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Zurich, Switzerland has an incredible amount of nightclubs for a night out dancing. Thanks to the city’s relaxed licensing laws, clubs stay open until the early hours of the morning. If you’re into Latin rythms, many clubs in Zurich have regular salsa and Latin nights. Dress up when going out dancing in Zurich, especially when visiting the top-end clubs, and expect to pay top prices for drinks.

nightclubs in zurich

Kaufleuten (Pelikanstrasse 18, Kreis 1) is one of Zurich’s most famous clubs: trendy and upscale and popular with celebrities and celeb-spotters. read full article



Madrid, today, is a cultural melting pot- think about it. It’s the capital of a country that sits on the border between Europe and Northern Africa, and acts as the European link to Latin America.

when to visit madrid

Coupled with the post Franco creative explosion, the Movida Madrileña, Madrid has really ‘opened its eyes’. Concerts, art exhibitions, independent theatre or cinema festivals take place all over the city. It’s true that some can be hard to find, but with pre-planning, there is always something special to do. There might not be an April Fair, like that of Seville, or the Pamplona bull runs, music festivals stick to the coast and even religious festivals seem diluted in the capital, and so I would advise a visit any time in spring or early autumn. read full article



The reason why nightlife in Florence is so lively is that the city is full of young international people. When walking through the city center, especially at night, you meet only young people and most of them are not Italians. In the city center there are numerous bars, pubs and clubs to visit. Explore the best venues in town and let’s have fun.

nightlife in florence



For the best prices near the Duomo, stop by the sleek Shot Cafè in Via de’ Pucci, a hang-out for a young crowd of students and the like. A stop at the Shot guarantees an international sample of folks; speak to locals, passers-through, soldiers on leave and Erasmus students, for example. The pitcher specials are a steal at 9€; you can order a variety of mixed drinks or the popular aperitivo drink Spritz. Happy Hour begins at 4 PM and doesn’t end until 9. This trendy bar also offers a variety of food items and free wireless internet.

florence, drinks and pubs

Plenty of bars in Florence offer an earthier, heartier experience. The Dublin Pub is perfect for a short trip into the Renaissance Capital; situated near the train station, it promises generous pints of Irish brew, namely Guinness, Harp and Strongbow. read full article



Of all the major cities in Spain, none boasts the shopping opportunities that Madrid offers to both locals and visitors alike. If the primary focus of your vacation to Madrid is shopping, you are headed for the right place. Fortunately, most of the more popular shopping areas are featured on the majority of the city’s sightseeing tours. The following content will provide you with information on the best shopping districts and malls in Madrid.

madrid shopping



Athens is a sprawling city filled with numerous sightseeing attractions and entertainment venues. It is known for its tasty cuisine, its culture, and its history. However, there is one thing that you can say about the Greeks. They love their nightlife as much as they love a big meal during the day followed by an afternoon nap. What many visitors to the city don’t realize is that Athens has quite the nightlife scene that is equal to any of the more renowned hotspots in Europe.

nightlife in athens
The following is our top picks for the best Athens nightlife spots to enjoy whenever you visit the city. read full article



With its friendly people (most of whom speak fluent English), great shopping opportunities, impressive architecture, and the lovely canals that criss cross the city, it is no wonder that Amsterdam is the most popular tourist destinations in the Netherlands if not one of the favorites in Western Europe. There is something to satisfy the tastes of every tourist that visits this city whether it is culture and history, the relaxing charm of one of Europe’s oldest cities, or just some serious partying.

nightlife in amsterdam

Amsterdam’s nightlife is a favorite venue for locals as well as international travelers and with nearly 4 million visitors annually, you can well imagine how active the Amsterdam nightlife can be. read full article



Switzerland’s largest city is also one of the most popular European tourist destinations. The city of Zurich is situated on Lake Zurich where the lake is met by the Limmat River. The city is also Switzerland’s financial center and is the home of the stock exchange and the headquarters of numerous international and national corporations. It is also the media center of the country since the majority of the country’s TV channels call Zurich home.

Things to enjoy for free in Zurich
The following content is a listing of some of the FREE things to enjoy in Zurich. read full article



Milan is well-known for its fashion weeks as one of the world centres of fashion. The capital of Italian region Lombardy is rich also in history, industry and full of night life venues. There are hundreds of lounge bars, wine bars, pubs, live music bars and discos. It’s not so easy to choose one to enjoy the night. With this guide you will know the best places where to go.

Nightlife in Milan



Although London holds a lot of allure for international vacationers with its multi-cultural population, history, and numerous other venues, the city is not normally known for its beer breweries like the entire UK is renowned for its numerous pubs.
Drinking Beer in London
Surprisingly, there are numerous breweries in London worth mentioning and we have listed our top choices as the best breweries in London below. read full article



There is something for everyone in Florence. It is jam-packed with museums, galleries, churches, restaurants, shops and markets, whilst having beautiful scenery to boot. I have lived here for five months and there is still so much I want to see and do. For those visiting on a city break, it is difficult to strike a balance between seeing the best of what Florence has to offer and running yourself into the ground. Below are my top tips for making the most of your visit.



I don’t know about you, but I have a list of movies which are beyond beautiful and which draw me in so much that they make me want to buy a plane ticket every time I watch them. You know, those films which let you escape to a magical or exotic location, and are incredibly atmospheric making you feel as if you’ve travelled to another place?



Disneyland Paris is a great place for seniors, either being dragged around by boisterous grandchildren or, as is increasingly common, on a break of their own.

Disneyland Paris' Minney

The word senior is, of course, very general and encompasses a wide range of abilities and needs. Generally speaking, senior visitors to the resort will not need any special measures except read full article



Casino-style entertainment entices both rich who love to flaunt their money and poor who want to make it big overnight. Glamorous Grand Casino at Mikonkatu, Helsinki, the leading gaming spot in the city, unfolds several opportunities for them to play games of chance. The casino presents traditional casino games- slot machines, poker and roulette- and live entertainment shows.

casino gambling table

Guests can play an array of casino games at Grand that boasts a poker room, 20 table games and over 300 slot machines covering two floors. They can use EZ Pay vouchers, bank notes and coins (some machines) to try their luck on slot machines. Buy chips for table games. read full article



Copenhagen is a long-time favorite destination for shoppers from overseas – Swedes frequently make use of the bridge over to their neighboring country to sample the Copenhagener’s signature chic-but-trendy style of dress.
Girls Shopping
lthough Strøget (literally means ”the sweep”) is the famous shopping street cutting right through the centre of the capital, this is usually packed with tourists. For some serious, undisturbed read full article