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Whether you are looking to add to the collection of vinyl you have back home or pick up a few “dischi” or records by your favourite artist, Florence has a healthy assortment of shops selling new and used albums. One euro deals have almost had their day, but like most cities it still offers up an occasional good find if you know what you are looking for and where to go. Didn’t find that rare Kraftwork or reissued James Brown LP? Don’t despair! With many of Florence’s record shops nestled in some of the city’s most inspiring neighbourhoods I can at least guarantee you will have an amazing time looking.

Florence music

Data Records93 – Located between Piazza Santa Croce and Piazza delle Signoria the shop couldn’t be more convenient for students or the weekend visitor. read full article



Aside from spiralling national debt and the inability of anyone earning a normal wage to get a mortgage, one of the main problems with the global economic downturn, for intrepid travellers at least, is having less money to spend on exploring far away places.


But being a bit strapped for cash doesn’t mean you have to miss out on visiting those places you’ve always dreamed about. As long as you can afford the price of your airfare, the creative traveller will always find a way to make what little money they have last.

Finland is one of the cheaper destinations among the Scandinavian countries and there are plenty of things to do in its charming capital city, Helsinki, that will cost you absolutely nothing. read full article



Every year approximately one million visitors travel to Amsterdam by their cars, requiring enough parking spaces within the city limits. The city administration has thus developed an Integrated Dynamic Parking System (IDP). The dynamic information boards linked to a central computer and installed along the city roads, display real-time availability of parking spaces in ten garages. The city, boasting about 80,000 spaces, offers three parking options car parks, on-street and P+R garages.

driving in Amsterdam



As we jumped on our flight from Pisa to Palermo, I had high expectations of our whistle stop tour around Sicily. Following the advice from my Italian students, we were hiring a car and travelling around from Palermo to Taormina to Syracuse and finally stopping off at Cefalù before heading back to Palermo. We had already heard so much about the delights the island has to offer, and Sicily more than delivered. In fact we fell in love with the place!

Sicily vacation

Today tourists have so many options when it comes to places to go and things to see, so once I have visited somewhere, even if I really like it, I don’t tend to hurry back, as there is always somewhere different I want to see first. For Sicily, I will more than happily break this rule. In fact, I can’t wait to go back. And here’s why: read full article



Angel, a district in London, is full of little secret places, but by far the most interesting part of the area is Camden Passage. A higgledy-piggledy haven of market stalls, independent shops and cute little bars. Things change quickly around here. One minute there’s a guy selling vintage shoes, the next he’s moved on a there’s lots of vintage crockery in his place. But there are a few permanent features that deserve a mention. Here’s a little rundown of my favourite places:

london: camden passage

The Elk in the Woods is a stunning little wine bar. A little bit rustic (expect your food to be served on a wooden chopping board) but if you can get yourself a seat outside, you’ll be very lucky. Grab a bottle and watch the world go by.

Frae is a tasty frozen yogurt place. Everything is organic and under about 200 calories – even with the chocolate sprinkles. It almost tastes like ice cream.

Looking for something with more calories? Paul A Young is the place in the area to buy your chocolates. It’s often regarded as the best chocolate shop in London, so pop in and check it out. read full article



There are increasing signs that the bureaucratic and unwieldy visa regime, which currently keeps the number of visitors to Russia artificially low, will soon be modified or removed, at least for citizens of Schengen countries. This means that Moscow will become a destination in much more demand, especially for weekend breaks in a city steeped with history, culture and a huge amount of vodka.

Moscow weekendPhoto: Getty Images

The first stop for almost all tourists in Moscow will be Red Square and the Kremlin. N read full article



Pampering is a relatively new concept in Helsinki. Saunas, swimming pools and health resorts have always existed in Finland, but international-style day spas have only recently appeared in Helsinki.


Via Spa at Helsinki Airport

The Via Spa serves passengers at the Helsinki-Vantaa international airport and is created especially for passengers in transfer and on long-haul flights. The Via Spa has several saunas including a steam room and a traditional Finnish sauna with views of airport runways, a Turkish hammam bath and a pool. read full article



There are a number of excellent nightlife options in Venice, including bars, pubs, cinemas and theaters. Despite the wide selection, it is best that you plan for an evening early, especially where the bars and pubs are concerned. Many of these don’t stay open late and finding a venue in the middle of the week for a late night can be quite a challenge.

clubbing in Venice

Although Piazza San Marco offers a number of venues for an entertaining evening, there are two others locations that might better suit your tastes, particularly if you want to enjoy a little “pub crawling” or bar hopping for the evening. read full article



Once you’ve had your fill of frescos and piazzas, it’s time to explore Florence’s nightlife. With a constant influx of university students and tourists, Florence has much to offer in the way of dance clubs and discos. While there are many to choose from, I found the below to be the most inciting.

Florence nightlife

Space Club is one of Florence’s largest discotheques, located in the center of town right near the S.M.N. train station. With two large floors and a capacity of 800 people, there seems to something for everyone. read full article



Three easy, family-friendly daytrips from London: Legoland in Windsor, the Leeds Castle and seaside fun in Brighton.

daytrips from London

The Legoland in Windsor

The Legoland in Windsor is a 150-acre theme park, aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 12. There are more than 50 interactive rides including the Vikings’ River Splash and the Pirate Falls Dynamite Drench, and dozens of attractions. read full article



Situated on the river of the same name, Nairobi is the fastest growing and largest city in Kenya as well as one of Africa’s largest cities. It is also Kenya’s capital and has become extremely modernized over the past few decades. Nairobi is also referred to as Africa’s safari capital. Unlike many other cities in this part of Africa, the city is surrounded by a diverse landscape consisting of cliffs, forests, and plains that comprise most of what is the Nairobi National Park.

Surprisingly, for a country that was once undergoing a great deal of civil unrest and turmoil, Nairobi has become one of the more popular tourist destinations in Africa. Additionally, if you’re a lover of nightlife and entertainment you’ll find it in Nairobi. Here are a few of the most popular venues to take in while visiting the city. read full article



London’s reputation as a city of global prominence doesn’t usually include romance. However, in recent years visitors have been discovering a city that can offer as much atmosphere and charm as young couples are willing to find under its many layers. Here is a guide on how to get the most out of a romantic day in London.

london romantic day

Start with a relaxing brunch either in your hotel in London or one of the many riverside cafes. read full article



Situated in Poland’s southern region is the city of Krakow, the capital city of the Malopolskie province which means Lesser or Little Poland. If there is one thing that many international travelers enjoy when they vacation in Krakow it is the abundance of shopping venues that are available, especially where the shopping malls are concerned.

Shopping Mall in Krakow

For many years, Old Town offered the only shopping venues as Krakow resisted the shopping mall invasion that eventually happened. read full article



Oslo is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire Scandinavian region primarily because of the cuisine, culture, history, and shopping. However, when it comes to shopping, you will quickly discover that there is a wealth of second hand shopping venues to explore whenever you visit the city. Here are some “Oslo second-hand shopping tips” that you should consider.

Oslo Shopping



In the scramble for Eastern Europe and the ongoing hype, justified or otherwise, surrounding Paris and Berlin, Vienna has been a little bit neglected as a European travel destination and it certainly isn’t as highly valued as it deserves to be. Here are some tips about how to make the most of any visit to the City.

Visiting Vienna

Vienna’s attractions do not generally rely on good weather to be appreciated and it is a truly year round destination. read full article