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In Vienna, there are many opportunities to have fun day and night. You might have already heard that the capital of Austria is famous for its Wiener Kaffee (Vienna coffee) and Sachertorte (Sacher cake). With our guide you can explore the best places to order not only the aforementioned delicious coffee and cake, but also many others.

Sacher Torte Vienna



I caught onto the whole cheese thing a little late. Really late actually. I used to hate it. Then slowly, after some rather weak cheeses, I eased myself into it and realised just how tasty it can be. I’m powerless before a good brie. I’ll fight you for it. I feel like I’ve missed out on so much cheese goodness, but now I get to try all of the really great cheese destinations in London.

good cheese in London



New York City is one of the most diverse places on the planet to try food from all over the world. However, if you are visiting The Big Apple (note the food theme in its name) for the first time, you want something that is decidedly New York, so here are the Top 5 fast foods to try while touring New York City:

Best Fast Foods New York



Agriculture and sheep farming have always been the basis of Sardinian economy. Since ancient times, people have lived in the up-countries, tilling and living on the fruits on their labour, in an archaic and simple society which has always assigned a big dignity to workers. The beautiful sea has been discovered and reassessed in ’60… read full article



Italians love to eat but the cuisine of the northern region of Tuscany is quite different from that of the southern region of Campania. Northern dishes are traditionally more meaty and hearty, like a ribollita; while those in the south highlight fish because of their proximity to the sea. Yet, that’s not to say that any less attention is given to incredible pasta dishes and desserts. So here are the Top 5 dishes to try while touring Campania

Sfogliatella Naples



Vacationing in the city of Copenhagen provides the international traveler with numerous choices for entertainment and sightseeing. The art, culture, and history hold a lot of the international traveler’s interests as well as the cuisine. Many individuals who travel to Copenhagen go there because they love the decadent Scandinavian baked goods, desserts, and pastries.



Vienna’s gourmet culture is multi-faceted and there are many options for vegetarians who want to get to the heart of Viennese cuisine without compromising their principles. Here are some of the best or most interesting vegetarian Restaurants in Vienna.

Vegetarian Dishes

Kostlich, located on Farbergasse, is a good veggie restaurant in the centre of Vienna. It is only open during the day and so works as a lunch stop for vegetarian visitors to the city. It has a very small seating area which is great for getting to know the people around you – most of them will be locals. Kostlich is certainly not the cheapest place to eat, but neither is it too expensive. read full article



Amsterdam is a popular destination for numerous international travelers because of the coffee shops, cuisine, culture, history, and surrounding countryside. Moreover, Amsterdam has several great Indian Restaurants that are worth dining at. We have listed several below that are our recommendations based on the past experiences of numerous international travelers.

Indian dishes in Amsterdam

Restaurant Vijaya – located near Amsterdam’s Central Station, this diner is one of the more popular dining venues where Indian cuisine is the topic. read full article



The city of Stockholm features a wide range of restaurants which indicates the diversity of cultures in the city. But the real allure of Stockholm, as well as anywhere that you go in the Scandinavian region, is the variety of desserts and sweets that are available. Suffice it to say, you will have no problem finding an abundance of cakes, cookies, pies, and other tantalizing pastries that are sure to please. Here are a few of our choices for best desserts in Stockholm.

Stockholm desserts



Swiss cuisine is not the most vegetarian-friendly in the world, but incidentally the oldest vegetarian restaurant in Europe is here in Switzerland. If you’re visiting Switzerland’s capital in Bern, here are some vegetarian-friendly places to eat. Vegetarian food is easier to find than vegan and the best option for strict vegans is the famous Tibits.

Veggie Restaurants in Bern



There are a lot of reasons to consider a vacation to Athens, Greece. Culture, ancient history, nightlife and great cuisine are only some of the remarks of this popular tourist destination.

athens: Vegetarian Restaurants

For all those individuals that follow a Vegan or a Vegetarian lifestyle, the city of Athens, has a wide choice of vegetarian dining options. In addition, you’ll find not only a great assortment of vegetarian restaurants, but also bakeries, catering, and health food venues that cater to vegans and vegetarians. read full article



Aside from being a huge city and the primary tourist destination in Japan, the city of Tokyo is also well known for its tea houses or tearooms as they are oftentimes referred to. The main focus of these facilities is the drinking of quality teas although their function will vary somewhat based on the different cultures in the city. In the Japanese culture, a tea house or tearoom may refer to a particular structure that has been designed and constructed to hold tea ceremonies.

Tea House Tokyo

The structure and more specifically the room in which the ceremony is conducted is called chashitsu. read full article



Sweden has a long-standing culture of coffee drinking. This is a part of the ”fika” tradition, which basically means that you have a coffee paired with something sweet, like cookies or cake. No self-respecting employee expects anything less than that half an hour of the afternoon is reserved for a fika break with the colleagues. Although traditionally people would at the most visit each other’s homes for a fika, modern times have increasingly made the shy, quiet Swedes a more sociable people who today prefer to have their cuppa in a café. And, luckily, Stockholm offers a whole bunch of pleasant places to do just that. 502 of them, to be exact.

Stockholm Cafes



Istanbul, Turkey’s most populous city, is located on both sides of the Bosphorus River. The Bosphorus is the strait that links the Black Sea with the Marmara Sea. It is also considered the cultural and financial hub of Turkey as well as being one of the most popular tourist destinations in this region of the world. For all intensive purposes, Istanbul is oftentimes viewed as being the bridge between Asia and Europe from a cultural and physical standpoint.

istanbul: best desserts

If you’re thinking that Istanbul is the city of “1,001 Nights” situated in the desert and surrounded by palm trees everywhere you travel, you’re in for a surprise because the city is actually sitting on the same latitude that New York City does. read full article



London‘s restaurants are well known for being diverse. But there are some eateries that stick to what they do best. Here are my picks for the best specialist restaurants. You just need to pick your favourite food and go.

London: speciality food restaurantsPhoto: Getty Images, Corbis

St. John

Like your meat, but want something a little bit more interesting. Then head here. They do unusual cuts and interesting parts of the pig that you wouldn’t think of trying at home. Never tried duck hearts or chitterlings? Now is your chance. This is fine British food at it’s best. read full article