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Restaurants & Food

When you are in a rush or have a hectic day ahead of you, sitting down for a full meal at local cafe or restaurant might not be the most feasible option.

Dutch girl eating oliebol

 Don’t get me wrong; the food is great, the people are always friendly and… read full article



An ancient Chinese proverb says, “a daily cup of tea starves the apothecary”.

Cup of Tea

It’s no huge surprise then that tea has been one of the widely drunk and important beverages throughout the ages all over the world. It’s more than just a drink. It’s a… read full article



Widely known for its architectural charm and storied past history, Vienna is the pearl of Austria and quite possibly the most popular tourist destinations in all of Western Europe.

However, when it comes to dining, the city is second to none and offers some of the… read full article



As the summer approaches, many bars and cafés in Helsinki open large outdoor seating areas known as “terassi” (that’s“terrace” in Finnish).

Ekberg Café - Helsinki, Finland

There are even cafés in Helsinki that are only open in the summer months. Finns belong to the world’s top coffee… read full article




Manchester has a thriving food culture, with a wealth of restaurants serving every possible style of cuisine imaginable. Many of these offer set menus and value deals, meaning that even the most ardent food lovers don’t have to miss out during these credit crunched… read full article



Cookery classes have always been a strange business, and certainly not cool. Boring meals, boring chefs and not a lot of fun to be had.

Beater and Eggs

But now, London businesses are cashing in on the new change of pace in which we live our lives. Since the change… read full article



Green Chili Pepper

Over the past few years, the Balearic Islands have become a targeted tourist destination just off the Iberian Peninsula of Spain’s coast. This island archipelago is an autonomous community as well as being a province of Spain with the heaviest traffic visiting… read full article



Fish & Chips, London, UK

Nearly every country in the world has their own favourite “Simple” food. In the USA, for example, it’s the Hot Dog. In Saudi Arabia it’s the Shawarma. In the UK, we have our world famous Fish and Chips; more often… read full article



Tourist eating sandwich in Paris

If you are visiting Paris on a budget and looking for a low cost meal in the City of Light, forget the good old sit-down French lunch, head to a local bakery, bistro or food stand, and grab a sandwich. Perfect… read full article



French Pastries

One of the best places to get an impression of “old Paris” is rue Montorgueil, Paris’s oldest market street. In some ways, it seems hardly changed since Claude Monet immortalized it in his painting “La Rue Montorgueil” back in 1878. As ever, this delightful, grey-tiled street… read full article



Noura Montparnasse Lebanese Restaurant

With the influx of new immigrants from such warm-aired countries as Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia entering the borders of France in record numbers, it’s hard not to miss the influence of Middle Eastern culture in Paris. And while this has… read full article



Planning a luxury stay in Paris including beautiful hotel room, elegant environment, exclusive shopping and fine dining?

Check out these five Paris hotels available one They all boast a gourmet restaurant offering delicious French cuisine:

1. Le Méridien Montparnasse



The Hot Dog has nothing to do with anything canine. Or at least let’s hope it doesn’t.

Sauerkraut and Frankfurt Sausage

Frankfurters go by many names.Weiners, weenies, franks, but the principle is the same for all. You take a long orange sausage, made from pork traditionally but nowadays… read full article



Coffee Shop - Dublin, Ireland

Though draft ales and beers clearly hold a huge allure for visitors, the coffee and pastries found throughout Dublin hold mouth-watering faire for every palate. Listed below are our recommendations for the best coffee bars and bakeries for you to… read full article



You walk into a local supermarket and want to buy some items that are particular to the place. What’s unique to a Portuguese market? For starters-freshness. Portugal produces primarily for itself and a few European neighbors. Agriculture accounts for the highest percentage of GDP compared to the… read full article