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The very nature of Tapas means that manners and protocols are forgotten in the flurry of sharing, finger using and general digging in. Tapas are at the very heart of Spanish lifestyle. In every city you visit in Spain, you will find lively, noisy bars serving local Spanish delicacies.

spanish Tapas



No matter where in the world you go, you will always find food vendors on the street, and Palermo is no exception. So, if you intend to tour Palermo, here is something to let you in on the street foods not to miss.

Palermo Street food



There is a ton of great food to eat in Berlin, even when it’s not October!

foodie's guide to Berlin



9 Most Entertaining Restaurants in New York City

Restaurants in New York



Italy is a gourmand’s paradise, with dishes of all shapes and sizes to satisfy even the most delicate and demanding palates. From creamy risotto and colourful pizza to authentic spaghetti, there is so much to delight and surprise the traveller when it comes to Italian cuisine.

Pasta from Italy



You haven’t had espresso until you’ve had espresso in Italy!

Florence for foodies



It has a creamy taste and feels soft on your tongue. The milk delicacy originated from Puglia, southern Italy.

Burrata cheese Italy



Are you a frequent traveler? Do you love the airline meal served to you? In-flight food can be both appealing and tasty and I have my own list of 11 tasty airline meals that I would like to share with you.

tasty meals



If you have been longing to simply unite with other foodies on your next trip, you are in luck because so many food festivals take place in November. Among them, however, there are only a few you can’t afford to miss – read on to find them out!




If you are a chocolate lover who is planning a holiday, then you will be very excited to hear about these superb chocolate hotels!

Chocolate hotels



Looking for the best place to find deliciously authentic Serbian Dishes? Search no further.

Where to find serbian food



Have you ever wished to live, eat, dine or pamper yourself like a King? Then you should plan to stay in some of the most lavish hotel restaurants in the world.
Luxury hotel restaurant



Are you a chocolate addict? Do you love Italy and and all things Italian? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to one or both of those questions, then you should start making arrangements to visit Perugia in the next few weeks – it’s time you experienced the Perugia Chocolate Festival.

Perugia chocolate festival



Do you like your pizza Chicago or Italian style? Why not take a holiday in each place and find out?

Best pizza



Wonder what to expect at a traditional Oktoberfest in Munich? Beer, beer, and more beer! Read on to find out the top beer tents for Oktoberfest 2013.