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While Christmas is considered one of the grandest and longest holiday of Sweden, the Swedish holiday just simply is not quiet complete without the magically element of the Swedish holiday cuisine.

Candle lighting has always been the foundation of the Swedish holiday traditional but it… read full article



1. Rich Bread and Butter Pudding

Rich Bread and Butter Pudding is a luxurious combination of bread and butter that melts in your mouth. The mixture of lemon or orange peel, currants and nutmeg make this Holiday dessert a crowd pleasure for every occasion. The main ingredient… read full article



One of the more open-minded countries in Europe is France, a country that is extremely freedom and liberty conscious.

This is especially true when discussing the gay and lesbian communities of the country. The gay and lesbian community thrives throughout the country but is especially prolific… read full article



Dining in London has never been so exciting. The run of the mill takeaways appear to be the thing of the past.

The modern takeaway experience consists of fine dining brought to your very door step. Fast and efficient takeaway service in London is the way of life for… read full article



Russians like to feel fully immersed in their dining experiences.

On the whole this leads to tasteful décor alongside delicious food and everyone is happy, but occasionally the system breaks down. This is usually when a proprietor either misunderstands a concept or theme or just loses their self-control. Either way… read full article



Switzerland is unique in that it assimilates most of its neighbors’ culture. As a result Swiss food is a conglomeration of German, French and Italian cuisines. Whatever the tourists’ palate there is a good chance it will be satisfied. In 2005 the Michelin Guide rated Switzerland second in terms of… read full article



One of the sure-fire ways to a woman’s heart is with a Belgian chocolate. But then one of the sure-fire ways to a man’s is much the same. For centuries now those Belgians have been leading the world with their sweet treats but what is it about them and what makes them… read full article



When you’re traveling internationally, one of the sheer joys of visiting other countries is enjoying the cuisines that you encounter.

There is that one exception to the rule though and that is the one involving having to follow a certain diet – i.e. vegetarian. Now let’s take… read full article



Want to know where you can find the best gay restaurants in Barcelona?

We asked the staff of Axel Hotels, a Spanish gay friendly hotel chain that owns Hotel Axel Barcelona, Spain, Axel Hotel Berlin, Germany, and Axel Hotel Buenos Aires, Argentina. Their “Top 5″… read full article



You might have read it somewhere: Lyon, France is said to be the French capital of gastronomy.

Now, frankly, I don’t know if that’s true, even if it is indeed accepted as universal truth by all of us Lyonnais. What I do know, however, is that… read full article



Exploring Rotterdam can be tiring work; all that walking and snapping pictures with a new discovery around every corner. Pretty soon you get that nagging feeling, call it an “I feel peckish” for the those who love a light snack and “I could eat a horse” mode hearty… read full article



I dare say that in one of the most exciting cities in the world you can find just about every guilty pleasure to explore around. One the most adorable guilty pleasures there are is the love of cocoa. London has just what the chocolate doctor has ordered.



Often also called Dairy Bars, Polish Milk Bars are a real highlight for anyone wanting to sample some authentic Polish food at a very affordable price.

Almost every city in Poland will have at least one of these canteen-style eateries. They began as, and still remain… read full article



Whether you want to woo your sweetie or maybe pop the question, a romantic restaurant in Paris is the ideal place to do that.

Le Cinq and Alain Ducasse Au Plaza Athénée are two of the best Paris restaurants for a romantic dinner.

Le Cinq

Le… read full article



Obikà is a new restaurant that adopts the sushi restaurant minimal concept to a Mozzarella bar.

Obika Mozzarella Bar

In Rome, Obikà is downtown in Piazza di Firenze on the corner of via dei Prefetti. They have got an enormous success also in Milan