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Many visitors feel that the true allure of Marrakech is the cuisine and we agree despite what the cultural history and the surrounding countryside has to offer the visitor. The following is a listing of what we consider to be the best eateries in Marrakech.



As part of our ongoing search to record special Italian traditions for our website,, we asked our Italian friends, Lino and Paola, if they knew of anyone who could show us how to make fresh pasta.

Cutting Pasta

Lino jumped from his chair and said, “Aunt Rita”. Lino loves his Aunt Rita, he loves good food and wine, he loves the traditions of Italian cooking and he loved the idea read full article



Like any Italian city, Milan is chock full of restaurants, bistros, trattorias and establishments going by any number of labels but which serve food of vastly differing quality.

Wine in Milan

Here are selections of my favourites which are among the best, although any further recommendations are welcome. read full article



The charming Vietnamese capital city of Hanoi which is located on the banks of the Red River is today a busy,

bustling metropolis which is dotted with many landmark historical buildings that hark back to ages past. read full article



Food in Madrid has a variety of influences and many consider it a melting pot of Spanish flavors.

Spanish Cured Ham

Here are some of many gastronomic delights you can sample while you are in the city. read full article



This is a list of my favourite restaurants in Prague. I haven’t eaten in every restaurant in the city so I cannot claim this list is an exhaustive study,

Restaurants in Prague

but if you have any recommendations then please leave them in the comments section. read full article



Geneva is world-famous for its collection of international organizations and institutions, the nearby ski slopes and the sleek lifestyle of expats and diplomats. But what about for the younger, student population?



If you want to eat well in Edinburgh, you don’t have to look far. The city is a gastronomic feast with over a thousand restaurants and cafés.

restaurant sign in neon, edinburgh

There are, of course, many tourist traps and places to be avoided. read full article



For many international travelers, there are probably two key reasons for visiting France – namely the cuisine and the wines.

The country is well known for having some exquisite restaurants steeped in cultural culinary traditions as well as producing some of the best… read full article



Bangkok is a vibrant city known for its amazing variety of food. In recent years, Italian has become one regional foods of choice.

Locals enjoy the simple, fresh ingredients while expats enjoy tucking into an authentic dish… read full article



There’s no doubt that Rome is the city par excellence for a taste of the Italian bella vita: sun, sights, good food, good wine…

Guides to steer us around the eternal city, Top 5s, and the “Best” lists are as… read full article



Even if I’m from Southeast Asia, there are some delicacies on this part of the globe which can certainly be a challenge to eat, especially for the western palate. And I whole-heartedly agree.

It’s not every day that I get to see… read full article



One of the aspects that came out of the modernization of Budapest after their release from Soviet control was the rise in popularity of pubs in the city.

Pubs are very popular today and that is a direct result… read full article



Whether it’s the nightlife and pub scene that you crave, or savoring Greek and Sicilian cuisine at one of the local restaurants, Agrigento has it all.

If you are on the look out of chilling out and relaxing after… read full article



Berlin is the most affordable capital in Europe and this extends from accommodation and entertainment to food and drink.

The sprawling city is dotted with a plethora of restaurants to satisfy any desire or taste. From luxurious french cuisine to… read full article