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One of the many joys of visiting the Czech Republic is the wonderful selection of beers.

Beer - Czech Republic

From the popular large scale brands to more obscure local makes or micro-breweries, beer lovers can taste to their hearts content and hopefully find a few… read full article



Swedish Meatballs

No doubt, when discussing any of the Scandinavian countries, the main allure is always the cuisine and the tasty desserts that these nations are renowned for. Stockholm is no exception to the culinary rule and this is evidenced by the more… read full article



wine bar in Seville, Spain

Despite the allure that Seville of the Andalusian region of Spain holds for the locals and international travelers, there is nothing that can compare with the unique cuisine found in the region. And that cuisine would never be… read full article



One of the most popular Mediterranean tourist destinations has always been, and most likely will continue to be the Italian Riviera.

Liguria as it is called is comprised of a wide array of beaches and resort towns, such as Portofino and Rapallo. Running north… read full article



Vegetarian DinnerFaro is for all practical purposes the gateway to the Algarve of southern Portugal, which has become the most popular vacation destination in the country and one of the more recommended ones in Western Europe.

Dining in Faro and the Algarve region will afford the… read full article



Dolma (Turkish Vine Leaves)

Turkish cuisine is rather well known globally but is especially popular in Europe. Turkish cuisine features ingredients such as beans, cucumbers, eggplant, lentils, peppers (black, green and sweet), and tomatoes. The most commonly used fruits and nuts in Turkish dishes are almonds, apricots… read full article



Appenzeller cheeseThe most integral aspect of Swiss culture and heritage is cheese, evidenced by the fact that there are currently over 100 varieties of cheese being manufactured in Switzerland today. The cattle breeding industry and dairy farming are prolific in the Swiss Alps and the region has been associated with the… read full article




There is so much more to German dining than sausages and beer. Just like Germany’s culture, history, and its people, the culinary delights that you will find are rich and varied. Just remember that the part of the country you are in will always… read full article



Maintaining the grace first established in the 1700’s, the city of Bordeaux, France brings with it a charm that is indicative of its lush countryside, culture, and history.

Wine Bar in Bordeaux, France

The largest city in southwestern France is also famous on a global scale for being… read full article



Italian pasta with clams

Believe it or not, the person who coined the phrase, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” was right on the money, especially when it comes to the wide array of cuisine available to you – or more specifically, when seafood… read full article



Barcelona is now well and truly on the culinary world map with a wide selection of sumptuous cuisine and excellent restaurants and chefs.

Pa am Tomaquet

Catalan cuisine is the traditional cuisine of the region, and there are a whole host of tasty dishes to try… read full article



Due to its Central European location, Innsbruck has become a very popular tourist destination. However, Innsbruck’s importance predates the tourism industry as it was well known to the Roman Empire as an important route for military transportation. The city is also revered for its architectural marvels and is… read full article



Meat lovers step this way please. You won’t struggle to be fed in Sarajevo and the chances are you might just come home feeling like you’ll never find food to match it.

Although not famous for its cuisine particularly, the Bosnian capital is simply awash with… read full article



Hot drinks are something that are so much a part of our everyday lives, but we seldom wonder or even appreciate what the rest of the world drink to get them going/help them sleep (They can’t all drink Nescafe, you must think).

Now we’re still in the… read full article



Turin which is located in the Piedmont region of Northern Italy is largely regarded as the chocolate capital of Italy as it produces at least sixty percent of all the yummy chocolate that is produced in the country.

Turin Chocopass

Turin has been producing… read full article