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The capital city of Latvia is Riga, as well as the largest of the Baltic States’ cities and the Eastern Baltic’s 2nd largest city. As there are numerous redevelopment projects currently underway in the city, Riga is experiencing somewhat of a renaissance and turning into what is sure to be one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. With the numerous pubs and cocktail bars in Riga, it is one of the continent’s most popular tourist destination for those loving lively evenings filled with dancing and drinking.

Riga Latvia View



The northeastern African country of Egypt, more formally known as the Arab Republic of Egypt, extends into Southwest Asia by virtue of governing and holding the Sinai Peninsula. It is bordered on the east by Jordan, the northeast by the Gaza Strip and Israel, the south by Sudan, and the west by Libya. To the east and north lie the Mediterranean and Red Seas, respectively. However, it is dominated geographically by the Eastern and Western deserts and the Nile River.

Egyptian Temple



The warmth of the summer sun touched the Napa Valley like a finger of God, blessing the earth with bounty and beauty. California’s bottled sunshine is the pride of sommeliers around the world. Whether your preference is for Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz or Pinot Noir, California’s wine country is the holy land for wine lovers. If you are in California for the first time and heading out to wine country here’s a little help to get you started.

Wine Country



With hordes of tourists, over-priced tickets and endless Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals, you could be forgiven for thinking that London’s theatre scene has lost its cultural edge.

But there is a thriving fringe of dynamic and innovative theatre, in England‘s capital, taking place in hidden away venues across the city every night. Hip, happening and hugely entertaining, some of the most cutting edge drama and comedy can be found in rooms above the capital’s pubs.

London England Tickets



Oftentimes referred to as the “centerpiece of the Bay Area”, the city of San Francisco, USA, is well known for its great cultural and ethnic diversity as well as its hilly terrain, liberal community, scenic beauty, summer fog, and Victorian architecture. It is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the US. The city is filled with attractions and things to do as well as diversity in international cuisine unlike any other city in the country. Suffice it to say, it is a city that will never bore the domestic or international traveler.

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco



All of us like gorgeous landscapes, manmade skylines and bird’s eye view, but we cannot fly like birds. We can be flown. We can use hot balloons, hang gliders and parachutes to enjoy the expansive views, but all four means are expensive. However, climbing stairs and/or using modern lifts that lead to various observation platforms commanding panoramic views of Berlin, Germany, and its neighbouring regions is very much affordable. Avid photographers and travelers can take advantage of the platforms in many tall buildings of the city, including Fernsehturm and Müggelturm.

Berlin Germany From Above



Located in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Spain is the archipelago known as the Balearic Islands, one of the most popular tourist destinations in this region. The capital and most frequently visited city in the Balearic Islands is Palma de Mallorca. Not only will you find a variety of bars, restaurants, and retail shops, it also features a beautiful harbor and the most outstanding nightlife in the entire islands.

Balearic Islands Beach



Located by the Tyrrhenian Sea along the west coast of Italy is the famous region of Tuscany. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country while Italy is a favorite of international travelers as well. There are 20 regions in the country, but Tuscany ranks in the top echelon of those that travelers prefer to visit the most. The major draw is the many wineries that can be found here which is primarily why this area attracts so many connoisseurs from all over the world.

Tuscany Italy Wine



Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has numerous attractions for tourists, many of whom travel very large distances from their grey and sunless homelands to soak up the sun and sand of the friendly part of Arabia. Another of the draws for visitors is the shopping, which is plentiful, varied, and, on the whole, cheap. This is a brief guide to making the most of the shopping experiences of Dubai.

Dubai UAE Mall



Dublin is Ireland’s capital city and is known as the “Town of the Hurdled Ford” amongst the locals. It is revered as being one of the most vibrant tourist destinations in the British Isles. This is a large city with the population of the greater Dublin area approaching the 2 million mark meaning that roughly 25% of the Irish Republic’s population resides in this area. One of the best reasons to vacation in the city along with the numerous pubs and restaurants is the numerous opportunities for shopping, especially if you are on a budget.

Dublin Ireland Farmers Market



Located in the state of Bavaria, the city of Munich, Germany is one of Western Europe’s most popular destinations for European and international travelers. Many individuals and families visit the city for the architecture, art, culture, and history. However for many others, it is the beer and the different festivals that hold most of the allure. Germany is well known worldwide for the caliber of beers that come from the country.

Munich Germany Night



The Netherlands’ capital city of Amsterdam is known for its outstanding architecture, the beautiful canals that crisscross much of the city, the great shopping venues, and some of the friendliest people in Europe, most whom are well-versed in the English language. But despite the city’s culture, history, and relaxing atmosphere, as well as being the biggest Dutch city and the creative and cultural center, Amsterdam is a party city as well.

Amsterdam Holland Night



It can definitely be said that Dublin, Ireland has something for everyone; locals and tourists alike. It has become a popular vacation destination over the past years and provides a number of treats for the traveler who loves to shop while vacationing. With all the different venues to visit, Dublin is a city that will make you shop until you drop. There is a wide assortment of shopping malls to take advantage of, all of which are well-equipped with every luxury imaginable.

Dublin Ireland Mall



The Palais Garnier, also known as the Paris Opera, Opera Garnier or Opera de Paris, is an architectural masterpiece of the 19th century, where ballet and opera have been entertaining and evoking overwhelming emotions of a diverse range for years. It took one and a half decades to build the opera house designed by Charles Garnier. The house in the ninth arrondissement of Paris, France can seat more than 2,000 people. The opulent structure boasts a colossal crystal chandelier, weighing about eight tons, in a gold and red horseshow-shaped auditorium; and a roomy stage to accommodate as much as 450 performers. The building is embellished with statuary, columns and vibrant marble friezes. Statues of noted composers- Beethoven, Mozart and Rossini- share space with that of Greek gods. Use of gold leaf, cherubic nymphs and shinny velvet is characteristic to the Baroque style of artwork. It has inspired designs of many other buildings located across the world: the Juliusz Slowacki Theatre in Krakow, Poland, the Amazon Theatre in Manaus, Brazil and the Hanoi Opera House in Vietnam.

Palais Garnier



If you are an art lover, you can find some great art museums in Madrid, Spain to enjoy while visiting the city. Walk through the city’s “Golden Triangle of Art” at Paseo del Prado where three great museums stand up: Museo del Prado, Museo Reina Sofia and Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza. All of them have great art collections from different periods of art history as well as famous masterpieces from famous European Masters.

Madrid Spain Museum