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Visiting Germany and the city of Berlin avails the international traveler with a number of different tourist venues that are all worth taking in. The Black Forest, famous World War II landmarks, winter skiing venues, and more are there to please those with different tastes. In many instances, it is the German cuisine that holds the major allure for international visitors despite the architecture, culture, and history of the country. We have compiled a listing of the top gourmet restaurants in Berlin for your consideration.

Berlin Germany Food



Barcelona is Catalonia’s capital city and it is the 2nd largest city in Spain. Being located on the northeastern coastline of the Mediterranean Sea, the city has a rich history that stretches back over 2,000 years. For many international travelers, Barcelona is a particular favorite because of its climate and close proximity to the water. But there are so many other reasons to visit the city, including the art, cuisine, and the shopping. But what do you do where the cuisine is concerned if you are a vegetarian?

Barcelona Fruit



Experiencing somewhat of a renaissance in recent years, Portugal’s capital and largest city of Lisbon is now a very popular tourist destination. The allure and enchantment of the city is found in its easy going charm, intimate alleyways, and its structures that are constructed out of white-bleached limestone.

Lisbon Portugal Dessert



With its historic architecture, cuisine, and culture, Rome is still one of the most targeted tourist destinations in Italy if not the entire European continent. There are numerous reasons to vacation in the city but the primary draws have always been the food and the shopping. Italian cuisine is everywhere you go in and around the city, but if you are looking for international dishes, you will be richly rewarded as well.

Indian Food



The culture and history drenched land of the Italians is marked by their unique cuisine. Italian cuisine is popular all over the world and the hearty dishes awake all the senses and make for a gastronomical delight for food lovers. True Italian cuisine is all about simple dishes that bring out the flavors of their ingredients. Accompany this with some good wine, old cheese and top it off with their famous sweetened fruit and gelato and you would have eaten a meal fit for a king. There are some Italian dishes that should not be missed.

Spaghetti alla Carbonara



The Czech Republic, as much as it denies it, is still very much an eastern European country. As such, its food is generally rich, including heavy sauce, lots of meat and potatoes and relatively little fresh vegetables. It also has few typical desserts, but the one they have are heavy on the calories.

Prague Dessert



Budapest is Hungary’s capital and is by far the most popular tourist destination in the country as well as one of the top travel destinations in Europe. The city entices international travelers for a number of reasons – the architecture, culture, and history being the primary reasons. However, you don’t want to forget about the Hungarian cuisine which is also a major draw for a lot of tourists as well.

Hungary Dessert



No doubt, the sweet smell of freshly baked breads is very appetizing. The smell wafting from Alto Adige Delicatessen, California Bakery, and Princi draws scores of locals and tourists alike daily..

Milan Bread



In Paris, France, many of the French-style, small, informal bars or restaurants—called bistros—offer gourmet food at affordable rates. Generally, set menus are cheaper than a la carte menu. A set menu may be comprised of a starter, main dish, and dessert. You can save substantially by ordering from the set menu while dining at the bistros of the French capital Paris.

Paris Bistro



Se avete scelto Londra per una vacanza romantica con la vostra metà e cercate l’atmosfera giusta per concludere la giornata in bellezza, ecco alcuni dei migliori ristoranti romantici di Londra.

Ristoranti a Londra



For those of you who consider Indian cuisine as a determining factor as to where you are planning an international vacation outside of India, you should consider the numerous establishments that Milan, Italy has to offer. You might be surprised to know this, but there are not many major international cities that you can travel to on any of the 7 continents of the world where you won’t find an Indian restaurant that offers traditional Indian cuisine at very affordable pricing.

Vegetarian Restaurants Milan



The main tourist destination in the African nation of Kenya is the city of Mombasa. The city is situated on Kenya’s eastern coastline where it borders on the Indian Ocean which is why the city is such a popular destination for international travelers. There are numerous aspects of the city that appeal to tourists such as:




One of the most modern and progressive of the seven United Arab Emirates (UAE’s) is Dubai, a region that is more like a city-state which has developed at an incredible pace, especially where tourism and trade is concerned. Although this is a relatively new tourist destination, it has rapidly evolved into one of the Middle East’s most popular cities to vacation in. This desert city can get very hot during the summer months but the modern infrastructure has seen to it that all the bases are covered.

Dubai VegetarianPhoto by slleong

This is especially true where the diverse cuisines available in the city are the focal point. Many Vegetarians have found Dubai an excellent place to visit because of the different establishments that offer menus of this nature. The following are some of the top veggie restaurants of the 38 in the city that you can enjoy when vacationing in Dubai: read full article



In Vienna, there are many opportunities to have fun day and night. You might have already heard that the capital of Austria is famous for its Wiener Kaffee (Vienna coffee) and Sachertorte (Sacher cake). With our guide you can explore the best places to order not only the aforementioned delicious coffee and cake, but also many others.

Sacher Torte Vienna



I caught onto the whole cheese thing a little late. Really late actually. I used to hate it. Then slowly, after some rather weak cheeses, I eased myself into it and realised just how tasty it can be. I’m powerless before a good brie. I’ll fight you for it. I feel like I’ve missed out on so much cheese goodness, but now I get to try all of the really great cheese destinations in London.

good cheese in London