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Are you wondering how to choose the perfect sunscreen? Well! You should read on.

How to choose the perfect sunscreen



As well as being the most populous city in Turkey, Istanbul is also known as the country’s cultural and financial center. It is referred to as the bridge between the Asian and European continents as it is situated on both sides of Bosphorus Strait which links the Black Sea with the Marmara Sea. In 2010, Istanbul was listed as one of the three cultural capitals of Europe. The city is also the home of some excellent shopping opportunities. Listed below are some of Istanbul’s best street markets to explore when visiting the city.



Berlin is abounding with purchasing potential, whether you’re equipped with money to burn or are one of the city’s many budgeted traveler. From the offbeat neighborhoods of Freidrichshain and Kreuzberg to the more mainstream found in Berlin’s central districts, indulgence is easy. There are, however, are a couple things unique to the city that shouldn’t be missed.



The capital and largest city in the Czech Republic is Prague. It is also one of central Europe’s largest cities and has served as Bohemia’s historic region capital for centuries now. There are a number of gift shops that target tourists lining the streets of the Old Town district. During the month of December, the Christmas Markets populate the downtown square where you can find all the arts, crafts, foods, and Prague memorabilia that you can possibly stand.

Prague Czech Republic Street



The European weekend city break market is quite congested, Western European destinations have to work hard to avoid being undercut by cheaper cities to the East and everywhere is struggling in light of the ongoing economic uncertainty across the continent. Bucking this trend, however, is Lisbon. The Portuguese capital has a year round temperate climate and can compete on price with almost anywhere else in Europe. This is a brief guide to spending 48 hours in Lisbon.

Lisbon Portugal



Brussels, the capital of Belgium doesn’t belong to the world famous fashion cities. But as a capital of a country it is expected that all shopping addicts might find what they are looking for: boutiques, department stores, and also shopping malls with as many shops as possible under one roof. The main shopping district is located in the city center. Venere has found the best for you:

Brussels Palace



Whether you are looking to add to the collection of vinyl you have back home or pick up a few “dischi” or records by your favourite artist, Florence has a healthy assortment of shops selling new and used albums. One euro deals have almost had their day, but like most cities it still offers up an occasional good find if you know what you are looking for and where to go. Didn’t find that rare Kraftwork or reissued James Brown LP? Don’t despair! With many of Florence’s record shops nestled in some of the city’s most inspiring neighbourhoods I can at least guarantee you will have an amazing time looking.

Florence music

Data Records93 – Located between Piazza Santa Croce and Piazza delle Signoria the shop couldn’t be more convenient for students or the weekend visitor. read full article



Christmas in Copenhagen is incomplete without a visit to the Christmas Markets. Ask any Dane and they will confirm it too. There are many markets that are open during Christmas.

Copenhagen Christmas Markets

Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens is the venue for Copenhagen’s most well known Annual Christmas Market. This also happens to be one of the oldest amusement parks in Europe. It opens ever year in the middle of November up to the end of December. Tivoli is close to a good number of hotels and is easily accessible by public transport. read full article



Christmas is a special time of the year to enjoy and celebrate. So if you are looking for a different touch to the festivities this year come and experience the magic of the yuletide in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities - Prague! There’s fun and activities for all age groups. It’s the perfect family holiday destination.

Christmas Markets in Prague



Naples is synonymous with presepe or Nativity scenes. From the big cathedrals to public squares right down to the small houses – there’s hardly any place where you wouldn’t find one! Setting up a nativity scene is a source of great pride for these Italians and is an art that is passed on from generation to generation. The nativity scene is said to have been first created by St Francis of Assisi in 1223 when he conducted a Christmas mass in the town of Greccio. It is usually set up around December 8th and continues right up to epiphany on January 6th.

naples in christmas market
Photo by House Of Sims



So you’ve checked Florence’s major sites off the list: David, the Uffizi gallery, Piazza della Signoria and the Ponte Vecchio to name a few. Now what?

florence: 24 hoursPhoto: Getty Images, Corbis

Florence’s historic, cultural and artistic treasures are undeniably many of the world’s best. But that’s not the only thing the city has to offer. And 24 hours are all you need to discover how to live it up like a true Florentine! read full article



Vienna, the capital of Austria, is a paradise for all shopping addicts. Not only are there numerous brand shops in the city center, there are also many shopping malls. Some of them have a central location, but many of them are in Vienna’s surrounding. Explore the best options before you decide to go for your shopping trip. Don’t forget, all shopping malls in Austria are closed on Sundays.

vienna: shopping malls

Shopping City Süd

Shopping City Süd is 1 km long mall with more than 330 shops that offer not only clothes and shoes but also home equipment and electronic devices. read full article



One of the aspects of Budapest that many international travelers oftentimes overlook is the assortment of shopping malls and bargain opportunities that the city has to offer.
Shopping Mall in Budapest
We’ve decided to compile a list of the most recommended ones in the city so you have a head’s up should you be planning a vacation to Budapest. read full article



Copenhagen is a long-time favorite destination for shoppers from overseas – Swedes frequently make use of the bridge over to their neighboring country to sample the Copenhagener’s signature chic-but-trendy style of dress.
Girls Shopping
lthough Strøget (literally means ”the sweep”) is the famous shopping street cutting right through the centre of the capital, this is usually packed with tourists. For some serious, undisturbed read full article



In Munich, the capital of Bavaria region in Germany, shopping malls are very popular with people living or visiting the city. Most of them offer unlimited parking right under the roof, mostly in the underground of the mall. Another advantage is that you can go to a lot of shops and restaurants with a roof over your head. Customers can enjoy shopping at any weather. Explore the best shopping malls in Munich with Venere!