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The third largest city in Morocco is Marrakech, whose name translates as “Land of God” and is located near the foothills of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains. The city is divided into the Gueliz or Ville Nouvelle which is the more modern, newer European district and the Medina which is the historical city. Local shops full of character and winding, narrow passageways are typical in the Medina; whereas you will find an abundance of big brand name stores, fast food chains, and restaurants in Gueliz.

Marrakech Morocco Night



The capital and largest city in Austria is Vienna as well as being the cultural, economic, and political hub of the country. Surprisingly, Vienna still displays the trappings of when it was the imperial capital. Additionally, the historical city center is listed as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites. The cultural diversity combined with the architecture and history makes Vienna one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire world. Needless to say, you will never be bored when you explore the city.

Vienna Austria



With its architecture, culture, cuisine, history, and waterways, Venice is one of Italy’s most interesting and beautiful cities, if not in the entire European continent. It is by far one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and today it looks much the same way that it did over 6 centuries ago. Venice is also an excellent shopping destination as well, but unlike other larger European cities, what Venetians consider shopping malls are more like street markets and other types of shopping venues.

Venice Italy Night



Brussels is one of the European cosmopolitan cities. If you like meeting new people from all around the world, the capital of Belgium is one of the best options. Brussels is very famous for its Red Light District, the area in the city that you should avoid, especially if you are young woman traveling alone.

Brussels Belgium Palace



Filled with all the glamour and glitz that any tourist could desire, the French Riviera is situated on the French coast of the Mediterranean Sea and is famous for events and places such as the Cannes Film Festival, Monaco, and St. Tropez. However, it is a gambling Mecca for many as well and one of the more favorite tourist shopping venues in southern Europe. The biggest problem with visiting the French Riviera is the fact that there are rarely times during the year when it isn’t crowded with international visitors.

French Riviera Nightlife



This post should come with a disclaimer. Amsterdam, Holland’s nightlife is diverse and shocking as well as being exciting and varied. A night at the opera does not compare easily with a night in a bondage club or water sports emporium. But the city has it all and this is a brief guide.

Amsterdam, Holland Night



Most of Helsinki’s best shopping malls can be found in the city centre, often a short walk from each other. Many of the shops in the biggest shopping centres are open until late in the evening, most are open all day on Saturday, and some also open on Sundays between 12 and 6 pm. If you have come to Finland from outside the European Union, look for the Tax Free sign for tax free shopping.

Helsinki Finland Mall



Two words say it best whenever you are talking about Parisc’est magnifique! The city is not only the capital and largest city in France, it is considered by many worldwide as the cosmopolitan capital of Europe. Paris is literally brimming with art, cuisine, culture, fashion and history as well as having the reputation of being one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world. As a result, Paris is still one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

Paris France Night



Hitting the beach in Italy is probably not what you had in mind when planning your vacation, but with 7,600 km of coastline, a day at the beach is a great alternative to spending the day in a Piazza. Tuscany alone has plenty of fabulous beaches, a little something for everyone and all fairly easy to get to.

tuscany beach

In Northern Tuscany, about an hour from Florence, you will find Versilla, where there are several different beaches to choose from, Forte dei Marmi, Marina di Pietransanta and Viareggio. read full article



As the capital city of Germany, Berlin is a city of culture, art, and modern architecture, but also of internationally beloved nightlife and diversity. There are nocturnal activities to boot and everyone has something they love. A little known fact is that Berlin also provides entertainment for those who seek laughter: English-language Comedy Clubs! The scene is on the rise and well-established comedy shows as well as amateur “open mic” nights are flourishing all over the city’s international quarters.

Berlin Nightlife



The seventh-largest country in terms of geographical terrain, India has much to offer the visitor looking for an exotic, unique and exciting holiday. Like most tropical countries, India’s food and weather may not be easy to adjust to for the first-time traveler. Some simple precautions while on your trip can ensure a hassle-free holiday to take in the sights, sounds, smells and flavors of this beautiful country.

India Temple



Berlin‘s nightlife is synonymous with great bars, clubs and electronic music. Tourists and travellers alike flock to Germany in droves every year to participate in this city’s distinct brand of hedonism. But you should be warned, its not for the faint hearted. Most bars and clubs don’t open till very late and close whenever the crowd dissipates and don’t even dream of entering a club before 2 am.

Berlin Night



The capital and largest city in the Austrian Republic is Vienna, the cultural, economic, and political hub of the country. The main thing you want to remember regarding the Viennese nightlife is that this is a very laid back atmosphere, no matter what time of the late afternoon or evening you are out on the town. It’s amazing how nothing ever proceeds at a rapid pace and no one is ever in a hurry.

Vienna Opera House Night



For many international travelers, they are drawn to the Cote d’Azur because of the pristine beaches, the resorts, and of course, the French cuisine. More importantly, locals and tourists also consider this area as one of the best places in the world to shop although it can get a little pricey. The following is a list of the shopping malls and other shopping venues along the French Riviera.

Shopping Mall, French Riviera



Paris, France abounds with museums. A diverse range of themes is covered in the museum; drawings, furniture, literature, music, painting, photography, stamps, sculptures, and tapestries, to name but a few. If you are a culture vulture, invest in Paris Museum Pass. The pass will give you complimentary access to more than sixty museums and several monuments located in the Paris region, including the city. For instance, Musée du Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, Cité des Sciences et de l’industrie, Tours Notre Dame, Conciergerie, Arc de Triomphe, Domaine de Versailles, Château de Vincennes, and Maison d’Auguste Rodin. However, free access is limited to permanent collections only.

Paris Notre Dame