our Italian friends to tour the exquisite Nardini Grappa Research and Visitor Center in Bassano del Grappa. These architectural gems are fondly referred to as “le Bolle” which means the Bubbles.