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Finland has some laws that are considered quirky, and others that make it seem the most sensible country in the world. Here are just a few weird and wonderful facts about this great country.

fun facts finland



As well as amazing historical sites, a fascinating culture and delicious cuisine, Italy is also famous for its stunning landscape, particularly in the north of the country where there are spectacular Alpine lakes. Want to know more? Then read on!

italian lakes



The Armani Hotel in Dubai is the ultimate luxury hotel in one of the world’s most exciting and amazing cities. If you are visiting Dubai for business or for pleasure you can be sure to have a thoroughly enjoyable stay at the Armani Dubai!




One of the best ways to enjoy Bodrum and all it has to offer is on a beach and spa vacation. Read on to find out the best Resorts in town!

Beach & SPA Vacations



Are you looking for an ideal getaway for your honeymoon or just some time off with your better half? Well, no need to hassle anymore; Malta has exactly what you need for that perfect and unforgettable retreat.

Malta coastline romantic gateaways



North Sardinia’s Emerald Coast is dotted with the world’s most exotic beaches. Here’s our pick of the 7 most breathtaking beaches of the region.

7 Emerald Coast beaches



Save up to 20% with Venere’s hot summer Apulia hotel deals!

Deals in Apulia



There are various body treatments offered at spas. Some of them are rather unusual. They are in fact strange. What is important though is that they actually work to achieve desired results.

SPAs in Tuscany



Other than Berlin, there are only a few other cities worldwide offer more exotic places for gays and lesbians. If you’d want have a perfect gay holiday, Berlin is the place to be!



Budapest is endowed with natural hot water springs. A number of thermal baths are built to take full advantage of curative properties of these springs. Generally, the thermal bath water consists of fluoride ions, sodium, sulphate chloride, hydrogen carbonate, magnesium and calcium. These baths could help in treating damaged joints, degenerative diseases, neuralgia, vertebral disc dislocation and semi-acute arthritis. Temperature of the water varies between 21 degree Celsius and 78 degree Celsius. Some of these baths are gorgeous. Well-maintained public amenities ensure privacy and cleanliness. The city has both gender-specific and mixed baths. There is an entry fee to the baths, but discounted rates are available in the late evenings. This winter, spend leisure with friends and family or alone in the closest bath to your home or hotel.



Vienna, the Austria’s capital, was home of the Habsburg dynasty for many centuries. It was also cultural, economic, and political centre. Today travellers are visiting Vienna to see historical buildings, museums and galleries. Most of them are situated in the city center, in the first district, as well as the most boutique hotels offering an outstanding luxury stay.Sacher Hotel-meeting room



With this guide, travellers longing for a boutique hotel stay can explore the best lodging addresses in Lisbon.

Lisbon, Portugal’s has experienced its renaissance just a few years ago. Since that time it became a favourite destination not only for family summer holidays but also for a weekend stay whenever during the year. Explore the most luxury hotels with the best reputation with Venere.

Lisbon Portugal Coast



Winding between the River Danube and the Buda Hills, an unusual geological fault line sends hundreds of thermal springs bubbling to the surface of Hungary’s capital city, Budapest.

Budapest Gellert Thermal Baths



Planning a naughty getaway with your lover and looking for a hotel in Paris offering sexy interiors, cozy guest rooms, intimate lounge bar, relaxing sauna, hot Jacuzzi and romantic views?

Elysées Regencia Hotel Paris

Book a room or a suite in one of these beautiful Paris… read full article



Upon visiting Paris,  many women ask themselves the same question: how do these French women stay so polished, thin, and beautiful?

It’s not exercise that keeps the pastries off of these women’s hips- most wouldn’t be caught dead wearing something as gauche as athletic gear and chunky… read full article