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Lots of work, young children and a restricted budget? Just some of factors that mean some couples just can’t take that three-week tropical honeymoon to a far-flung destination. But don’t worry – you’re not condemned to a post-wedding downer…

hoenymoon or honeyweekend?



Your cliff walk is just three cable car rides away!

cliff walking



One of the best places to go shopping for souvenirs in Morocco are the markets (souks) in Marrakesh and Fez. Let’s see what you absolutely should buy there!

what to buy in Morocco



Valentine’s Day is celebrated worldwide by lovers to show affection for each other. It is done so by exchanging gifts, going for romantic getaways or having meals at prestigious hotels. It is a very special day for lovers but depressing for singles. Let’s have a look at the worst cities for single Valentines!

st valentine's day



The most important of all national football tournaments is rapidly approaching. Brazil 2014 kicks off in June and every England fan dreams of making it over to support the three lions. With a run of recent good form and a top manager in Roy Hodgson, England has every chance of a good showing.

england at 2014 world cup



New Orleans is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Deep in the history of influences from Africa, Europe, the Caribbean and beyond, it is home to a truly unique melting pot of food, culture and music. Here are some good spots you must visit!

visit new orleans



If it’s luxury and technological embellishments you’re looking for, Seattle’s Hotel 1000 may be the best starting point. Read on to find out what it can offer!

hi-tech hotels



How to Be a Tourist Without Looking Like a Tourist



Having a vacation in Paris can cost a fortune, but renting an apartment saves you tons of money. Here are some guidelines you should read before choosing the type of accommodation that best fits your needs!

rent apartment Paris



Christmas at Rockefeller Center is breathtaking!

New york holidays



Now that 2014 has arrived, what travel plans to have for the coming year? Here are 12 travel resolutions for 2014 to whet your wanderlust!




The Vatican Guard protects this sacred land.

Vatican city



Whether you are a photographer, a foodie lover, nature lover, or just an individual seeking some adventures, Iceland provides the best escape for any holiday lover. Read on to find out why Iceland is so cool!

Iceland in winter



Italy is in the throes of a swing-music revival. Walk around the streets of Rome’s trendy Monti district and be greeted by polkadot dresses, bright red lipstick and vintage hats. Swing-era vintage fashion is everywhere. Big band music and Lindy-hopping dancers are back.

Swing fever in Italy



Let’s see where are some of the lesser-known Christmas markets around the world!

Christmas markets