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Located in the Lake Garda region, Desenzano del Garda is one of many small towns situated around this pristine mountain lake located in the northern portion of Italy.

Regardless of which one of these towns you spend time in… read full article



Dubai, a wealthy desert playground in the Middle East and home to some of the world’s most exclusive hotels and shopping malls contains perhaps the most diverse and eclectic variety of restaurants that any city has ever known. read full article



Perched on a hilltop in central Italy’s Umbrian region, is the small town of Assisi and its 25,000 (give or take) residents.

The city dates back to Medieval times so it is steeped in both culture and history. It is most… read full article



One of the oldest cities in the Netherlands and widely known for its churches, is Utrecht.

Take time to venture along Wittevrouwensingel – the city’s main street – or the Oudegracht (a.k.a. the old canal)… read full article



1. Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is the unsung hero of the beer world, being so often overlooked in favour of neighbouring Germany and yet recently fighting off competition from the multinational corporation Budweiser to retain the rights to the original Budwar… read full article



Word of caution: This is not for the faint hearted. You are highly advised not to eat while reading this. Vegetarians are not encouraged to read any further.

Thailand offers many exotic attractions – from beaches, to women, and… read full article



Now that the hottest summer months are upon us I am very near to surrender. The sun is winning the fight.

In a city like Rome you can actually feel yourself sinking into the melting asphalt. Of course you can… read full article



Like most twenty first century capital cities, Vienna is a gastronomic delight where you can find almost any style of cuisine you could wish for.

This article ignores almost all of them, however… read full article



As waves upon waves of frantic tourists crash down around me I feel like I am sometimes drowning. Rome is a beautiful city with so much to see, but you will most definitely be accompanied by a mob of likeminded tourists… read full article



The ideal combination of culture, history, and the ocean can be found on the island of Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.

The landscape is dotted with thousands of stone structures, proving how… read full article



Most nations call some kind of beverage the national coolant for keeping the people from dehydration in the summer months, but it’s interesting as to actually how diverse the variety is from a relatively small continent.

Additionally, some of these drinks aren’t at… read full article



In Italy it’s fairly hard to go wrong when you order a cup of cappuccino,

but I can say without hesitation there is one café in Florence, which surpasses all others when it comes to brewing a frothy and creamy… read full article



The restaurant environs in Liverpool, UK, offer all the standard fast food establishments and national chains but the real joy about traveling is to sample the local cuisine of the city or country that you are visiting.

Therefore to really… read full article



Brno is referred to as “the hidden heart of Europe” and is located in the Czech Republic.

Fork and Knife

Most people are very familiar with Prague – its castle and the old town square, the winding city streets, and its Bohemian… read full article



Perugia takes your breath away once stepping into the walls of this ancient city.

Pizza Restaurant in Perugia, Italy

I visited this city for the first time acting like a kid in a toy store. Expressing a ‘Wow’ here, a ‘Amazing’ there. My tour guide… read full article