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Whether your internal temperature gauge is set to Fahrenheit or Celsius, as the mercury level climbs there is only so much a gelato can do. So do as the Italians do and head to the water. With over 40 pools in Florence it makes for a quick fix from the heat. They are all fairly easy to get to and relatively inexpensive. A quick run down of a few.

Florence Pool


The biggest and most impressive of the bunch is the Costoli Pool, located near Campo Di Marte stadium. read full article



Bangkok is a fantastic Thailand city that has the infectious energy of many cities across the Far East but an important distinguishing character of its own. Due to the growing importance of the city as an international air travel hub more and more people are passing through, but many do not give the city the time it deserves. Even if you have other places to be, Bangkok is worth at least a day or two so it can be explored and reveal itself beyond the clichés.

Bangkok Temple



Australia boasts over 11,000 beaches across its 37,000 km coastline, including some of the finest coastal spots in the world. Whichever type of beach you’re looking for, this country has it covered. Here are just some of the best beaches Australia has to offer.

Austrailia Beach



The capital and largest city in Norway is Oslo. It is also the 3rd largest city in Scandinavia and was ranked as the most expensive city in the world in 2010. Despite that, it is still one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region. Visitors come to Oslo for a variety of reasons including the architecture, cuisine, entertainment venues, and the shopping. But one thing that attracts many tourists to the city is the nightlife which can be pretty lively. Oslo is well known throughout Europe for its pubs and cocktail bars.

Oslo Night



The bygone capital of mother Russia, St Petersburg, is the star of Russian literature as we know it. The city founded by Peter the Great on the Neva River has been the cultural hub of the Russian empire until the Soviet rule. So, while visiting the muse of the great Russian writers, why not let yourself be guided by the city’s rich history and colorful descriptions, by reading their masterpieces? Here is a list to get you started.

St Petersburg Canal



The capital city of Catalonia, and the 2nd largest city in Spain, is Barcelona and its nearly 2 million residents. One of its most attractive features where tourism is concerned is the fact that it is situated on the Mediterranean Sea’s northeastern coast. The city has a rich culture and history that dates back some 2,000 years but it is known for so many other features that continue to attract tourists year in and year out. In addition to the culture and the history, don’t overlook the Spanish cuisine and the many entertainment venues.

Barcelona Night



One of the seven emirates that comprise the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and by far the most popular of them all, is Dubai.  Currently, it is more like an independent city/state, as well as, being the most modern and progressive one of the seven emirates.  It has been developing at a… read full article



Helsinki, Finland has a busy nightclub scene, an enthusiastic salsa scene, and even places for good old ballroom dancing.

Dancing Venues Helsinki



As one of Spain’s economic and cultural center, Barcelona is also a prime beach-lover’s destination with a myriad of beaches to choose from. Its 4.5-kilometer long coastline near the urban area showcases at least seven general beaches where one has even been named by a Discovery Channel documentary as the world’s third best beach! Let’s go and see what these beaches have to offer so be prepared to go for a dip below the cool waters, watch the beautiful people, and bask under the palm trees beneath the hot Spanish sun!

beaches in Barcelona



Situated on Lake Zurich and the largest metro area in Switzerland is the city of Zurich, one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations, especially during the winter months when skiing and winter sports abound at the surrounding winter recreation areas. When it comes to the entire country, Switzerland’s allure is its cuisine, culture, and history. However, there is a significant nightlife that goes on in the city of Zurich during the entire year. We’ve broken down the more popular venues between the bars, clubs, and live music.

Zurich Nightlife



With its population of over 16 million people, the city of Cairo is one of Africa’s and the Middle East’s largest cities. It is located on the Nile River; and despite being rich in historical significance, it is now home to a very modern society. As one would imagine, the city of Cairo has plenty of attractions and things to do; from the Egyptian Museum, in the heart of the city, to the Giza Pyramids and the Saqqara Pyramid Complex. However, many tourists visit Cairo for shopping purposes.

Cairo Flea Markets



Spain’s cluster of Balearic Islands offers plenty of chances for the hardcore clubber to shake their thing until the break of dawn and beyond. While Ibiza undeniably rules the roost when it comes to nightclubs, each of the islands has its own personality and appeal. So whatever your musical taste, there is sure to be somewhere on these beautiful sunshine hideaways where you can feel the groove.
Balearic Islands



Helsinki is famous for its huge selection of pubs and bars and for the late opening hours. New stylish cocktail bars have appeared in recent years and for beer connoisseurs Helsinki has several interesting microbreweries. The downside is that drinking in Helsinki is rarely cheap.

Dancing Helsinki



Brussels, the capital of Belgium doesn’t belong to the world famous fashion cities. But as a capital of a country it is expected that all shopping addicts might find what they are looking for: boutiques, department stores, and also shopping malls with as many shops as possible under one roof. The main shopping district is located in the city center. Venere has found the best for you:

Brussels Palace



Located at 2,600 meters above sea level, Bogota, the capital of Colombia, stands as one of the new favorite destinations in South America. People from all over are coming to see what this cosmopolitan yet traditional city has to offer.

Bogota Columbia