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Scandinavia’s third largest city and the capital of Norway is Oslo. It is also Norway’s demographic, economic, and political hub as well as being the country’s most populous cities. Oslo offers locals and tourists dozens of dining establishments, some priced very reasonably while others have a pricey menu. One way or the other, you’re not going to be disappointed no matter what cuisine you choose to enjoy for a meal.

Oslo Norway Vegetables



Brussels is a lot of things; the capital of Belgium, the stronghold of the European Union, but best of all for travelers with a sweet tooth, Brussels is sanctuary of chocolate! Belgians are big fans of anything sweet. And for all sugar fans going to Brussels here is a list of must try desserts.

Brussels Belgian Waffle



One of the major cities in California and the Bay Area’s centerpiece is the city of San Francisco. The city occupies a small 7-mile by 7-mile patch of land and is known for its great cultural and ethnic diversity, hilly terrain, liberal community, scenic beauty, and summer fog. San Francisco is known for its diversity of cuisine, which makes it a very epicurean and sensual city. For all practical purposes, San Francisco is one of the most targeted tourist destinations in the world.

San Francisco Indian Food



Whether passing through or lingering for a longer period of time in the remarkably well-preserved Krakow, Poland, you will most definitely be seduced by some of their hearty dishes. Though the times have changed, Polish gastronomy seems to have retained its traditions. Neighboring countries’ culinary habits as well as its own plentiful resources heavily influenced Polish food; meat is consumed in large quantities (pork and sausage) as well as carbohydrates such as bread, potatoes, noodles and dumplings. So, if you happen to travel to the second largest city of Poland put your diet on hold and try these succulent dishes.

Krakow Polish Dumpling



Although it is not the capital city of Switzerland, Zurich is the financial center of the country and the location of the Swiss stock exchange. Numerous national and international corporations are based here as well as media agencies from around the world. It is one of Europe’s most popular winter tourist destinations because it is typically the primary arrival point for those visiting the country. Due to the fact that it sits in such close proximity to the Swiss Alps, Zurich is oftentimes referred to as the “Portal to the Alps.”

Zurich Switzerland Sweets



There was a time, long ago, when Sydney and Australia more generally were famous, even among the English, as being very dull places to eat. Thankfully this has changed drastically and Sydney now has a huge variety of food available to compete with Los Angeles, another great pacific basin melting pot. Here are my suggestions of the best restaurants in Sydney, if you disagree or think I have missed a good one then please leave a comment below.

Australian Coastline



Given its diverse ethnic and cultural population, San Diego’s variety of cuisine options is endless—from Mexican to Italian to Indian and everything in between. Although mobile street food isn’t exactly new in San Diego, as the gourmet food truck phenomenon sweeps the nation, San Diego’s food truck scene is one of the leaders of this gastro-revolution and it is quickly becoming one of the most popular San Diego attractions. With nearly perfect weather year round, there’s no better city to grab your meal outside. Plus, the usage of social media is driving these trucks to new heights in popularity.

San Diego Food Truck



It has oftentimes been said that financially, the city of Milan, Italy is the country’s most important city. Next to Rome, it is Italy’s largest city and metropolitan area and has become a major European tourist destination. Although it is renowned for its art, cuisine, culture, fashion, and history, Milan has a nightlife that is unlike any other in Europe, especially where its pubs and cocktail bars are concerned.

Milan Italy Duomo



Denmark’s primary tourist destination is the city of Copenhagen, renowned for its diverse culture, nightlife, and excellent shopping opportunities. Naturally, you can’t overlook the cuisine which is the delight of international travelers everywhere. Sweden is only minutes away, but Copenhagen also serves as a geographic link between the European continent and Scandinavia. Old fairy tales blend in with the flashy newer architecture styles of the day and the world class designs of many structures.

Copenhagen Denmark



If you find yourself hungry in New York you may become suddenly aware of the overwhelming choice of eateries all around you. When faced with choosing just the right place for your mood the task may seem all but impossible.

New York City Night



The capital of Belgium is the city of Brussels, completely surrounded by the Dutch speaking province of Flanders and oftentimes considered the capital of the European Union. The area sits at the crossroads of culture, namely the Germanic of the north and the Romance culture to the south. In so many words, Brussels is an archetypal “melting pot” of sorts, but it still retains its own unique character. Aside from the architecture, culture, and history of the city, there is much to be said about the Dutch cuisine.

Brussels Belgium Veggies



Even if you are traveling on a budget, there is no reason to eliminate Athens and Greece from a budget-based vacation. You can find all kinds of airline bargains most times of the year and once you get to Athens, there are numerous budget hotels that you can stay in while vacationing there. Another way to handle spending time in Greece on a budget is to visit the less popular islands that are always competing with the more popular ones for all the tourist business they can get their hands on.
Athens Greek Salad



Dining out in Moscow, Russia can be a strange experience for foreigners unused to excellent food being accompanied by gangsters, techno music and call girls. Once you get used to this there are some excellent restaurants available offering a real mix of styles and cuisines, but the traditional Russian affection for fish means Japanese sushi places are disproportionately represented.Moscow Russia Weekend



Visiting Germany and the city of Berlin avails the international traveler with a number of different tourist venues that are all worth taking in. The Black Forest, famous World War II landmarks, winter skiing venues, and more are there to please those with different tastes. In many instances, it is the German cuisine that holds the major allure for international visitors despite the architecture, culture, and history of the country. We have compiled a listing of the top gourmet restaurants in Berlin for your consideration.

Berlin Germany Food



Barcelona is Catalonia’s capital city and it is the 2nd largest city in Spain. Being located on the northeastern coastline of the Mediterranean Sea, the city has a rich history that stretches back over 2,000 years. For many international travelers, Barcelona is a particular favorite because of its climate and close proximity to the water. But there are so many other reasons to visit the city, including the art, cuisine, and the shopping. But what do you do where the cuisine is concerned if you are a vegetarian?

Barcelona Fruit