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With its population of over 16 million people, the city of Cairo is one of Africa’s and the Middle East’s largest cities. It is located on the Nile River; and despite being rich in historical significance, it is now home to a very modern society. As one would imagine, the city of Cairo has plenty of attractions and things to do; from the Egyptian Museum, in the heart of the city, to the Giza Pyramids and the Saqqara Pyramid Complex. However, many tourists visit Cairo for shopping purposes.

Cairo Flea Markets



Spain’s cluster of Balearic Islands offers plenty of chances for the hardcore clubber to shake their thing until the break of dawn and beyond. While Ibiza undeniably rules the roost when it comes to nightclubs, each of the islands has its own personality and appeal. So whatever your musical taste, there is sure to be somewhere on these beautiful sunshine hideaways where you can feel the groove.
Balearic Islands



Helsinki is famous for its huge selection of pubs and bars and for the late opening hours. New stylish cocktail bars have appeared in recent years and for beer connoisseurs Helsinki has several interesting microbreweries. The downside is that drinking in Helsinki is rarely cheap.

Dancing Helsinki



Brussels, the capital of Belgium doesn’t belong to the world famous fashion cities. But as a capital of a country it is expected that all shopping addicts might find what they are looking for: boutiques, department stores, and also shopping malls with as many shops as possible under one roof. The main shopping district is located in the city center. Venere has found the best for you:

Brussels Palace



Located at 2,600 meters above sea level, Bogota, the capital of Colombia, stands as one of the new favorite destinations in South America. People from all over are coming to see what this cosmopolitan yet traditional city has to offer.

Bogota Columbia



There are a number of fine quality 4-star and 5-star luxury hotels in Athens. Depending on your preference where location and quality are concerned you’re sure to find lodging that suits your specific needs.

Athens: Luxury Hotels

We’ve assembled a list of hotels in Athens that are sure to please the international traveler when visiting the city. Just remember that these are some of the more popular favorites so you will want to book your reservations well in advance, especially during the peak tourist months of June through September. read full article



For many international travelers as well as the locals, it is the beers that hold the allure for a lot of people travelling to Brussels. The following is a list for our top picks where Brussels breweries are concerned.

brussels beer

Brewer’s House – originally, this was the brewers of Brussels guild headquarters. Today, the Belgian Brewer’s Association is located in an 18th century mansion in the Grand Place in Den Gulden Boom. Today it is more of a museum, but it is well worth visiting because of the overview that it provides the visitor with of the history of the beer brewing industry in the city of Brussels. The museum is located in the cellar of this structure and the upper floors are always closed to the visiting public. read full article



Milan has been synonymous for breaking some of the most inspirational fashion of the last twenty years. It is also (did you know?!) the second largest city in Italy. But theres much more to Milan than Gucci, Versace and Dolce and Gabbana. After the damage cased by WWII the city has undergone somewhat of a renaissance and is a mecca for travellers who not only enjoy the Italian culture but is a mecca for opera, nightlife and of course football.

Cocktail Bars Milan



Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Versace, Prada and Valentino, just some of the upscale brands that can make any fashionista’s knees melt. And where can you find all these in just one place? Milan of course!

Milan shopping

Known as the world capital for fashion and design, one could easily find fashion establishments and shops from the not-so-cheap to the most expensive, from the antique to the newly tailored-just-for-you type housed in most of Milan’s shopping malls. read full article



Whether you are looking to add to the collection of vinyl you have back home or pick up a few “dischi” or records by your favourite artist, Florence has a healthy assortment of shops selling new and used albums. One euro deals have almost had their day, but like most cities it still offers up an occasional good find if you know what you are looking for and where to go. Didn’t find that rare Kraftwork or reissued James Brown LP? Don’t despair! With many of Florence’s record shops nestled in some of the city’s most inspiring neighbourhoods I can at least guarantee you will have an amazing time looking.

Florence music

Data Records93 – Located between Piazza Santa Croce and Piazza delle Signoria the shop couldn’t be more convenient for students or the weekend visitor. read full article



Aside from spiralling national debt and the inability of anyone earning a normal wage to get a mortgage, one of the main problems with the global economic downturn, for intrepid travellers at least, is having less money to spend on exploring far away places.


But being a bit strapped for cash doesn’t mean you have to miss out on visiting those places you’ve always dreamed about. As long as you can afford the price of your airfare, the creative traveller will always find a way to make what little money they have last.

Finland is one of the cheaper destinations among the Scandinavian countries and there are plenty of things to do in its charming capital city, Helsinki, that will cost you absolutely nothing. read full article



Every year approximately one million visitors travel to Amsterdam by their cars, requiring enough parking spaces within the city limits. The city administration has thus developed an Integrated Dynamic Parking System (IDP). The dynamic information boards linked to a central computer and installed along the city roads, display real-time availability of parking spaces in ten garages. The city, boasting about 80,000 spaces, offers three parking options car parks, on-street and P+R garages.

driving in Amsterdam



As we jumped on our flight from Pisa to Palermo, I had high expectations of our whistle stop tour around Sicily. Following the advice from my Italian students, we were hiring a car and travelling around from Palermo to Taormina to Syracuse and finally stopping off at Cefalù before heading back to Palermo. We had already heard so much about the delights the island has to offer, and Sicily more than delivered. In fact we fell in love with the place!

Sicily vacation

Today tourists have so many options when it comes to places to go and things to see, so once I have visited somewhere, even if I really like it, I don’t tend to hurry back, as there is always somewhere different I want to see first. For Sicily, I will more than happily break this rule. In fact, I can’t wait to go back. And here’s why: read full article



Angel, a district in London, is full of little secret places, but by far the most interesting part of the area is Camden Passage. A higgledy-piggledy haven of market stalls, independent shops and cute little bars. Things change quickly around here. One minute there’s a guy selling vintage shoes, the next he’s moved on a there’s lots of vintage crockery in his place. But there are a few permanent features that deserve a mention. Here’s a little rundown of my favourite places:

london: camden passage

The Elk in the Woods is a stunning little wine bar. A little bit rustic (expect your food to be served on a wooden chopping board) but if you can get yourself a seat outside, you’ll be very lucky. Grab a bottle and watch the world go by.

Frae is a tasty frozen yogurt place. Everything is organic and under about 200 calories – even with the chocolate sprinkles. It almost tastes like ice cream.

Looking for something with more calories? Paul A Young is the place in the area to buy your chocolates. It’s often regarded as the best chocolate shop in London, so pop in and check it out. read full article



There are increasing signs that the bureaucratic and unwieldy visa regime, which currently keeps the number of visitors to Russia artificially low, will soon be modified or removed, at least for citizens of Schengen countries. This means that Moscow will become a destination in much more demand, especially for weekend breaks in a city steeped with history, culture and a huge amount of vodka.

Moscow weekendPhoto: Getty Images

The first stop for almost all tourists in Moscow will be Red Square and the Kremlin. N read full article