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The 23rd of April is a busy day in Barcelona. For centuries this has been la Diada de Sant Jordi, or St George’s day for us English speakers.

St Jordi Barcelona

The day marks when St George gallantly slew the terrible dragon and has been the Barcelona equivalent of St Valentine’s day ever since, read full article



Thinking of heading to Venezuela for the holidays? The capital is a great destination. With a population of approximately four million, Caracas is one of the most populated cities in Venezuela and is close to the coast.

Caracas Teleferico

The uniqueness of Caracas is the perfect mingling of Caribbean heat with the crisp coolness of the Andes, giving it exquisite climate. read full article



Lovely Lisbon is the home of steep tiled streets, delicious egg tart pastries and strong sea breezes.

Adraga Beach, Lisbon

Indeed, multiple beaches are tantalizingly close and locals flock to them to lay in the sun in summer and to gaze at the sea in winter. read full article



Scotland’s capital city may be overflowing with cosy hotels, tempting restaurants and cheerful locals but like any ancient place, the city has a dark and eerie past.
Ghost Tour in Edinburgh
Edinburgh’s long and colourful history is filled with tales of hauntings, witches and gruesome murders – just the sort of thing to shock and amaze the bravest of young travellers. Here are three of Edinburgh’s spookiest attractions. read full article



Owing its very existence to the majestic River Thames, London is intimately connected to all things maritime.

Cutty Sark, London

As the heart of the British Empire, the city was once one of the most important ports in Europe, where ships would set sail for exotic destinations across the globe. read full article



The short answer here is no. ‘Dirty hole’ is putting it a little too strongly,

Casablanca Mosque

but certainly for decades people arriving in Casablanca hoping to find a romantic idyll where beautiful people display their wit and charm in colourful surroundings have been bitterly disappointed. read full article



March 17th honors Saint Patrick, the most recognized Patron Saint in Ireland.

St Patrick's Parade

Until Dublin launched it’s multi-day Patrick’s festival in 1996, however, celebrations in the country were nearly non-existent. read full article



Holy Week is the last week of lent and, therefore, the week before Easter in the Christian calendar.

Holy Week in Andalusia

While Christians all over the world prepare commemorations at this time, the best and most vibrant festivities take place in the cities of Andalusia in Southern Spain. read full article



Meet the green-fingered gardeners behind the scenes of some of Brittany’s most beautiful gardens that are highlighted for one week in June. Some of the spaces can only be seen during this three-day window. In total Brittany has 113 gardens, some of which have been awarded special status by the French authorities.



Every guidebook and tourist map will lead visitors to some fantastic architecture in the heart of Berlin. The Riechtag, The Jewish Museum and the Holocaust Memorial top the long list of buildings designed by some of the leading practicing architects of the world.



Flanked by the Chiltern Hills to the east and the Cotswold Hills to the west is Oxfordshire county and the city of Oxford.

Christ Church in Oxford, UK



The Peak District in northern England is famous for its stunning scenery, its unspoiled villages and its staggering views.

Cow in The Peak District, UK

It’s the perfect place for a short break with the family. read full article



Situated a very convenient forty-five minutes from Vienna,

Neudiedl Lake, Burgenland, Austria

the Neusidler See is the largest lake in Austria and also forms part of the border with Hungary. read full article



New York City which is home to one of the largest Chinatowns in the USA hosts spectacular festivities to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year which usually falls during the period of end-January to mid-February every year.

Moreover keeping in line with the cyclical Chinese calendar, this Lunar New Year is always associated with a particular animal and the year 2010, which is the year 4078 according the Chinese calendar, has been deemed the year of the Tiger. read full article



Situated on the banks of the Rhine River in Germany is the historical city of Cologne. It is a hub of tourist pleasures and the 4th largest city in the country with roughly 1,000,000 residents.

cologne, germany. st martin's church & cologne cathedral

The problem with visiting Cologne is that it can get quite costly if you are not careful when planning your itinerary while visiting the city. read full article